Sunday, September 11, 2011

If the light in your life has changed to yellow, I recommend you floor it. It's safer than the alternative. ~Jeb Dickerson,

Well we found one weekend to camp this summer. We went to Cook Lake with LeaAnn and her boys. Just swim, fish, run repeat. I did try to get in some biking and hiking, but the kids complained the whole time cuz they wanted to swim and fish more. It rained the first night we were there giving us an early bedtime. Probably not such a bad thing.

The following week my Mom came to visit for a few days. She was able to take in a soccer game and some football practice while she was here. The rest of the Labor Day Weekend we spent with friends, and even worked. Monday I spent the whole day with my kids and no plans. They slept in, played video games and it was so nice out that we took the camera to Camplex Park, took pictures, played and made a scrapbook.

We have been into school for two weeks now and the kids really like their teachers this year. I have already signed them up for sports next season. Ike wants to try basketball this year. It should be good as they only play on Saturdays and one day a week is good for me:) Zoey is going to try hockey for the first time. With the Junior USA Hockey now in Gillette she should be in good hands. They have to do a certain amount of community service for the team so they will be teaching learn to skate and working with Zoey's hockey team. Isaac has also found some school events he wants to participate in so I will be dropping him off early three days a week.

Thursdays bring long days for me, I worked till 10pm. I worked at the rec center on Friday and ended the day with a fish fry at our friends house. We had a great time and even had some s'mores. Of course this year I was introduced (by teenagers) the art of roasting starburst. Its not bad, but you don't want to over heat them cuz then they get kinda drippy. Saturday I coached Zoey's soccer game. We didn't do so good. Its pretty much all or nothing with the girls. They are either all on defense or offence, but never quite spread out or on our side of the field. But we will work on it. After that I went to Isaac's football game. He played special teams. Our record isn't great, but I think we have one win on our side. After that I spent the rest of the morning/afternoon at the USA Power Lifting competition. I just helped out with paperwork for this event, but it was awesome to see what these people could do. There was a lady there competing because she was over 50 and it was on her bucket list to compete. I always find it inspiring to see people who just want to get it done and have no excuses. Kinda like the MS bikeathon. Those people ride 80 miles the first day and 70 the second and while the ride is beautiful the weather in August tends to be really hot and windy. I think--oh that's tough! but if MS doesn't down them down, then I should be able to do anything!