Wednesday, October 21, 2009

theres a little more

I just didn't want anyone to miss Isaac's birthday pics. Of course I forgot to post the cake--it'll come. But its 2 posts down and I think it got booted out due to my long windedness.

My hand is fine. And Zoey's temp was so low today my thermometer kept beeping at me and wouldn't take her temp. She's doing great.

Monday, October 19, 2009

If you don't like how things are, change it! You're not a tree. ~Jim Rohn

This is my random blog of the day. Not that I do that as often, but here it is.
So last night I was soundly sleeping, having a really wierd dream when all of a sudden I wake to pain in my hand that feels as though I have just drug it through shards of glass. I wake up rather loudly and turn on the light. I go through my pillows and blankets to see what was so stinkin sharp, but found nothing. I go to the bathroom to figure out what is going on with my hand and see nothing poking out of it or anything deep inside. I look for the antiseptic wash, but can't find it. As I have my hand in the air and am watching it swell up with pain, my fingers going numb--I notice it may be a bug bite. So I go back into the bedroom, turn on the light and ask a sleeping Chris if it looks like a bug bite. Sure he says. I kinda just keep staring at it, wondering why I can't find the wash that is supposed to take the pain away. I wonder if I should put some hydrocortizone on it and finally manage to make myself an ice pack. It hurt, but mostly I was freaked out cuz I had no idea what had just happened to my hand and I kept thinking it was a spider bite and my hand was going to fall off or I was going to die or something. Well Chris kicks me out of bed, cuz he is worried that bringing an ice pack to bed will at some point leak and be uncomfortable so I go lay on the couch, which is good anyhow, cuz I don't know what happend and REALLY don't want it to happen again. Shortly thereafter, Chris says" I think I know what bit you." I wanted to know, but was worried about the spider thing. It was a wasp. I don't know how we got a wasp in our room or why he was crawling around us, but he officially died and was tossed in the trash. I could finally lay in my bed without worry of death. It still hurt, but I could deal with a wasp sting later when I was ready to be up.
Zoey has decided what she wants to be when she grows up. Which is much more than I have done. She wants to be a doctor, a veternarian AND the most important a rockstar!! I told her she would be very busy. But she plans on living at home with me so who knows may be I'll still get to see her on holidays or something.
Isaac has been into starwars lately. He is going to be Anikin Skywalker for halloween and is starting to collect the characters so he can play starwars all the time. He also likes Bacugone ( I totally misspelled that also) but he loves those things. I can't really explain what they are, but I think they give you status at school.
Zoey has one up on me as she knows what she wants to be when she grows up. I am always frustrated and trying to balance things out. I don't know. I would just stay home with the kids, but they have school during the day and I can pay more bills if I work. This month has been all about the business. I put paypal on my website so customers can purchase packages and gift certificates from the web. I will be starting Free Consultation Friday in November. I got a beautiful sign put up at the golf course. Tomorrow I will have a booth at the Taste of Home show and Friday I have been invited to a health fair. In addition to all that I still want to do performance enhancement. I really like working with the kids and if I didn't have my own, this would really take over my life. Anyway, I am in the process of filling out a grant so the kids of Gillette can join my program for free. Its going to be such a great program, but I am trying to schedule after school programs around my own kids afterschool programs and that is interesting, but keeps things in perspective.
Well I gotta go--I have to make supper before I go give a massage. I did have to redue my schedule today as Zoey has a cough and yesterday she had a nasty fever. Isaac has gotten the cough, but no fever. Hopefully they both will stay fabulously healthy!!!

I brought children into this dark world because it needed the light that only a child can bring. ~Liz Armbruster, on

Isaac has had a fabulous month of birthdays. Grandpa Wayne came out for a hunting trip during the first week of October and brought with him presents from all the family. Thank you very much, Grandpa Wayne.

Isaac brought cupcakes that he decorated to school with him on the day of his birthday. He got to wear a birthday crown all day and he was delightfully happy. We rented the party room at Skateland this year. They provided the pizza, pop, plates, napkins, forks, cups ect. I figured that way I would less likely to forget stuff like last year. So I packed up candles, the camera, the video camera, the ice cream scoop and a knife to cut apart the cupcakes. I thought I was doing well. I remembered to buy the ice cream when I picked up the cake, but forgot to actually bring the ice cream with. Chris had to go out and save the day.

Everyone had fun skating. Well there were a couple of kids that didn't want to skate, but everyone had fun and no one broke there ankle or anything.

One thing I forgot to think about was the whole boy girl thing. I knew last year that the boys chased the girls and whatnot. But I forgot. And I didn't know that one of the girls we invited was Ryan's girlfriend last year and she definately still has a crush on him. Everyone seemed to get a chance to hold his hand.

I really can't believe that he is 7! It seems like yesterday that he totally surprized me with his early arrival. He has grown so much and is a fabulous person to have around. I am so proud of him!!! He likes to play soccer and has joined the Squad, which is a music group that sings and will put on performances during the school year. He is still doing very well in school and will be starting the Gate Program again this year.

Zoey's new phrase is "Did you not notice?" Not always sure why, but she says it all the time. She has been learning her letters and numbers and can't wait to learn how to read. I so wish I was a better teacher, but there are reasons why I don't home school.

Isaac's new phase is "Mom, you just don't understand." to which I reply, "Yes, I understand everything, just because I say no-- doesn't mean I don't know what you want."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I don't know that I have a minute to blog- won't know til I try. I'm waiting for a client. Things are always busy at the Soost house. We have been to the magic show, the pumpkin festival, a nature walk through the arboredum. Isaac had a friend over for a sllep over. Chris and Wayne went hunting for 9 days on the other side of the state in Pinedale. Unfortunately, they mostly just got snowed on.We also got snowed on for about 6 days in a row. We got a good 6 inches to start which shredded all of Gillette's trees. We still have not been able to clean up the town. I think it stopped snowing about Mon or Tues and today is warm and sun shiny with 60-70's in the forcast for the weekend. We might be able to have our deck party after all. Isaac went to a birthday party last weekend, we celebrated Sydney's birthday yesterday and Ike is having a rollerskating birthday party on friday. With a batman cupcake cake. And of course hunting on saturday. Isaac's reading is comming along well and getting 105% on his spelling tests. Zoey still thinks she should be able to do anything her big bro can and is very determined to read also. She does well with the letters and numbers at preschool, but I don't know if I have the patience to teach her how to read. I miss Montana's Montessori school so much. With them I could be such a lazy parent and no one wuld ever know--cuz they did such a good job. Enough about my Blah blah blah-- gotta go. Have a cheery day!!