Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A vacation is like love - anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia. ~Author Unknown

Labor Day weekend I just wanted to go camping. We really didn't get to go much this summer and I knew this would be our last chance. So at the very last minute--I convinced Chris we should camp in the big horns.
Chris took us to this beautiful spot. It was totally fabulous which meant the road to get there had me holding my breath for long periods of time. It was the kind of road that doesn't look like a road and you just hope that the next rock you drive over doesn't through you off the mountain. But beautiful and worth it. It got chilly that night. Frost in the morning. So I shared my sleeping bag with a cuddly Zoey.
The next day we fished there for a short while. I took lots of pics (to be posted a little later). We packed up and went to Meadow Lark Lake and let the kids fish some more. Zoey, of course caught the first fish and we got 7 total while sitting out in a perfectly sunny happy day.
We were all drop dead tired when we got back, but Chris fired up fast once he took a look at our garden. We were gone for just one night and the deer ate a good chunck of our garden and left fertilzer in return. We were pretty ferious--we just didn't expect them to jump our fence (not that its that high).
Sunday we went to Church and cleaned the house. Yesterday we tried to relax some, but I did give a massage so we were out and about some.
Today--back to school!!

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