Monday, December 13, 2010

Hey you can turn up the music now as I FINALLY changed it from New Moon to some great christmas music (before the season is over)! Sorry it took so long.

Three phrases that sum up Christmas are: Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men, and Batteries not Included. ~Author Unknown

December is always total craziness (in my head anyway). Christmas cards ordered and mailed out. Zoey's party planned and party items shipped to the correct address. Ice skating lessons finished up. One strawberry shortcake birthday cake prepared with only a couple of phone calls to the sis in law. We had Zoey's party at the bowling ally on Saturday. I forgot nothing this time. There were about 6 kindergartners there and as many siblings. Zoey had a blast. After that we went to a friend's house and stayed a little late. I was up for fellowship at church the next day (cooking and cleaning) so up at 6ish to start baking. Kids had Christmas program practice until noon. We took Zoey out for supper at a restaurant of her choice last night since we had a program to attend tonight and then I baked some pink cupcakes for Zoey's class birthday treat.
This morning she comes in my room and is excited that it is her birthday. She wants to know where the cake, presents and her friends are. She was extremely disappointed when I told her we already celebrated her birthday. "But today is my birthday and you have to have cake and presents and friends on your birthday." Well it wasn't so bad. I showed her, her pink cupcakes. She had a great day at school and got a hat that was signed by all her classmates and of course we saved a couple of presents for her to open after she got home from school. She is happy to be 6 and already telling us she wants to be 7.
Isaac had his school Christmas program tonight. He was an elf with a speaking part. Two whole lines and he did great. I did video the program ---so fam you know what we are doing when we get to MN. It was called the "The Littlest Christmas Tree" We have one more program to attend this week at church. Both of the kids will be sheep.
I can't believe that it is almost Christmas already and we will be traveling in about a week!! But actually I think we are almost ready. A few last minute gifts, but really we are about done. I have been spending my time studying. I will probably jinx myself for posting this, but I am applying for an online job position as a health coach for a company called Please google it, its a cool website. It was designed by the Web MD guy and Dr.Oz. However, I have to do quite a bit of training and certifying. The health coach position will not be available on line to the public until after the new year. But once it is I will have a website up and going for any of your health and fitness needs. I will be able to work from home, plus it will drive business to me at the rec center and my massage. It is a very cool opportunity so I hope for smooth sailing. On top of that my performance enhancement advanced specialization has been updated and they would like me to take another test for that so that I would have an actual certification instead of just a specialization. So I am considering studying for that too.
With any luck pictures will be up soon and I will see you all next week:)