Saturday, November 12, 2011

Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that. ~Michael Leunig

I know I have not blogged in quite a while. We have been staying busy with all kinds of stuff like basketball, hockey, work and repeat.

Zoey had her first "in house tournament" which basically means that they scrimmage the whole time versus working only on skills. We get done and get in the car and she says "that's not a tournament mom." "So what would make it a tournament?" "If we play like the purple team or the pink team." You can't hide much from her. A couple of weeks ago there wass some chatter about getting her ears pierced. Chris wanted to know why we have been putting it off for so long, so the next day I took her in. She picked out purple earings. Got both ears done at the same time and didn't even scream! No ear infection so far. She loves them.

We just had parent teacher conferences. While I do have two very distinctly different kids that challege their teachers differently--they are both learning and moving on up. Zoey of course challenges her teachers much more often than Isaac, but we are working on it.

Haven't seen much of the husband lately. He works long hours and I am not home much in the evening with hockey and work. It is the middle of hunting season so he really isn't sleeping much either. Last weekend he got up at 5am to go hunting with Shayne in the mountains got back at midnight. The next day got up at 4am to go hunting with Jason and didn't get back till late and then back to work on Sunday. Of course this week he has training in Denver so he will leave tomorrow, get back Wednesday and then back down to Casper for a meeting--possibly followed by more hunting. However, somehow he did manage to squeeze in some time for pictures in Rapid--he is a good man!!!!

Now on to holidays, family stuff and birthdays. We don't slow down much here for anything! Wouldn't have it any other way:)

And just a quick heads up--School pictures turned out great this year. I'll send them out later.