Monday, December 22, 2008

Let's be Jolly, Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly

Merry Christmas!!

Our Chruch Christmas Program was last Wednesday and went pretty good for have one practice the week before and one practice the hour before the performance! Mom-Remember taking us every Saturday for a month with memory work! Yeah, they don't do that anymore.

May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace,The gladness of Christmas give you hope,The warmth of Christmas grant you love.~Author Unknown

Who's ready for Christmas? We are!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer. ~Author Unknown

Here is my photo story of what we have been up to lately. The first pic is a little scary so prepare yourself. But yesterday Zoey got some makeup for her birthday. Today she gave me a makeover with eye shadow, lipstick and nailpolish.
This has been an amazing year for Zoey. She made it through our adventure of moving this year and has grown a ton! She had so many firsts this year. She got her first fishing pole, went tubing, learned to pump on the swing, can ride a big girl bike, and can spell her name. She likes to do workbook pages with matching, eliminating which one is different and tracing letters and numbers. She has even started dot to dots. She started her first year of preschool. I just can't believe how much and how quickly she is changing. Not to mention that only recently she is ok with being a girl. She has boyfriends and likes playing dress up, mom and dad and even asked for Barbies this year.
Yesterday we had Zoey's birthday party. We got her a birthday balloon bouque and had some of her friends over. We had cake and icecream after a few rounds of pin the tail on the donkey. Zoey got hers perfect on the first try and Isaac put his directly over the top of Zoey's. He said he couldn't see through the blindfold, but who knows.

Not my best decorating job, but it seemed to work.

Zoey started to blow out her candles as soon as we started singing.

And she LOVED opening presents!

After the party we went to Spirit Hall. It is a brand new NHL sized ice arena. It was open for public skate, plus they had pics with Santa and pizza (you didn't have to have the pizza in the pic). The weather had already started to blow in the storm, but we went anyway and had a great time. Zoey LOVED skating, telling me she is a fast learner. Of course she also told me that because I am big, I would not fall down. I think ice is slippery no matter how big you are. Isaac wasn't in the mood to go out, but we drug him with anyway and it turns out he likes to skate also.

He we are looking for the perfect tree in the Big Horn Mountains. Gosh, I love that man, taking us all up there for a great family day!

We scouted here for some trees. We walked up the hill (remembering it is actually a mountain). But didn't find the one we were looking for.

So we sledded back down.

Here's the one we want.

Again, a good man to bring us with and do all the work himself.

Even I enjoy enjoy making snow angels. Actually I love the blanket of untouched glistening snow! I also like the way it chrunchies when you walk on it.

I can't describe to you how much Ike likes to sled.

Wanna race?

Decorating the tree was fun. Where Zoey is standing is where ALL of her ornaments are and there is a spot on the exact opposite side for ALL of Isaac's.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you. ~John E. Southard

Isaac draws the coolest things. I just don't remember drawing well at his age (or really ever I guess). At conferences his teacher said that she makes all the children draw people with hair and clothes. I suppose 6 year olds don't think about that much, but I did notice that this santa does not have a hat or hair.

Saturday was a great day. The whole family packed up in the truck, including Sherman and we headed up to the Big Horns. We searched for the perfect Christmas tree and it was a little harder than you would think with all those trees up there. But we found a good one! It was the first time Zoey and I had come along and not sure if we will make the trip next year or not. Zoey loves climbing and camping, but she is a very sensitive little girl. Her socks kept slipping down into her boots, so she would stop about every three steps, take off her mittens, attempt to pull up the socks, put her wet mittens on her wet fingers and before long she would say "I just can't handle it." The only thing mommy couldn't handle was pulling her up the hill (make that a mountain) in the sled. That was hard work! After we found our tree we went to Tie Hack and spent some time sledding. It was a great place to go. Once we arrived so did a few others and Isaac made some new friends and raced them down the hill. It was a warm and sunny day. Just perfect! (Unlike the cold and wind we have today)

Sunday we went to a birthday party. Isaac gets along with most everyone at school and Justice had come up to me after school one day and asked if Isaac would come to her party. So I signed him up for the bowling party. His class gets along really well, so even though it was a girl's birthday party--He was the only boy to come! And oh did the girls like that. The first thing they all said is "Are you going to chase me?" Isaac has told me that he has girls chase him at school, but with a crowd of girls all chasing after MY Isaac it was slightly overwhelming. He bowled without using the ramp and got 60ish. I didn't see his final score, but Zoey (who sorta crashed the party and was her ususal crying screaming self) bowled 105 which is very competitive with her mother.

We went to the Rec Center so I could work out after school today and I totally forgot that child care is not available until 4:30 so I had the kids run around the track for a while. Isaac comes up to me and says "I am really fast. Just like Dash from Increadibles!" He is fabulous.

We have Christmas program practice on wednesday this week. We will be making 35 cupcakes to bring to Zoey's class on Thursday for her birthday treat and I have even gotten her birthday invitations out already. The little stinker will be 4 on Saturday. At least this year I can invite people over that I have met before.

Well I can smell supper-so I should probably go check it before it starts on fire. And don't forget Peanuts Christmas is on tonight!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Like fruit, children are sweetest just before they turn bad. ~Dena Groquet

I almost forgot about the weekly church update. Today during the kids sermon they were supposed to learn about advent. The lady says "do you what day it is today?" Zoey pipes up with "its sunday". The lady says "do you know what we are waiting for this month?" Isaac proudly says "Santa!" Ironically the only advent calendars she could find had santa on them and not baby Jesus. However, she only bought enough for one advent calendar per household. This she mentioned after her son had already given my children each one. Zoey was more than just a little upset. I am sure the lady had thought that I had already tought my kids to share nicely. Yeah--not so much.

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice. ~Meister Eckhart

It was a long couple of weeks with Chris being gone. He had some work stuff in Colorado for a few days then then headed up to Montana for a week and a half. He had a good trip and got two deer. Wednesday after school got out I brought Isaac up to Alzada to meet up with Chris for the rest of the hunting trip. I did NOT hit a deer on the whole trip!! Zoey and I had some girl time. We painted our nails and watched the Tinkerbell Movie (finaly after more than a year of telling her we would see it together.) Thursday we had a girls thanksgiving lunch with the Solems at Perkins. After we went home I enjoyed a moment of contentment. Those moments don't always last long, but I do have a lot to be thankful for this year! The boys returned with everyone healthy and my house is now back to its normal loud self with school in the morning.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action. ~W.J. Cameron

Just a quicky post, before the kids realize I am trying to do something.
Fridays we don't use daycare, so I brought Zoey with me to the Rec Center and to run my errands. It was fun to have her with me.
Saturday I invited the Solem girls over for the whole day so that Angie could make some progress on their move. The kids got along well and had a fabulous time. Later in the afternoon we added Ruhel to the mix for a sleep over. That kid just cracks me up. We ordered pizza for supper and played some Uno. The whole day just went smoothly, which I have to document since I don't get that many days that go so well. I was surprized at how early the kids went to bed, even though the boys told me they were going to stay up all night. Today we were back to our usually selves, with the exception that we were ready for church early. Can't complain about that. When we got back it was naptime for all. Even Ike took a nap for me.
I think that even though I am only working a few days this coming week--it still looks like a busy time. I am trying to prepare or at least realize the holidays are coming up fast. I definately did not get as much done in November as I had planned. Whoever is in controll of the speed of time needs to slow down just a bit. I am pretty sure Christmas will be here before I am ready even though I feel I am starting on time.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists. ~Joan Gussow

Yesterday we dropped Isaac off at school. Zoey and I were watching him and she says, "I believe in Isaac because he is my brother."
I have no idea what that means coming from a three year old or really what she was thinking at all, but it was very cute and touching.
This morning however, we had an interesting conersation. I often times say sir or mam when talking with the kids and this morning Zoey referred to me as man. I said do you mean mam, cuz I am a girl not a boy. I assured her I am a mam or Mrs. because I am married. She said she ment man and also let me know that she is married too. Who to? I ask. I really would like to find out the dirt, thinking that she was going to say one of the boys she regularly plays with at school. Nope. She is married to a girl.
I am adding some new blogs/links to my site. The Kyle & Alli and Amy are great family blogs if you would like to take a peek at my wonderful and very good looking nieces and nephew. The Davies Bunch has been there for a while, but Annie does such a good job on her blog I would invite you to see it just for the amazing photography. She also has links to go to if you want to jazz up your blog for free. I have seriously thought about it, but not that coordinated yet. In the very near future I hope to be adding 5 minutes for mom. Its a good website for mom's and I have a link to my website from there.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Marge, you're as pretty as Princess Leia and as smart as Yoda. ~The Simpsons

Gillette is like this totally hoppin' town. Betcha didn't know that! We just opened up a new venue--The Wyoming Center at the Camplex. It has two auditoriums and a new ice rink. It opened on Friday so I took the kids to see the Chinese Dragon Acrobats. It was a usual outing for the Soosts. I give them the lecture that we are there to see the acrobats so no crying, fighting, hitting or asking to buy things. All of those mentioned happened before the show even started. Luckily once the show started and the kids visually learned what acrobat meant they were pretty impressed. After the guy did the chair stacking thing up to the ceiling and did his acrobatics up high, Zoey said "He's my boyfriend." Oh boy, I may actually be raising a girl. I tried to take pictures but trying to find the right setting for my distance, lighting and their movement was quite difficult. So now that we have the Wyoming Center Kenny Rogers is coming to sing to us. Yeah, I don't think I am going to that one, but you never know someone fun might come.

Now as for this week--also hoppin'. I had super busy days of work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday which was good cuz I didn't work Thursday Friday due to conferences. Yep, Ike had his first kindergarten conferences. His teacher had all wonderful things to say and he is doing well. He also started the Gate enrichment program so that he does not get bored during the day. I did not get the chance yet to visit with his enrichment teacher, so I'll find out next week exactly what kind of things he is working on there. They gave out gift certificates to Golden Corral to the kindergartners, which really made them happy. Thursday I also got to watch Emily for the morning and the kids had a great time. Yesterday and today the guys went hunting. Got a turkey yesterday. And today Zoey has a princess birthday party to go to.

I don't usually post this kind of stuff, but also this week my mother-in-law was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. It is non-aggressive and has not spread. The outcome looks good, but there are still changes and decisions to be made in the next weeks to come.

Opie, you haven't finished your milk. We can't put it back in the cow, you know. ~From The Andy Griffith Show

Our Sundays are more like Mondays than anything else. Chris gets up early to check out his jobs for the day and then he is on his way. Today they had him all over driving from Dayton to Buffalo then back up to Sheridan. The rest of us get up shortly thereafter. Zoey is ready for morning time. Isaac needs much coaxing. He is not ready for morning time, not ready for church and he was coughing last night. We are lucky to have church so close to us. We get there as it starts and are forced to sit near the front today. Isaac brought his children's bible and was surprizing well today. May be Zoey will be next time. We came home. Had some lunch and started watching the football game. Zoey had changed into her Vikings jersey as soon as we had gotten home. Shortly after lunch I told Zoey to go take a nap and she DID. I finished watching the Vikings win by the skin of their teeth and got a ton of yuchy house work done. Very productive. Ike worked on his numbers (because he wanted to). And the kids played so well today. Sometimes it is just amazing, they even asked to sit by eachother at supper tonight. Which by the way I messed up. I had an itch to cook the other day and made a lazagna ahead of time so we could have it soon, but not feel totally overwhelmed by it. I was really looking forward to it. Chris had bought some texas toast to have with it since he doesn't like the garlic toast I usually make. So I got the texas toast out and started to cook it per the instructions on the box. Couple minutes-flip-couple more minutes. I had that part down fine. I even set the timer for each two block frame as my oven tends to cook fast. Well then the box said if I wanted a crispier crust I could stick it in the broiler for 1-2 minutes. So I stuck it in thinking this was going to be some good bread. I did not set the timer. Put some cups and milk out on the table and vala --all 8 pieces of bread not just burnt, but on fire! There's toasted for ya. So there is a quick little look into how my days usually go. Zoey said she liked the zanya.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The difference between try and triumph is a little umph. ~Author Unknown

Isaac had such a fabulous night last night. He got a free skate pass for having perfect attendance last quarter (except the day he was sick--must have been after the cut off day). Anyway he has never been on skates at all. This particular rink was very similar to the one I used to go to excpt it didn't have the dividers down the middle of the rink so it was very much skate at your own risk. It was one big vortex of kids trying to skate in a circle with the slower kids closer to the wall and the faster kids more towards the middle of the rink. anyway-- we went around a couple of times to get used to things. I kinda thought he was going to be velcroed to the wall all night in fear. But then he said " Mom, I'm going in the middle". I of course responded"Are you kidding?" and he walked on his rollerskates right over to the thick of things and danced his little Isaac dance for the rest of the night. The school served some snacks, which I felt was very thoughtful. Many of his friends were there and he had a blast. As though that was not enough, afterward I took him shopping at walmart to use his birthday money. He does like to buy things or spend his money--I don't really think he understands just yet. Anyway new pants and a couple sets of CARS megablocks.
Zoey was super sad she did not get to go. She wanted a girls night out--without Isaac and Daddy. This after she totally missed Ike when he went hunting and even thought they were not coming home again. In new news this moring Zoey said to me "I want to be girl." I new this day would come, but not today and with my luck I figured I would have to wait until she turned five to explain to her that she would not magically turn into a boy. I think it helps some that Tinker and her friends are girls and they can do some pretty cool stuff. So she is always talking to Tinkerbell and her friends and is making pixie dust all the time. She is still into her usually things like pretending the table and chairs are zebras and dogs and monkeys too. She is learning quite a bit at preschool. I like when we come home and she can tell me about what she learned and did. Hopefully that means she remembers some of it.
The fierce Wyoming wind is whipping around out there, pulling in dark clouds and I think even a snow storm. We have had such beautiful weather lately that the cold isn't really all that inviting.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My father considered a walk among the mountains as the equivalent of churchgoing. ~Aldous Huxley

If you get melted chocolate all over your hands, you're eating it too slowly. ~Author Unknown

Our weekend began Friday afternoon at Isaac's school Halloween party. I was signed up to help and it was fun to go. We served many snacks and after the kids danced around to halloween music.

From there we made a quicky stop at Walmart, then on home to the two Halloween haters. Chris and Zoey like the candy, but not so much the dressing up. This happens every single halloween and sooner or later we will get something figured out.

We told Zoey that if she would sit for pictures she wouldn't have to wear the wings anymore. I think the thing that bugs me most is that this is the only night of the entire year that she does not like to dress up. She was so excited to be Tinkerbell this year and she wore the costume during the week and I can most certainly guarentee that she will wear it after Halloween. We drove to a few homes we knew and then walked up Tonk. I am pretty sure this is the only Halloween I can remember that it was 70 degrees for trick or treating!
No Family photos--I couldn't get the timer on my camera figured out.
The very next day Ike and Chris woke up super early to go hunting. They didn't get anything, but had a pretty good time. I have NEVER seen the kids so tired!! He did come up this morning, so we tried church, but super tired didn't agree with that and Sunday School had to be skipped. But he did take another good nap when we got home. The weather was so fabulous yesterday that Zoey and I went to the park with Kinley and Angie. We met up with them later in the evening so the girls could play while we waited for the hunters to return.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy. ~Author Unknown

What a day. I was hoping to spend it hanging out with the Solems. Isaac and Chris went hunting with Shayne and Sydney. However, I ate too much candy last night and got to a late start this morning. Now I have decided to work on the house some. I was so excited as Zoey was sleeping. WAS. With her some is always better than non. Now I am in the process of figuring out what to do with the last three unpacked boxes. I have not paid any attention to them as they are toys. I probably should just get rid of them. But me, thow anything away, are you kidding? But if I find room somewhere else for them, I can put the freezer there instead of having it in the family room! Pretty cool, huh?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon. ~Doug Larson

My kids have been sleeping well lately. Zoey got up a few times last week, but over all her sleeping habits have improved. I am a little disappointed that the only days she napps are the days she is home with me (Saturday, Sunday and an occasional Friday). Sometimes Chris tries, sometimes he doesn't and daycare plays a movie during quiet time. However, with Isaac not having a chance to nap on his way home from school anymore and Zoey totally nixing the nap, they go to bed between 8 and 8:30 and fall right to sleep. No more pitter patter of little feet running around my house at 11:00pm anymore.
This morning they both woke up early and came upstairs before I had to go get them. Isaac wasn't too sure of breakfast this morning. But he never is. Just like morning time, breakfast is not his favorite. We pulled out some new cereal and I thought all was well. He couldn't finish it cuz his tummy hurt. I still thought it was more of I am not fully awake yet and my tummy just isn't ready. So I told him to eat what he could. Before we left he told me his tummy hurt. I took his temp and he was totally fine so off to school we go. I walked him into the school yard and he just looked so sad. I asked him what was wrong and he said his tummy hurt and it did. He proved it. He seemed excited about going home and sleeping in. But you know for a sick kid he has way too much energy, not to mention that he still feels the need to tell me the best way to get to Kmart (to pick up some 7up) and that 7up and Sierra Mist are the same and that Home Depot is further away than Kmart is. Sometimes I wonder how Mrs.Kremers gets all of these 5 and 6 year olds to manage their thoughts and keep everyone on task. I couldn't even get Ike's shoes back on to go get the 7up cuz he was reading and using a bookmarker and needed to show me the page he was on and he wanted to bring money and he needed to count it and on and on.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hold on, man. We don't go anywhere with "scary," "spooky," "haunted," or "forbidden" in the title. ~From Scooby-Doo

Pumpkin fun--with the pics posted in reverse order. Again.

Zoey with her finished pumpkin. I don't know what happened to Isaac's pumpkin!

LeaAnn brought Kaidyn and James over for some Jackolantern makin'.

So I found some of Ike's birthday pics. And yep--that's an air gun. Thank you Kristi and Casey. At least Isaac was using the suggested protective eye wear.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain. ~Author Unknown

Today is so yucky out. Dreary clouds, cold rain and nasty unforgiving Wyoming wind. But better now than last week. My in-laws were here for Ike's birthday. We all had a wonderful time and it was nice to be able to be outside. It was probably in or near the 70's so we could walk Ike to school and play with his new tee ball set outside after school. So as you may have noticed I don't have any pics to post. I stressed over the birthday cake. Marble cake with cream cheese frosting and spiderman and his signature spider were drawn by hand. I was so worried that no one would know it was spiderman that I forgot to take pictures. I didn't take any at the bowling alley either, because I was worried that I would forget the ice cream or candles or something to light the candles that the camera just didn't make the list. So while I am worring and forgetting things, my mother-in-law fixed the cake, helped the kids take turns at bowling and just helped everything move along a little better. Isaac was so happy to spend time with his friends and they enjoyed the bowling. Isaac and Ryan tied for high score with an 81 while Kinley came in close second with 80. Kinda glad I didn't bowl--they probably would have beat me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You are my sonshine. ~Author Unknown

I can't believe Ike turns 6 tomorrow! This has been such a big year from riding a two wheeler to tying his own shoes. He has learned how to swim comfortably on his own in a big swimming pool and can read whole books by himself. Not to mention that he passed his speach screaning this year. I am so proud of this little stinker. He did take a tumble (doing what I'm not sure) and had a scab on his nose for his pictures. He is so excited to turn 6 and can't wait for his party, which we are having Saturday at the bowling ally. We made cupcakes tonight for him to take to his class tomorrow. He let me frost, but he pretty much baked and decorated on his own. I didn't work a football game this year on his birthday. I am pretty sure that's a first. I had considered visiting MT for a fb game and looking at the schedule-this weekend was the Flathead/Glacier game--plenty of hours to work--for someone else! So anyway, I have a party to go to, with a fabulous six year old who just melts my heart with the joy in his eyes and the happiness he spreads.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I played as much golf as I could in North Dakota, but summer up there is pretty short. It usually falls on Tuesday. ~Mike Morley

Well, Chris has been golfing. He went Thursday and took Zoey. She beet him. Just kidding, but she did go and survived the cold wind in Buffalo. What a trooper!

I promise she is ok in this pic. Just making snow angels.

The first snow fell yesterday and continued into today. We got more than I expected. It was good sticky snow though-- so the kids have been playing in it every chance we give them. The first snowman has already been created with charcoal for eyes and a carrot nose. His name is Chocolate.

Afterward, Isaac came in for some hot chocolate with marshmellows, by the warm fire.