Sunday, February 28, 2010

There are only two things a child will share willingly - communicable diseases and his mother's age. ~Benjamin Spock, Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care

I am so tired, its odd I find this is a good time to blog. I would have gone to bed at 7pm tonight if I could have. We did have a kinda big weekend. I had a friend stop over for a short time on Friday. I had a couple of massages on Saturday and then took the kids to a pool party in the afternoon. We went to Church this morning. Today was the last day the old rec center was open so they had a free day open to the community and had some games and gave away a few ipods. The rec center will be closed for the month of March to move into the brand new one featuring a water park and a climbing wall that is a replica of Devil's Tower. I can still see my clients at the aquatic center so I won't exactly be getting the month off. I haven't had the chance yet to visit the new facility, but I can guarantee that my kids won't want to leave the daycare--ever! I will be helping to move in the next week or two and we are having employee family night on the 13th and am totally looking forward to that. I will have to remember to bring my camera.
My kids are doing well. Zoey still asks everyday if she can go to the big school like Isaac. She has always been verbal, but lately it just seems she talks so grown up with such a large vocabulary. Isaac said tonight that he was tired of going to school and asked how many days he had left until summer vacation. My kids have always been totally different. One quiet, a good sleeper and very independent while the other is noisy and never sleeping. While Zoey wants to be a veterinarian, a rock star and an athletic trainer like her mother while Isaac wants to be nothing. He's only 7 so I don't worry, but I still find it a little odd that he seriously wants to be nothing. There is a possibility he wants to play video games all day--for a living. Zoey asks me to teach her how to read and she is so ready. Isaac is in advanced math, but doesn't like it. I am so glad kids go through stages and he has time. Of course I think the same thing about poor overworked Zoey. I don't think I am ever gonna see her!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Marriage means commitment. Of course, so does insanity. ~Author Unknown

In 2006 while filling out paperwork to drive vehicles for the OTC I realized that my driver's licence had expired. So when I came back to WY for 3 days I renewed it using the WY address we currently had. I attempted to change the address on my driver's licence while in MT, but we were moving so much and the lady at the counter said "why do you want to change this--its still valid?" So I left it. It didn't expire again until 2011 anyway. But I would like to say that I have a current WY driver's licence that has my current address on it and have decided that the make up I was wearing that day should never be worn again.
This morning as I was trying to get the kids ready for school this morning and was tired of repeating myself (as usual) "I feel like a broken record." Isaac replies "You don't look like one." Well I guess I am thankful for that.
I decided to get Zoey's kindergarten shots done and over with before kindergarten registration. She got two shots in each arm (at the same time) and was fabulous. She didn't scream or cry, but was very insistant to the nurse that "that was sharp!) She thought we had done that for kindergarten and was a good girl so she thought I was taking her straight to Mrs. Kramers class. She was bummed. The following Monday we went to get her registered. I was nervous, because even though Gillette is building new (not necessarily more) but bigger schools, there are areas that have way more kids than space and teachers. Some mom's were seriously up by 4:30 am to wait in line and hope they got a space. I have a close friend who does not know where her kids are going to school next year because of this and there is still a possibility that her kids will go to different schools. I risked it and went in at 8am and everything went very smoothly. She is registered and my kids are both going to the same school. But again Zoey thought that she had done well and thought I was going to drop her off at Mrs. Kramer's class and she was bummed again.
Valentine's Day went much better than last year. My husband was fabulous. He didn't even have to work long that day. I got him a pie and I think he liked it. We went out to Humphrey's for some fried pickles. Yummmy!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again? ~Winnie the Pooh

Well I haven't had my undies in a bunch for a while and boy are they bunchy!!!
Both the kids are doing well and growing up way too fast!! I'm trying to figure out how to slow it down, but am super proud of them for excelling. So the other day Isaac came home and cried and sobbed to Chris. He was super mad at me cuz I won't let him walk home from school in the cold and all the sex offenders. Yes, I am a horrible mom--just a meanie. So, I don't know anyone else in our neighborhood that lets their child walk by themselves, two people have been arrested in front of the school (last year) and I spoke with a mother this morning who just the other day watched a man drinking in front of the school, ogling the kids and took a girl into the apartment building. She didn't know what to do especially since she had her new born with her, but luckily the little girl came back out and went back to the school. I finally looked on line to see where these people who are making my life miserable live--yeah--everywhere, but since they all hang out at the school I suppose it doesn't really matter where they live. I finally told Isaac that this spring when the weather gets nicer I will get him a group to walk with. But until then it seems silly and negligent of me to let him walk in the cold when I go right past his school to get to Zoey's and I have the time. Chris feels that I am way too overprotective and if you feel the same--please let me know. Possibly there is an alternative that I am overlooking that will make Ike feel responsible while not making me freak out that terrible horrible things are going to happen to him. (short of getting GPS which I am assuming is expensive).
Zoey got her kindergarten shots today. Two in each arm. No crying. No screaming. Just telling the nurses a couple of times "That is sharp!" Then we get in the car and she's ready for Mrs. Kramer's class. After winter, spring and summer time Zoey. It has to be fall time then kindergarten will start. "Mom, that is a long way away!"she says with a sad face:( Then when I picked her up from preschool she decided that she could start on Monday. So I think we are going to have a long few months waiting for kindergarten to start. We got to Gillette so late when Isaac needed to register that I thought for sure we wouldn't be able to get him in, but with him safely enrolled at Sunflower I just thought that Zoey would be automatically enrolled. Not so sure. Most of the elementary schools just take the first 60 kids--first come first serve numbers based on how many teachers they have. Mom's in Gillette are getting up at 4:30am, grabbing a coffee and waiting in line for registration at 7:30am. Now I have gotten up early for years, but I have decided that doesn't necessarily make me a morning person and if I have to split my kids up--I am gonna be an UNHAPPY MOMMA! So I went to the office today and asked them if I should wait in line to make sure both my kids are at the same school. She assured me that Sunflower doesn't have lines like that and if I come in anytime from Feb 8-12th I should have no problems getting her in. Not sure what I am going to do yet--just wish me luck!!!!Pretty sure getting your kid in school is worse than the electronic/toy sections on black Friday.
Other than that things are going well. We are all back into our regular routine, which does make me feel at ease. Isaac is right where he should be and not behind after missing several days of school in December and is probably signing up for baseball this spring and possibly not doing soccer. We will probably still sign Zoey up for soccer and I don't really know that I am looking forward to standing in the cold again, but at least I won't be coaching!
Work is good and I have been working out again. Still drinking pop:( but its really my only nemises.