Monday, November 26, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for. With the exception of snow. We are the only place in Montana with no snow and the last time I watched the weather channel we were pretty much the only spot in the country not getting snow. I thought I moved to a vacationy winter wonderland?
So, I really do love to get comments from my readers. It is very exciting to see what you all have to say. However, I have to let you know--I am not bilingual. I am barely lingual for that matter. I have taken American sign language as my second language, but I don't suggest you test me on it. But I did catch some Blogger this and Blogger that--so if you are wondering about my video dilemmas, this is what I have currently found out. I need to read directions and user manuals. Apparently after spending much time having my Dad try to figure things out a million miles away--I found out that my camcorder came with a CD that should be loaded onto my computer and while I have not done that yet, I think it should fix my problems.
The boys safely made it back from Ekalacka with one deer. Isaac absolutely loves it out there! and really didn't want to come back. Zoey has a birthday coming up, in case we haven't heard that one yet. She has finally stopped saying its my birthday and rephrased to "my birthday is coming up" but we do still get to sing (all the time). She is into princess, Dora and Tinkerbell. While I have explained to my children several times that you can only fly if you have pixie dust, Zoey does think she can fly like Tink. We went to and got the rundown on Tink (who by the way is in her own movie in 2008). I work on her birthday, Bummer! But I am still going to try to plan her party for Saturday the 15th sometime after basketball gets over that day. Her birthdays are still kind of tough for me. I never know just what to do. We have always had friends over for Ike's birthday, even when he was too little to care, but especially this year, I don't know Zoey's friends. We will just have to invite them over and get the chance to meet them.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Its more fun to talk to someone who doesn't use long difficult words, but rather short easy words like "what about lunch?"

Well the boys are off. We have officially started out our second annual girls weekend. I am pretty excited! Wednesday Isaac and his class prepared a thanksgiving feast for friends and family. It was really good. Afterward, Chris and Isaac took off to Ekalacka, MT for some huntin' with the men. Having some one on one time with Zoey is fabulous! We ate turkey yesterday and watched some good movies. We have been playing memory and go fish. We are going to do our nails tonight and some baking tomorrow.

So I have noticed that the random video I posted yesterday (December) doesn't really play like it should. It doesn't play the music and I don't think it even shows all the pictures, but I just wanted to see if blogger was actually working. I have tried to post the video of Isaac riding his bike for quite a while, so I just needed something basic to try first.

It is fun to watch my family change. It is weird that I no longer have any babies in the house but two children. We can now go bike riding together as a family, have game night with each of us being on his own team AND I do believe that Zoey will be big enough to snowboard/ski this year. It definitely saves time and money when you can just pile the kids in the car and don't have to fuss with the arrangements of a sitter.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm Still trying to figure this all out.

So apparently blogger has the video up again, or so they posted. The video that I want posted still won't go, so I am trying to figure out how to get my videos from the camcorder to the computer in a form that is computer/blogger friendly. But the stuff from my digital camera is loading well again. So the video from last years December will have music and the video of Ike riding learing how to ride bike has no sound.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

“If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.”

So I was a little frustrated as Chris asked me to make a roast today and I didn't have the crock pot clean. I actually had to wash it by hand! As I am washing it out Isaac asks about washing and I decide this is a perfect time to teach him how to wash dishes. He thinks I am teaching him how to load the dishwasher. No, no, no. I am teaching you how to scrub Isaac. For the first three seconds he was kinda excited. Then he started to get wet and asked if he could take off his shirt. I told him that I don't wash dishes naked so he could probably leave his shirt on. His response was that he was leaving his pants on. Then he decides that Zoey needs a clean up job to be in charge of too. May be cups, he says. But he really is doing very well. May be he should do the dishes every night. He decided he might not want to do the dishes every night and that Zoey might have to do it. He is too dang smart and definitely brightens my day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

“Love is what makes you smile when you're tired.”

Isaac told me his friend Tristan wants to be doctor when he grows up, so I asked Ike what he wanted to be. "Not a doctor!"he says. Well that is fine by me. I am not going to make him be a doctor, and asked him again. I was really curious. He wants to be a fireman so he can slide down the pole.
Zoey stuck a sixlet (those chocolate candies like m&ms, but not m&ms) up her nose.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Isaac, Isaac, Isaac

Apparently Isaac is at that stage where he feels he can test me, see what I know, and see what he can really do and get away with.
On Saturday, he quickly ran into the bathroom, I heard the toilet flush and he quickly ran back out. "Mom I remembered to flush and wash my hands!" He was so excited, as I usually have to get after him for that. So I inquired about the hand washing and inspected those hands. Not a drop of water on them and since I heard no water and he was in there for like 3 seconds, I sent him back. I told him not to lie to me and that I know when he does. So that night Zoey had finished her supper and I left to wash her up. We had pork chops that night and with Isaac not being a huge meat eater I started cutting up just a portion of one. He was upset that I didn't give him a whole one, so I kept the whole chop on his plate, most of which was cut up into bite sized pieces. When I got back, he was still telling me how good it was and nearly half the meat was gone from his plate. "See, Mom, I am eating it all gone." I notice that his napkin is in his milk cup. As I am asking him if the milk is gone, I pick it up and take out the napkin. The milk and meat all in the cup! 6 minutes in the naughty chair for you!!
We finally got Chris's truck in the shop to get his transmission fixed. They have to take out the tranny and send it to Zumbroda, MN of all places. We purchased a little, light blue Mazda truck for a spare vehicle as I will be needing a spare when my car finally has a chance to get to the shop.
Blogger has let me down some. I was so excited when those first two videos went up so easy. I have tried to post several videos after that and not one will go. Blogger does not have a help center. You can click on help and read how to post a video or you can go to another blog and state what happened and see if random other bloggers can help you. So if anyone has any good ideas for me to try, let me know. I have some cute stuff.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Children are unpredictable. You never know what inconsistency they're going to catch you in next. Franklin P. Jones

My kids play well together. They are honestly best friends and would be lost without each other, but lately this is what my house sounds like:
Isaac: Mom, Zoey says I'm going to daycare. (insert whiny voice here)
Zoey: I'm not talking to you Isaac. (insert sassy voice here)
Isaac: Mom, am I going to Dinosore?
Mom: Yes, Isaac.
Isaac: See, Zoey, I am going to Dinosore and you aren't. (insert sass and a little na na n nana here)
Those two just go back and forth about anything! Another common phrase is I am going to tell Mom/Dad. It is insane!
Isaac has been slightly under the weather the last couple of days, but being home in the afternoon gave me a chance to get caught up on laundry and things (like OPRAH).
I was a little upset with Ike this morning. He totally lied to me about brushing his teeth! He asked me if I was going to watch him brush and I told him that if he can do a good job I won't need to watch him all the time. I left and helped Zoey. Isaac says "I am done" and comes down stairs. Later I go up and the toothpaste is still on the brush totally unharmed!
I am still getting more massage clients, even though I have not been actively marketing since last June. I am excited about that. My updated website is in case you wanted to check it out.
I can't believe the holidays are here! I keep thinking I have all this time left. But A) there is not THAT much time B)with shipping I should be getting everything out by the end of the month and of course C) if you have ever received anything from me you know even with planning it may be a good month or more late!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Snowboarding Update

I am not at all sure of how much snowboarding I am going to do this year, but I do hope that it will be more than last year! I am excited for the snow to fall (it should make the bumpy road less bumpy). Anyway, I got my massage on the mountain and it was fabulous up there, even with no snow. They are totally redoing the road that goes up the mountain and takes you to the ski resort. This I think will be a good thing, cuz driving on those narrow switchbacks in icy, snowy weather freaks me out. I can't believe all the construction they are doing to change it, the poor mountain has had a face lift, but the road is amazing! Also one other change this year. It is no longer Big Mountain Ski Resort, it is Whitefish Mountain Resort at Big Mountain. So according to their website they will be opening December 8th, which also according to their website is 32 days, 13 hours, 40 minutes and 36 seconds from now. Just in case you were wondering.
Zoey is still singing happy birthday to herself. Today she learned how to put up three fingers for her next birthday.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

Oh me, oh my--What a weekend!! Thursday night I was at volleyball playoffs. My Glacier girls against Flathead. It should have been a nail bitter. We lost in three. That night Chris's parents were flying in from MN. Much to our delight, we were surprised with Chris's sister Amy and her baby Libby! It was good to see everyone and finely have people to cook for. We did some shopping while the guys hunted. We went to the Hungry Horse Damn and of course Glacier National Park. That place is so big and I have seen like 5 minutes of the place. I just wish my camera could take pictures of what my eyes could see. It just isn't the same in a picture. We celebrated both the kids birthdays and had an early Thanksgiving meal. Isaac shot a 410 for the first time and hit the cans he was aiming at. Libby got another tooth while she was here.
To top off the weekend, I got a massage. It is so nice to feel oxygen running through my muscles (not to mention my brain)again! I feel taller and just plain better.

I so have to go, but the kids are just amazing. Zoey just told me she is sick and I HAVE TO GIVE HER MEDICINE! I have never seen a kid that likes medicine as much as her.

The kids are on the bed using the color wonder markers and Zoey is telling Isaac not to rip the pages, to try harder or he will have to sit in the naughty chair. They are just going back and forth and it is hilarious to listen to.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy November

We dressed up for work yesterday.