Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Home again

Home again with a sick Isaac. Not so sick really, but most of his class is sick and they called me today saying that he had a fever. Not so when I checked him at home. But since he is sharing, it felt good to come home and take a nap.

They are selling the apartment unit we are in. Aparently only ours (I asked today). So she has taken pictures of our junk and put a lock box on our door so that it can be shown. Ever tried to keep a small area clean with two toddlers? Now that is a feat!


CarolSue said...

YEAH, Jara!!! Welcome to blogland. We're glad to have you :) Awesome pictures - keep it up.

Meg said...

Hi Jara!! I'm so excited you have a blog. You always have great stories to share. Love the photos too!

Rebecca said...

yeah, we're trying to sell the humble abode with the 9 month old...and Adam.