Saturday, November 14, 2009

you fill my heart with happy

Isaac had conferences this week. I hate report cards because I think they mark him too low on things I KNOW he knows. But they do it because its early in the year. So I go all fired up just so they can tell me that he is right where he should be. He is in excelerated math, but wasn't able to get into the gate program this year because they cut the numbers of kids who could go. Only 4 from each classroom. His teacher encouraged the kids to attend conferences, but it really confused him. He was convinced that he needed to attend conferences and since they were on thursday and friday he wouldn't believe us that he had any days off from school. He was pretty concerned. The other night I heard him wish upon a star. When he was finished he told me he had made a wish and I asked if he could tell me what it was. He wished for a weiner dog that would go to school with him and the ability to jump as high as houses so that if anyone gets a ball stuck up there he could just jump up and get it. His face has healed up from his bike crash earlier this fall, but fell again at the Rec Center-- two days before christmas pictures! When Ike told the dentist that he falls a lot he really wasn't exagerating.

Zoey Lynn has been doing well also. The other day it started to snow and she says "Mom, its raining white gumballs!". Yesterday we were driving to Solem's and she noticed christmas angels in someone's yard. "Mom, I really saw angels!! They weren't invisible!". She was extremely impressed. Today we went to a princes birthday party and I have been surprized lately at how concerned she is about accessorizing. She does like to dress up and make sure she has her rockstar purple hair, tierras, rings, earings, bracelets, neclaces, shoes--the whole nine yards. She is unofficially done with speech which is great. She stills has to be reassesed in Jan, but no forseeable issues.

This is going to be a crazy week with something going on every night. The first graders have a thanksgiving program on mon, Zoey starts ice skating lessons this week, christmas program practice for church starts this week. While I don't have any set in stone holiday plans--I have a feeling that the next six weeks are going to fly by and 2010 will be here before I am ready!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

After eating chocolate you feel godlike, as though you can conquer enemies, lead armies, entice lovers. ~Emily Luchetti

So here is the pic of Isaac's cake I forgot to post earlier. He was pretty impressed.
Friday night we carved pumpkins.

These are all in backwards order. But this is Miss Candy dressed up for the Halloween party at Just 4 Kids reading them a story.

They played some musical chairs.
Played a little bean bag toss.
Earlier in the week we went to Fright Night at the Library. It was fun for the kids. Zoey dressed up as TinkerBell that night. For her school party she dressed up as Spiderman. But they had face painting that day so she was Spiderman with a clown face. They also got to paint pumpkins.
Later that same afternoon we stopped by Isaac's party. They had treats and read a pumpkin story.
The night of Halloween Zoey chose to dress up as a firefighter. Isaac LOVED being Anikin Skywalker! Looks like Dorothy and a pink kitty cat stopped by for some candy. Too bad Chris still had it in his truck while he was turkey hunting. We went to a party hosted by one of Isaac's friends. We went trick or treating just along Tonk which was more than enough to get the kids candy. Afterward we went to a friend's house for pizza and movies. The weather was nice, we didn't even have to wear winter gear!
Here's his antelope.
And Zoey with it too!

A lot of this and that going on. Work is busy, plus I just put in my first grant so I can run some more fitness programs. I don't yet know if I will actually get the money.
The other day Zoey was going on and on about moving back to MT. Isaac says "Just let her go Mom."
That same day I was dropping Isaac off at school and making sure he had all his winter gear. His hat was on his head but he couldn't find his mittens. I was slightly annoyed, but as he got out of the car I noticed his head was very oddly shaped--"Isaac what is in your hat?" He looked and was excited to find his mittens.