Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it. ~Author Unknown

Chris is hunting this week. Wayne drove out late Friday night and the kids wanted to see him before they left. So Saturday we all were up at 5am chatted with Grandpa til 6. The rugby team was traveling so we stopped by to see if anyone wanted to be taped. They did not have a good turn out--like 4 guys so I wished them luck and moved on to Isaac's soccer game that started at 8am. It was wet, windy and cold but the kids played well. Isaac spent the afternoon at a friends house so Zoey and I worked on the basement. Isaac wants a bakugon birthday party so I am trying to make the basement comfy and have a place for them to brawl. Monday was busy at work as well as afterschool. We had gymnastics at 4, soccer pics at 6 and soccer game at 6:30. So I attempted to plan ahead. I packed gymnastics gear, soccer uniform, snacks and sandwiches for supper inbetween events, the picture envelpoe with a check and waterbottles for both kids. When I pick up the kis I notice that Zoey is wearing a different shirt. She shreaded hers climing on a swing with the boys after the teacher asked her not to.We do well til I start to dress Isaac for pics and at the last minute I realized that I pulled a Jara and forgot soccer shoes. Bummer. Still had to rush home and rush back just in the nick of time for pics. As I am watching the game Zoey has an enormous amount of energy. She sings to me "missed me, missed me now you gotta kiss me." And as she finishes I bend down to kiss her at exactly the same time she jumps up to do the same. Her boney forehead cracks onto my boney nose. The noise was not pleasant and I saw stars. With my eyes gushing wet I decide to sit down for the rest of the game. It was bone to bone so just pain no injury. I soon thought "hey I can take a hit maybe I should play rugby" then I realized that the trainer lady would take no whiners. Nasty allergies with a bruised nose--you'd think I had some life threatening disease/injury. I'm a weenie.

Tuesday is picture day at school.

Like maybe two weeks before school started Wyoming passed a law that all students have to have two vaccinations for the chicken pox. They decided that 30 days was sufficient to get everyone vaccinated. I didn't know this. I got a letter last week from the school district saying that Ike needed another shot. I doubled checked my records and with public health. Zoey was fine but Isaac did need one more. Well the doctors offices are not giving the vaccine. Everyone in Campbell County has to go to Public Health. Not an issue but from the time I got the letter til the time they are required to have the shot there was only one full day to get it. I had planned on waiting cuz I new it would be a zoo. Next wednesday I figured would be less people even though they didn't offer it all day. Well my schedule changed as it often does so after I get done at the Rec Center I pick up Subway for lunch and pick up Isaac and hope the line moves faster than it looks. It was slightly shorter than it had been earlier. Isaac had checked the weather this morning and it said 70 degrees so I could not convince him to wear jeans-he wanted shorts. At this point I am thinking at the most a 3-3 1/2 hour wait. Still time to pick up Zoey, go to gymnastics and make it to my meeting at 5:30. It turned out to be a cold and cloudy day, but Isaac was not the only one in shorts. It was cold and the kids had nothing to do. I thought about leaving but it would have been cold, miserable hours I couldn't get back and we were moving a little. But we were not by the door yet when I needed to pick up Zoey. We don't have family here and Chris is out of town. So I impose on my neighbor to pick up Zoey after school (her daughter is also in Kindergarten). We waited at least 4 hours outside before we even got to the door. Shortly after we got in, one of the little girls right behind us pulled the fire alarm. She was very tired. Seconds before we were all just watching her lay on the floor and we thought she would rest. She wanted to see what it was. She was so scared. The thing was, that NONE of us in line was giving up our spot for a stupid fire and even the people in the waiting room that didn't know it was the little girl all just sat there. It seemed to take forever for the fire department to get there. Isaac says "Isn't the fire department supposed to put out the fore before it burns everything down?". They were wondering why NO ONE had evacuated. Three of them walk over to the alarm pulled and ask "Did you bring the key to reset the alarm?" And then slowly walk away. They also needed a code, but had to find the box the code went into and the one person in the county that HAD the code. We got there at 11:30am and got our number about 5pm. (Isaac was hungry and cranky by this time) Actually we were letter C. About 5:30 they realized that they mixed up the numbers and letters, said they were sorry for the mix up and lined us all up and out we went. Like three seconds for the shots (got him an extra so we don't have to do this next year). Missed gymnastics, picked up Zoey and headed to the meeting a half hour late. Couldn't find who I was supposed to meet so we went to supper at the choice of my children--KFC. Not appealing to me at the time, but I wasn't about to cook and they deserved the choice.

Tomorrow between 9am and 9pm I will be giving 8 massages and it will wipe me out--but I am also getting one tomorrow too and totally can't wait!!

Chris called today and sounded pretty down that Wayne had already gotten his elk. But I still have hope. He should be home Saturday. I am sad he will not be here on our anniversary, but we will celebrate the following weekend.

I'll clean this up a little, later. My computer was not cooperating tonight either.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturday was a full day. I went to Rugby while Ike played soccer. Ike's team did not win, but Isaac was able to stop a few goals while he played goalie. The rugby team didn't win either, but kept me busy with head lacerations that wouldn't stop bleeding. Talking those guys into getting stitches is like talking to a wall and after being certified for 9 years this was the first game I ran out of gauze. The day was absolutely beautiful though. Sunny and little wind. I got a sun burn:) Afterwards my family went to a friends house to play and have supper while I had a girls night out with Karina before she leaves Gillette (she's going to be a traveling PT so she can spend the winter in the warmer states). We did make it to church on Sunday, but the rest of the day I pretty much spent on the couch!!
Monday I thought I was doing great. Got stuff accomplished was home long enough to somewhat straighten up the house and get ready for Zoey's gymnastics. We get home and Chris says "Doesn't Isaac have a game tonight?" Well he did in 10 minutes. We got there in time, but it threw me off for the rest of the night. Darn it all:( Plus I have been just plain warn out from these NASTY allergies. I am ready to scratch my eyeballs out! So running around in a haze and trying to keep up with my constantly changing schedule and the kids--makes one tired momma. I did go buy more medicine today, which I was hoping to avoid, but that should help.
Chris is going to be hunting for a week. Kinda sad about that. He better bring me back something good to eat!
So this morning both the kids got up before I did and were dressed. In clothes that matched (not each other just the shirt and pants they had on). Isaac had already brushed Zoey's hair. They made breakfast. Shared most of it and brushed their teeth. There was no fighting, arguing, pouting or sass from anyone with each other or with me. I had no idea what to do with that so I just went with it and gave them each a high five. Plus we just bought Zoey new tie shoes and she tied one of them all on her own this morning!! What a day and its not even over yet.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A vacation is like love - anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia. ~Author Unknown

Labor Day weekend I just wanted to go camping. We really didn't get to go much this summer and I knew this would be our last chance. So at the very last minute--I convinced Chris we should camp in the big horns.
Chris took us to this beautiful spot. It was totally fabulous which meant the road to get there had me holding my breath for long periods of time. It was the kind of road that doesn't look like a road and you just hope that the next rock you drive over doesn't through you off the mountain. But beautiful and worth it. It got chilly that night. Frost in the morning. So I shared my sleeping bag with a cuddly Zoey.
The next day we fished there for a short while. I took lots of pics (to be posted a little later). We packed up and went to Meadow Lark Lake and let the kids fish some more. Zoey, of course caught the first fish and we got 7 total while sitting out in a perfectly sunny happy day.
We were all drop dead tired when we got back, but Chris fired up fast once he took a look at our garden. We were gone for just one night and the deer ate a good chunck of our garden and left fertilzer in return. We were pretty ferious--we just didn't expect them to jump our fence (not that its that high).
Sunday we went to Church and cleaned the house. Yesterday we tried to relax some, but I did give a massage so we were out and about some.
Today--back to school!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I never think of the future - it comes soon enough. ~Albert Einstein

First day of school and random extras.

Education is not filling a pail but the lighting of a fire. ~William Butler Yeats

Yesterday was the first day of school. The kids got up early and I made French Toast for breakfast. We walked on over and got Isaac off first as he had a whole regular day of school. Zoey didn't have orientation until 10am. Which of course is just a load of fun cuz all the parents get to come in and while the kids go on a tour of the school and read a book in the library--we sit in the little chairs and fill out paper work. But after I took Zoey out for lunch and she helped me some at my office. Isaac was supposed to go to his first soccer game last night, but school had totally wiped him out. So I went to go get his schedule and jersey. On my way over, I saw the gymnastics gym and decided to stop--so I got Zoey registered for Sept gymnastics two nights a week.
This morning Chris was off to work by 5am. But I heard noise just after 6. I could hear eating and whatnot. Isaac had fried himself an egg and cut himself a slice of cinnimon friendship bread for breakfast and then put the clean dishes from the dishwasher away. When he came in to wake me up he was already dressed and in an outfit that actually matched!! What a man!! He got stickers.
Today was Zoey's first full day at Kindergarten. We walked again and we found where she was to line up when the bell rings. Its was quite the ordeal with all the parents hanging out, some still taking pictures, kids not sure who their teacher is etc.... Mrs. Kremers came out and tried to line them up, sort them out and found a couple extras in the mix. But off Zoey went for the day. Unfortunately, I kinda forgot to tell Isaac that I would be at Zoey's door to pick her up when the bell rang at the end of the day--so even though we found eachother ok--he was not happy with me for not telling him where I was.
We went straight to gymnastics after school today and Zoey was elated!! Isaac got to tag along, but tomorrow he has soccer practice and hopfully that will go well. We now have something planned almost every evening for like the next two months--so a running I will be:)