Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring has Sprung

We have had a weekend of being outside in about 70 degree weather. I thought I was going to work a tennis meet, but it got canceled so I actually stayed home this weekend. We got the lawn mower out for the first time and Chris put my Montana license plates on my car.

Yesterday Isaac was riding his bike and wiped out. Chris brought him in with a nose bleed, his nose was pretty scraped up. So Chris decided it was a good idea for him to ride his skate board instead. He came in with a large scrape on his chin. Nothing serious, but boy does he look banged up.

Today we made it to a new member class at church. We will be new members on May 13th.

This afternoon I weeded my strawberry patch and had a couple of new finds. There is asperagus in with my strawberries. I love asperagus straight from the garden! Then as I went along I noticed that there is space marked off for planting. I found tulips in there, but I think the lady before me used it mostly for her vegetable garden. I can't wait to plant some flowers. Chris wants me to plant some corn. We'll see.

Plus we also had the NFL draft on all weekend. Can't say I am better off for it. All I got from it was that the Vikings' top pick doesn't even know if he can play due to injury. What's up with that?

Friday, April 27, 2007

Late for an important Date!

If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? ~Milton Berle

So last night I totally forgot to set my alarm clock. I haven't done that in forever. I rolled over this morning and noticed that it was 6:37a.m.!!!! I usually get up at 5:30a.m. so that I can wake myself up, get ready, finish some housework and have a light breakfast before waking the kids. I am so fortunate to have wonderful kids as we were on the road by 7a.m..

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Well, last night we went to Moose's. Its a pizza place that everyone has said is wonderful and has recommended we try. Its an old time bar (but the people I talked to said it was a kid friendly place). Nothing has changed in there in the last hundred years or so. When you walk in you place your order and let them know where you are going to sit. The tables are pretty carved up as are the walls. There is saw dust on the floor, which didn't bother me, but worked pretty much like a sand box for the little kids. It was fun, the pizza was good. Afterward, we went home and Chris and I watched War of the Worlds while the kids went to bed.

And a random picture of Zoey watching TV. Its a good way to get kids to sit still while taking their picture.

I have had a very eventful year. I ended my job in Gillette, volunteered at the Olympic Training Center, found a new job, moved to another state, had my first run in with a deer, and bought a house just to name a few. It has been an interesting year to say the least.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Not So Much News

I feel that I should blog. But again nothing to blog about. The weather was nice over the weekend. I worked all day on Saturday. Went to church on Sunday and Chris worked on the house while I did dished/laundry/ect. The kids are great. This week a spot opened up for pre-k and as long as I remember to get my money in on time Isaac will have secured his space for next fall. Which is good cuz it looks like we are going to recontract day care for June so that we pay only three days per week vs the four we are paying now. Then come July we are not going to contract, keeping our fingers crossed that Zoey will still have a space this fall or August. Whatever.

I am so bored I think I could just fall over!! My job is good and I have aquaintences. I have not had time to make new friends or join any clubs or be on any commities. So really watching Zoey eat blue play dough is the highlight of my days anymore. Good thing summer is right around the corner. Chris can join a softball team. The kids and I enjoy going to watch. Well Zoey doesn't really watch, but she enjoys getting out of the house. Its time to meet the neighbors. Chris tells me that the neighbors to the left and to the right of us are also Chris. But I have met no one and since the neighbor kid likes to invite himself to play on our jungle gym, I should probably know his mom. I miss my Gillette Knitters group. Chris may have made fun of us, but we had a good time. I am sure if I just put forth a good effort now that I have daycare, a house, a routine I will find what I am looking for.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yummy Blue Play Dough

So this morning Isaac is coloring at the table, Zoey is playing with blue playdough while I am trying to catch up with the dishes. This morning everyone was playing nicely ( unlike the other morning). I can see them from the kitchen, but I go over to see how they are doing and notice that Zoey's lips are blue. I remind her that playdough is not a snack and that she should not put it in her mouth. Now as I write this I remember that she was making sausage patties and cookies with the play dough. However, this is not a comment that I ever had to tell Isaac. He just did not eat playdough, he also colors on paper (with the one execption). If you give Zoey anything to write with you had better be right there, cuz she is not afraid to see how that color looks in my house. She is just soo different than Isaac. Almost total opposites. So I finish the dishes and come back and Zoey is chewing something she thinks is scrumcious. A large piece of blue play dough, which she spit into a napkin. Of course this is also from the same girl that would feed her supper to Sherman and then go eat his food. She loves the dog food and I may not be a gourmet chef, but my cooking is not THAT bad.

Also, I have not forgotten that I also have MN very fun girl plans July13,14,15. I am not sure if I knew it was all three days, but I am up for anything. Plus I won't have to pay a babysitter to leave my kids. I do not know when I will be leaving MN. It looks like if I take the train I will be leaving July 23. I don't have a calendar right in front of me so I have no idea what day of the week that is. A Rogne get together would be fun if we can find a good day. I need to find a calendar.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Well I am working on travel plans to visit Minnesota this summer. I officially have the time off from work. I am trying to get dates set and mostly all I know is that I will be in Minnesota in time for Jennifer's wedding on Saturday June 30th. I do not have a set date at this time to return to Montana, but I will definately be returning with the kids. I will travel "Up North" the Sunday after for a much needed week long fishing trip with the Soosts in Minnesota. Probably won't travel by plane, but exploring the possibilities of either driving and spending a night in Gillette or taking the train. Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on what information I have.

Not a self portrait

Isaac drew a picture of me and I thought I would share. Grandparents, now you have some art work to put on your fridge.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

No new stories to tell. Long week! So I thought I'd put up one of my favorite quotes and see what pictures I can post. As it turns out we are not going to have internet at the house anymore so pictures are not going to be posted as often.

"God sent each person into the world with a special message to deliver, a special song to sing and a special act of love to bestow. No one else can speak my message or sing my song or offer my love... these are entrusted to me." author unkown.

I don't really know what that means for me, but its fun to think on.
Can you find the munchkin in the kitchen?

Friday, April 13, 2007


Please keep in mind that this house is smaller than the one we had in Gillette, so thie kids are shareing a room. Also note their room is bigger than my tiny box of an apartment!

We have painted, put in laminate flooring, and covered the green wallpaper with tunge and groove aspen.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Whew! We have been busy. No time to blog.
We got finished putting our house together before Easter. It looks good, but we still have many things to do (as it goes with being a homeowner). Deb and Wayne flew in for Easter. They arrived on Thursday night and the kids were so excited to see them. We went to Hungry Horse Damn, Glacier National Park, we colored Easter eggs, had a couple campfires to roast marshmellows and a couple of trips to go shopping. Sunday the weather was beautiful so we ate lunch outside. I am sure we tired everyone out cuz when grandpa and grandma are around Mommy just doesn't quite cut it. Gramma has to buckle them in thier seats and tie their shoes and help with jackets--just anything. We all had a great time. Monday afternoon I headed back to work and watched a double header softball game in the cold blowing wind. Yesterday we had a track meet in cold wind, but the snow had stopped so that was nice. Well if I get a minute tonight I will post a bunch of pictures.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Spring Break

Well it is spring break, but doesn't feel like it. Yesterday I watching a double header softball game in the snow. It didn't stick, but this morning it was snowing hard and I think we got an inch or two. With school out everyone is practicing in the morning. So I packed up the kids, they get to go to work with me today. On the way, there must have been an accident as the highway was closed. I was redirected by a fireman and sat in traffic for 50 minutes. It was a nice road that I had never been on before, however since I had never been there before it was interesting getting back to a road I was familiar with. I was an hour late for work. Isaac loves to come to work with me. He wanted to fill water bottles today, but we didn't need them so I had him fill the whirlpool with cold water and ice. He is a very good helper. I have a physioball and some other equipment that they have fun playing with. Actually, Isaac just let me know that my training room is stinky. How nice is that?

Over the weekend we got a lot done on the house. I unpacked a bunch of things and Chris is so close to having the Aspen all up on the walls. It sucks that Sherman has already scratched a bunch of it all up. We are looking forward to the in-laws coming to visit this week. And of course for Easter. Hopefully I will get the chance to decorate a little in the next couple of days.