Sunday, September 9, 2012

Yes the long weekend went well.  We couldn't have a fire which was a bummer, but the kids swam, fished, rode their bikes, caught some frogs and even found a giant snapping turtle (actually some other kids found it, pulled it out of the water and we just watched in amazement--it was huge!!) We stayed two nights and came home on Sunday.  Dixie visited on her way through to Cali to visit Bill.  We went to Devil's Tower to let the kids let some energy lose on those rocks.  My kids never get tired of rocks or climbing or rock climbing.

Our new schedule is going well.  It is strange not to pick up or drop off the kids everyday, but my job is going well and we all get home about the same time.  The kids love being more independant.  We are usually just home long enough to get a snack and then head out to soccer.  Both of the kids are so excited about soccer this year and are playing totally awesome too.  Zoey made the only goal for her team at her game on Saturday.  They are both fast and even have some vision that their coaches are teaching them.  So that it turns into more of a team game rather than a one person game (cuz in the blob there is never anyone to pass to, so if you have the ball you better be fast and a good shot!).

Painted the changing table over the weekend.  The baby's room is looking good, just a few more little things here and there.  I am glad that the weather is cooling off some.  Sounds like we are going to have a few more days in the 90's this week before it hangs out in the 70's.  Still feeling good, but the baby is claiming space and letting me know he/she is there. 7 weeks and 4 days left to go to meet the newest memeber of our family!! I can't wait.  And while the Doc and I are not expecting an early arrival, it is comforting to know that we do have an up to date car seat ready to go.  So we can at least bring a baby home--UNLIKE when we had Isaac the little stinker.  We won't need to shop the day we have the baby anyway.

Vikings are not on TV today.  I would like to watch them.

Well better go, we have a birthday party to go to.