Sunday, June 24, 2007

Isaac's three fish.
See you all in Minnesota!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Finally Getting Warmer!

The boys went fishing on Saturday night and Isaac out fished Chris 3 to 0. Of course I have pictures of these three tasty fish, but have not put them into the computer yet.

We are getting ready for the BIG MN trip. The biggest purchase so far is a DVD player with two monitors for the kids. It seems like so much. I never got to watch TV in the car when I was little! And really not now either as I think about it. But I give a big thanks to the in-laws for doing their best to save my sanity during a 24 hour car trip with a 4 year-old and a two year old. Possibly I should still be looking at plane tickets!?

Monday we started swim lessons. We were there early. Waited. Got Isaac off to his lesson. Then the girl in charge reminded me that Zoey's lessons are only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Zoey was not a happy camper and if you have ever seen her you know what a pleasure it can be to have her in public. Me--I was just glad I remembered to show up (at least for Isaac's lesson). Zoey did well yesterday and Isaac was proud to go under to his lips. He has a fear of the water or drowning. Not sure what caused that, but he really worries about it. Chris gets to take them tonight. It will be fun to see how that goes.

I worked out today in the new strength and conditioning room at the new high school. I met with the AD and stuff has started to come in for the training room. It really got me excited for next season. I have a desk, with keys to lock up the paperwork ( no longer a HIPPA violation). A filing cabinet also with keys and dent free. A beautiful treatment table. Everything is new, even my chair! I am not as excited about the stuff as the fact that this square of a room is turning into something functional that I can see myself working in efficiently. My job is still good. I don't know if I will be working more hours yet, but I am not too worried about that right now.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Out and About

I knew today was going to feel like a big day. I had errands to do in Kalispell---with the kids. I had planned to leave about 9am. We left at 9:40. I got the kids signed up for swimming lessons, which they will miss a lesson or two as we will be leaving for MN in a couple of weeks. We went to the high school to get med kits ready for the football team. We got Isaac's hair cut, went Father's Day shopping, to Wendy's for lunch and then to the bread store. I didn't make it to the grocery store as it was well past nap time, but Zoey didn't wear a diaper the whole time we were out. No accidents and she didn't have to pee 6 times in each store like her brother! I was very proud of the little squirt. We made it back about 2:30 and can you say NAP TIME.

Here is a picture of the fish Chris caught the other night.

Dad--What day are you going to MN? How long will you be there?
Dixie--I think we will be driving back down Saturday July 7 after a week of fishing. I will be around for about two weeks after that and have specific plans on the 14th.

City Gals--I may be driving through on the 7th of July. Should I stop and say hi?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How Embarassing

So today was a pretty quiet day. I didn't go to work. Probably should have gotten more crossed off the to-do list, but you know.
After supper I tried to take the kids around the loop. Our subdivision is just a small circle and its a good place for Isaac to ride his bike. But if he is riding his bike, then Zoey wants to ride her bike (VS riding with mommy). Well he rides pretty fast and I can walk slower than Zoey can ride. I don't think we got past the next door neighbor's house before Zoey decided that she wanted to walk and not bring her bike at all. So as you can see, it takes us much longer to get out of the driveway than it actually takes to go around the loop. Isaac offers for Zoey to ride his bike and ends up giving her a ride. He has a Schwinn Stingray so the seat is big enough for the both of them, but he is still using training wheels, so no matter how you look at it, it may not have been the safest ride. Well, as I said he can pedal pretty fast so I was pretty much left in the dust. As they round the corner at the far end of the loop I remember that it goes down hill and worry that they may loose some control. I break into a Jara run (some type of joggy lookin' thing). As a neighbor is power walking by, Isaac looks back and shouts "You gotta run faster than that Mommy!". To which my reply was "No, I don't" and of course the lady was just hysterical.
On a better note, after we got back the kids were riding bikes in the driveway and Zoey can actually pedal when she wants to. I don't think Isaac even tried to pedal until he was like three and a half, so even though its not high on her to do list she can do it. Isaac was racing his bike. He can go, now we just have to get him to stop using his feet for brakes. Which he did well after I reminded him. He is so smart. He doesn't read yet. He doesn't really get how to put the sounds into words, but he can spell words that I didn't know he can spell. Don't know how that works, but I'm a proud mom none the less.
Chris has been fishing and now has a total of two fish from the river behind our house. Last night he saw two deer swim across the river, an otter, and a duck with her babies. Pictures of the fish to be shown on a later day.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Its still raining here

Well, my boss Kieth and Dr. Erikson had their presentation last friday to the committee who would ultimately determine who will be my employer next year. It wasn't set up quite the way they thought, but all went well. The school district called and wants one trainer from ORI (my work) and one from the hospital. I don't exactly know how weird that is, but I think it would be better than me going back to a hospital setting. Keith hadn't spoke with Dr. Erikson yet so I don't know if they are going to except that idea or let the hospital have the whole kit and kiboodle.

Friday afternoon I went to the new high school for the first time to take a quick peek at things. Everything looks very nice. They were setting up weight equipment when we (the kids and I )got there. The weight room is huge! The training room looks nice, but very empty. There was a refridgerator, but no ice machine, whirl pool, taping tables, exam tables, heat packs. I think whoever does end up at Glacier next year is going to have a tight year with budget and just getting starter items. Of course nothing is set in stone yet, but I know ORI gets first pick at which school they want--probably the new Glacier school. So that is where I will more than likely be. This next year is going to be interesting. Next year Glacier won't have any seniors and many of the docs I work for have kids going to Flathead.

We had stayed in town because daycare was having a face painting day and I had already told Isaac he could have his face painted. I didn't know then that they didn't start until 3pm. But it was a dollar for a sixth grade girl to paint them and the money was going to cancer research. Isaac had a red dinosore with red spots painted on his arm and Zoey got a ladybug on her cheek. They enjoyed it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Picture time

Well I am trying to add pictures as my computer allows. Sometimes the computer just doesn't feel like it.

Isaac has decided that he can dress himself, with a camo shirt, red shorts and spiderman snow boots he is set for the day(that happens to be about 90degrees). In his defense, he is wearing motorcycle boots and I am sure that is the safest footwear to have when riding motorcycle.

The tree in our front yard really is alive. It has lovely green needles, that I am sure will be in my house come fall.

OK, this one turned out crappy. But it is Chris and the kids camping in the back yard.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunny Days

The weather has been very warm here, record highs for the season (soon to be lows for the season by wednesday). This makes the river run high and fast. So yesterday, we took the kids to the water park. I am so excited that Columbia Falls has such fun things to do! The kids loved the slides. Zoey liked going under the water, Isaac did not. There was one slide that got really fast just at the end. It was the only slide that made me go under. But I also had one of the kids each time, not such a good combo, at least for the kid. As I would go forward, I couldn't let the kid up. But all is well.
With the warm weather, most of the neighbors were out and about. I met so many on Friday and Saturday. I met a family putting on an addition to their house. Five kids one bathroom. They are also related to about half the subdivision. Many have kids Isaac and Zoey's age. Another family has unofficially invited us to play peanuckle. I haven't played since I lived in Rochester, but apparently its not hard to pick up. Our next door neighbor gave us a couple of trees (saplings?) which we have planted along our driveway. They just had extras I guess.
I was a little bummed today as I had planned to get lots of things done and spend some time outside, but Chris conned me into watching TV. I have been so much better about not watching TV. But he was watching Cris Angel, the magician and while everything he does is an illusion, it it still very mystifying.
Hopefully my next post will contain some pictures. Looks like its about time again.
Chris and I apparently suck at horticulture. Chris keeps calling my pansy's violets because they are purple. We thought our Iris were tulips and I made him not mow over a weed that I was HOPEING was rhubarb. After a talk with Grandpa, its not rhubarb. Oh, we also had bushes that had leaves similar to a lilac bush and had cone shaped blossoms--Not a lilac bush. I am still pretty sure my asperagus is asperagus and my strawberries actually have strawberries on them so we are right on there.