Monday, February 26, 2007

Just One More Week!

The count says 7 days til closing. Not sure what that means exactly as we do not have a time scheduled to actually close. But in 7 days I will have a home and one that will be large enough to have a couch AND a kitchen table with chairs. Double bonus.
Honestly, we have no new news. Isaac is feeling better, but has shared with the rest of us, so it is hard to say how much I will be working this week as well. It is nice that they have Dinosore for the sick kids to use, but the crud is really going round and it has been full.
This week is playoffs for my basketball teams, so we will be hosting thursday night. And then Chris has decided to take a road trip this weekend to Gillette. He will be picking up some materials for the house. He is telling me it is cheaper to drive down there than to buy it here. Since it will be such a short trip, Isaac will be staying here in Montana. We wanted him to visit also, but I think that trip would drive him a little bonkers.
I have also been looking into a program for Isaac. His daycare which has been doing his preschool every morning also has pre-K through 1st grade. So next year Isaac will officially be in school 9-3 with a montessori school program.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Home again

Home again with a sick Isaac. Not so sick really, but most of his class is sick and they called me today saying that he had a fever. Not so when I checked him at home. But since he is sharing, it felt good to come home and take a nap.

They are selling the apartment unit we are in. Aparently only ours (I asked today). So she has taken pictures of our junk and put a lock box on our door so that it can be shown. Ever tried to keep a small area clean with two toddlers? Now that is a feat!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Old pictures New news

We went to see the Monster Trucks on Saturday night. Isaac LOVED it. Has been to see them before and remembered so he was pretty excited to go. Chris bought the kids flags to wave. Mostly they were pretty good. But really how many places can you take your kids where the entertianment is like 200 times louder than your kids? I wanted to bring the camera and take lots o pictures, but I had to work all day and didn't think to bring it to work with me. So instead I am posting old picutures that I don't think many have seen yet. Some are of the kids making cookies and the other is with Isaac and his Sherman Bear. They do EVERY thing together.

Today Isaac is playing hooky from preschool. He was a little sick last night, but feeling better today. No work for Mommy either!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Just another day

I was up around 7ish. Started folding some laundry when a cute little smile walks up to me and says "Sippie". We go get the sippie and snuggle in the chair for a short while. Start cartoons and fix her an egg for breakfast. Isaac is now up and about. He gets some fruitloops for breakfast that Zoey has to help him eat. I fix a lazagna for supper, finish folding the laundry, switch over the rest of the laundry and get dressed. Oops its 9 am and I am supposed to meet a friend in Kalispell at 9:30. Get the kids dressed. Ike takes out Sherman. Zoey throws a fit, so I leave her in the house while taking a load of things out to the car and drive around front. When I come back in for her she has taken off her boots, socks, coat and hat and is laying down in bed (must be nap time). We all get loaded into the car, except for a sad Sherman. I meet my friend who has brought her little one as well. We do get in some adult time while our children are playing with the chairs in the restaurant. During this time I receive 2 phone calls: one from the flooring guy who has finished our estimate above what we were expecting and another from our apartment company letting us know that we are responsible for the remainder of our lease even though they are selling our unit and would like to show it. I let them know that's fine,we have a house. But if you are going to show it in the next two weeks we have an amazing amount of crap in there and only one enterance is open. Time to leave the restaurant, but have some time to kill. Ike needs a haircut. He says "There are no hair cutters here." I found one-what do ya know and now you can see my son's face again. He was very good. Zoey slept. We stopped for a sandwich and then off to daycare. They both were happy to see their teachers. I was sad to leave, but very happy to know I have a GREAT daycare. Man am I tired!! It couldn't be from that giant cinnimon roll I ate earlier and now am crashing after the sugar rush. May be a short nap will help. Stopped at Home Depot to look at paint samples and now time to go to work. Basketball is all that is left for the season and just practice tonight so hopefully done around 6pm. After supper bathtime for the kids and CSI and ER for me. Well there ya go--just another day!

Monday, February 12, 2007


Chris and I have picked out flooring for the house. We all (me, the kids, the realitor and the floor measurer guy) are going to the house tomarrow to make sure we have it all measured properly.

Zoey was slightly under the weather over the weekend, but feeling better now. I think.

I took Isaac to Big Mountain yesterday. He rode a snowboard for the first time. He did well and in the end he really enjoyed it. But he fell a couple of times and told me he wasn't very good at it. He will be better than me by the end of the season I'm sure.

Our power went out last night. I was in the middle of cooking supper, so we opted to go out (as did many others in Columbia Falls who did not have electricity). We didn't get power back until nearly 1am. Isaac kept telling us the lights were burnt out and that we should change them. He wanted to find the problem so badly. He checked every switch and began checking to see if things were plugged in. He couldn't just believe us that the power was out. Chris taught me how to play cribbage and that was fun.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Montana Drive

The fog lifted last weekend for two days. So we took a drive and I thought I'd add some pictures that I took that day. It was a beautiful weekend, but the fog has come back. Chris took the kids to the winter carnival yesterday and they seemed to have fun. Tomarrow it will be one month until we close on our house (March 5th) so that will probably be most of our news for some time. Well this is the first blog I have ever done and it looks like I am going to need some practice as I cannot quite get it the way I would like it. Hope you enjoy it.