Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunny Days

The weather has been very warm here, record highs for the season (soon to be lows for the season by wednesday). This makes the river run high and fast. So yesterday, we took the kids to the water park. I am so excited that Columbia Falls has such fun things to do! The kids loved the slides. Zoey liked going under the water, Isaac did not. There was one slide that got really fast just at the end. It was the only slide that made me go under. But I also had one of the kids each time, not such a good combo, at least for the kid. As I would go forward, I couldn't let the kid up. But all is well.
With the warm weather, most of the neighbors were out and about. I met so many on Friday and Saturday. I met a family putting on an addition to their house. Five kids one bathroom. They are also related to about half the subdivision. Many have kids Isaac and Zoey's age. Another family has unofficially invited us to play peanuckle. I haven't played since I lived in Rochester, but apparently its not hard to pick up. Our next door neighbor gave us a couple of trees (saplings?) which we have planted along our driveway. They just had extras I guess.
I was a little bummed today as I had planned to get lots of things done and spend some time outside, but Chris conned me into watching TV. I have been so much better about not watching TV. But he was watching Cris Angel, the magician and while everything he does is an illusion, it it still very mystifying.
Hopefully my next post will contain some pictures. Looks like its about time again.
Chris and I apparently suck at horticulture. Chris keeps calling my pansy's violets because they are purple. We thought our Iris were tulips and I made him not mow over a weed that I was HOPEING was rhubarb. After a talk with Grandpa, its not rhubarb. Oh, we also had bushes that had leaves similar to a lilac bush and had cone shaped blossoms--Not a lilac bush. I am still pretty sure my asperagus is asperagus and my strawberries actually have strawberries on them so we are right on there.

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