Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I am sorry I was a schmuck to everyone and didn't call. I have been taking time to unwind some and actually spend a bit of time with my family.
Last week we went to the Back Room for supper. Thursdays happen to be the night the magician is there and man is he good. He doesn't do difficult tricks or anything fancy, he's not like Cris Angel, but he is magic. The kids loved it!! He made each a balloon animal (which at one point in my life I knew how to do, but had to remove the info from my brain to make space for other info). When he made Zoey's poodle, he needed to put a little ball on the end of the tail. So Isaac blew into his thumb and vola he made the puff ball on the end of the tail. Chris and I can't do this--so it was all magic. We were almost sad to see the magic guy go. But it was so much fun to watch the kids and see their eyes get big and full of amazement!
I guess that was probably the day after my kids saw Santa. Yep-He visited both daycare and school. I of course got home late that night, but my kids both hopped right out of bed, wide eyed to tell me they saw Santa and got to talk to him. I just can't believe how excited they were. So I asked them what they asked Santa for and Zoey wanted Lightening McQueen and Isaac wanted a guitar. Zoey especially has been waiting for Santa, tell me that "Santa is coming". I knew there was going to be a visit, however, had I been thinking I would have brought my camera and attempted to be there to snap a quick pic. Didn't think that far ahead.
Last Friday Isaac had his Christmas Bazaar. Each kid brings in some ingredients (a sign up list of course provided by the teacher) and during the week the kids made desserts for the parents. Isaac was so sure I was going to bring him late. "Mom, we HAVE to be there AT 1:30." I had taken the morning off so I had planned on arriving pretty early. Apparently he doesn't have the concept of early yet, cuz he kept saying "NO, Mom at 1:30". Anyway, we got there in time to help set up and as Chris and Zoey met us there I dashed off to some basketball games and didn't even get the chance to try his dessert.
I have to say as sad as I was to not be Home for the holidays, it has been the most anticipated and exciting Christmases I can remember EVER having. With my kids being 3 and 5 and knowing they were getting good stuff--I didn't care that I had to wait out Zoey falling asleep at 11 pm before Santa could come. I do wish that somehow, Santa could help out the parenting just a bit more. My kids don't fall for the "you had better be good"or "you need to go to sleep for Santa to come"--He shows up regardless. I cooked a big meal on Christmas Eve and even let the kids use the nice glasses. We had enough left overs, that I didn't have to cook Christmas Day. On Christmas Day we spent the afternoon sledding. It took Isaac a couple times down to get used to his new red saucer, but each are big enough to go down by themselves. We even raced a couple of times.
So Merry Christmas!! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday. I will try to get pictures up tonight if my internet doesn't fight with me.
PS--So far my kids are still sharing their toys! Zoey still has attitude, but really they play well together even with the new stuff.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall.

I'm going to try a quick run down of what we have been up to. Not sure I remember, but...
The first full week in December I had three nights of basketball, two nights of massages and a Christmas party and a sick kid. That Sunday it SNOWED!!! Not a ton but like 3 inches and it was while we were putting up the Christmas tree. It was wonderful. We had some friends over that night to watch football. Then I had four nights of basketball, two nights of massages, baked some birthday treats, missed Zoey's actual birthday. Last Saturday was actually the fourth day of basketball for the week, so I did that in the morning, got home just in time to send Chris and Isaac to a double birthday party (which Chris didn't tell me about until after I had sent them with one gift) Isaac bowled a 118 which is much higher than my average. They got back just in time for Zoey's party. She got to have a friend from daycare come over and play and eat lots of cake. It was finally her birthday and she loved every minute of it. We even had little Elmo birthday hats. I will definitely get pictures out soon.
I have most of the Christmas shopping done and cards have finally been sent out. Zoey's birthday comes enough before Christmas that I usually focus on that first, not realizing that after the 13th it is REALLY crunch time to get things sent out. I'll figure it out eventually. I think?
Isaac had his Christmas program at Church on Sunday. They just sang a couple of songs--I don't know if that was it or what, but definitely not a big production. I have a couple more Christmas parties to hit and then I am taking a week off from work to just sit around with my family and hang out.
I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season so far!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy, Happy Birthday my sweet Zoey!!

O.K. so I really don't know what to say about my baby other than she is totally wonderful and growing into a spectacular girl. She challenges me and makes me think. Her emotions are so incredibly Strong, both to anger and love. She is fabulous! We just got a letter from Isaac's school. One of the aides is finishing her teaching degree and needs to work with three year olds for her last portion of school. They are only taking 3, but Zoey has been one of the children selected. Chris is nervous to put Isaac and Zoey into school together and I think that going to school all day might be alot for her, but she is so stinkin smart and I think she might be more ready for it than I give her credit for. With her being my baby I tend to hold her back much more than I did Isaac. I had Isaac in preschool at the very same age (granted he got kicked out, but that's not the point). Sorry about the last picture I just scanned in the proof, but regular pics will be sent out soon.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Rain, Rain, Please go Away

Oh me, Oh my. I don't know where to start. Some days my head really does feel like it will explode. I think this is why I can never remember very far back. I know last
Friday I worked the very first wrestling meet at Glacier High. We lost the overall meet, but we wrestled well. A few wins, a few pins all was good. I was home in time to have supper with my family and tuck the kids into bed. Saturday there were basketball scrimmages and a Swim meet. When I got home we watched the Transformers. Chris said he was expecting more--but it was the Transformers, I'm not sure what more he was looking for! Sunday I finished the sanding the Aspen we put up in March. Now I am forced to find time to do the finish before the walls get yucky again. You'd be surprised the stuff I sanded off! I totally didn't get the laundry done, but I decided to go out to eat at the Blue Canyon. The kids each had a plate full of food including cheeseburger, fries, and a pickle. They ate a couple of fries. Isaac visited the restroom at least twice. I really wish I had two days in a row off. I sanded, but now need a day to get my house cleaned up. But back to work I am. Isaac came down with a cough on Friday night. I was up with him most of the night. When he gets a cough it is that nasty croupy cough that makes everyone think he is going to die, but he is not. He just needs some Motrin and I usually just tell him to stick his head outside for a minute. So I take him to school this morning and tell them he has a cough. I tell them that if he gets a fever or is actually sick that I will come to pick him up. So sure enough someone heard him cough and nearly demand that I get him checked out cuz it sounds like he might die. So I leave work, pick up the kids and take Ike to the doctor (and Zoey). Actually she just came with but she let everyone there know that she needed to see the doctor too. She is sick and needs medicine! The doc gave me startling news that Ike has a cough. He needs some Motrin and should stick his head outside once in a while. I am so glad I can pay for this wonderful insite. So I make him write a note letting school know that my child will not die (today), but because he has only had his cold for 3-4 days he might still be contagious so we are staying home tomorrow too. (YEAH!!) Today by the time Chris came home we had fresh baked cookies for him and supper in the oven and of course he didn't have to drive half way across Kalispell to pick up the kids. What a wonderful night. I am so hoping to schedule this more often. But I am writing this at work. Chris is probably wondering why I am not home yet. My client let me know how fast December flies by. I just don't have the time for it to fly by. I have a few Christmas parties to go to. On the 15th I have basketball games, Zoey's birthday party and I am going to take Ike to his friend's birthday party. It doesn't sound like we will be able to come home for Christmas. Chris thinks we could probably fly to Europe cheaper than getting back to MN. Which by the way it is 45 degrees here and raining. No snow. Just rain.