Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's a BOY!

Cole Jacob Soost
Born October 26, 2012 at 3:31pm.  He was 8 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches long.  A beautiful blessing!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be. ~Carrie Fisher

Just letting everyone know that I am still pregnant.  October 8th has come and gone and Chris's prediction was not accurate.  Thankfully!!  While it will be nice to hold the baby on the outside instead of the inside, I am not ready for the baby until the beginning of November.

Isaac has been birthdaying things up all week.  Chris took him out for an early birthday dinner.  We celebrated Isaac and Sydney's birthdays on Thursday and had his party on Saturday.  I was going for the easy out this year and it probably was one of the easiest parties I have given.  It wasn't my first choice though as he wanted his party at Mac & Roonies (an arcade).  While there are games there that I like, its just a lot of loud chaos to me.  But they did all the set up, clean up and party favors.  We just needed to show up and spend our quarters.  I got Isaac a camo ice cream cake from DQ as well as dog tags and party helmets.  The kids played so well together and got prizes.  Isaac came out letting me know that it was the best party EVER!  I can handle that.

Both the kids started 4-H this year.  I didn't know that Zoey was old enough, so instead of a clover bud she will start out as a full fledge member.  We went to the first meeting on Sunday.  We had to elect new council.  I was excited to see Isaac participate.  He was nominated for positions, he nominated others.  He had to stand up and let everyone know why he wanted to run for that position.  People voted for him, but he did not get elected to a position this year.  Zoey wanted to as well, but I told her she needed another year of experience under her belt first, but we are already on a committee for fundraising and community service which settled her down some.  Right now Isaac is hoping to take shooting sports.  Zoey wants to take flowers and Twister.  I don't know that the pet show is in our future this year, but we'll see how things shake out.

Chris left for the Big Horns on Saturday and couldn't have left soon enough.  He was probably more excited about this hunting trip than Isaac was about turning 10 at Mac & Roonies.  Let's just say its been busy and happy around here!!! Chris's friends are part of his hunting party as well as his Dad and Uncle.  He is hunting where he has gotten elk before and so far has not forgotten to call me.  Its always kinda nice when they check in once in a while so I know they haven't fallen off the mountain or something.

Well I have 18 more days until the arrival of Charlie Thunder (or Lily Lightening).  I am working as much as I can to make the days go faster.  I have gotten past my jinxed week.  Now we just have to get past Isaac's birthday, wait for my husband to be home and take the kids trick or treating.  Then I will be ready (at like 5am).  And so will the baby:)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside. ~Rita Rudner

This has been a busy fall season.  The kids have finished up soccer.  Many times playing at the same time, but at least they were playing at the same park.  Zoey loved to score.  Isaac scored also, but loved to play defense.  I am hoping for a very low key holiday season.  So since Isaac's basketball doesn't start until January, I decided Zoey can wait until January to play hockey.

My business is doing very well.  It really picked up after the school year started and everyone got back from vacation.  I am still doing all the massages for Gillette College as well as the hockey team and medical coverage for the rugby team.  All of which is in full swing right now.  We are working with a Doctor's office (Family Medical Care)  I rotate there once a week and they are keeping us full as well.  In the spring we will be moving all our offices in with them.  There is a building they purchased and are renovating now.  There will be space for others to rent as well so it will be a great one stop shop for your medical, manual and chiropractic care.  I work from 9-4 so the kids ride their bikes to and from school and I meet them at home when I get done.  The kids love the independence!  But this month is very busy.  We have gotten the baby's room done, minus a couple of things that I asked Chris to do.  At my last Dr. app she said -Well I need to start seeing you every week, but I will be out of town so schedule every two weeks like we have been and you will be fine.- I am not superstitious but it did make my head spin a bit.  I told her that was fine, but the last time a doc told me that I had a baby.  It didn't help that Chris has been betting that not only the baby will come early,but this week.  I feel a little jinxed.  So either way we are ready and can focus on other things this last month before the baby comes.

Next thing on our list of course is Isaac's birthday.  He is turning 10 already.  The time is going so fast!  We are having his party at Mac & Roonies this year so him and his friends can play arcade games for a few hours.  He is so excited.  We are even having an army/camo theme.  Which is also what he has decided to do for Halloween as well.  I had a dream the other night that he was a teenager already.  So strange.  Where did my baby boy go?

Next of course (first in Chris's mind) is hunting season.  Chris has been taking the kids hunting and had already brought back grouse, ducks and an antelope.  He still is hunting for deer and has two tags for his elk.  He has a great party for elk hunting this year and gets to hunt in the Big Horns so he is very pumped.  They will be leaving this weekend for a week.  He will be gone for Isaac's birthday, however, this year Isaac is starting 4-H and will be taking shooting sports which includes gun safety.  He cannot actually hunt himself until he is twelve, but he knows that when he is old enough, birthdays will be spent with his dad.

Once Chris gets back we will have about a week before the baby comes.  Zoey is helping me with the count down.  She says she still does not like the baby, but she is excited to find out if we are having a boy or a girl.  Me too actually.  Zoey wants a sister and Ike wants a brother.  I am not picky.  I plan to only work three days a week when the baby comes, however, I only plan to take two months for maternity leave.  I think that will be short.  Just planning to sit on the couch for two months and snuggle my baby as much as I can!! This leave should be easier than Zoey's.  I only had eight weeks with her as well, but I was also getting my master's and taking care of a toddler.  With nothing going on--I have no worries about this one!!!  Just keep it low key.

Sorry, no pics.  I tried and it is still uploading from last night.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Yes the long weekend went well.  We couldn't have a fire which was a bummer, but the kids swam, fished, rode their bikes, caught some frogs and even found a giant snapping turtle (actually some other kids found it, pulled it out of the water and we just watched in amazement--it was huge!!) We stayed two nights and came home on Sunday.  Dixie visited on her way through to Cali to visit Bill.  We went to Devil's Tower to let the kids let some energy lose on those rocks.  My kids never get tired of rocks or climbing or rock climbing.

Our new schedule is going well.  It is strange not to pick up or drop off the kids everyday, but my job is going well and we all get home about the same time.  The kids love being more independant.  We are usually just home long enough to get a snack and then head out to soccer.  Both of the kids are so excited about soccer this year and are playing totally awesome too.  Zoey made the only goal for her team at her game on Saturday.  They are both fast and even have some vision that their coaches are teaching them.  So that it turns into more of a team game rather than a one person game (cuz in the blob there is never anyone to pass to, so if you have the ball you better be fast and a good shot!).

Painted the changing table over the weekend.  The baby's room is looking good, just a few more little things here and there.  I am glad that the weather is cooling off some.  Sounds like we are going to have a few more days in the 90's this week before it hangs out in the 70's.  Still feeling good, but the baby is claiming space and letting me know he/she is there. 7 weeks and 4 days left to go to meet the newest memeber of our family!! I can't wait.  And while the Doc and I are not expecting an early arrival, it is comforting to know that we do have an up to date car seat ready to go.  So we can at least bring a baby home--UNLIKE when we had Isaac the little stinker.  We won't need to shop the day we have the baby anyway.

Vikings are not on TV today.  I would like to watch them.

Well better go, we have a birthday party to go to.

Friday, August 31, 2012

the long weekend

One last hurrah--going camping for the weekend.  The kids are in school so we have to wait for them to get out at 3:30, but then we will be on our way.  You can tell it is our last camp of the season with the kids in school and the fires raging.  The air is smokey and we don't know for sure if we can have a camp fire.  But the kids will have so much fun hanging out with their friends and playing at the lake.  Chris is having a relaxing weekend and not coming with us.  He is golfing, hunting and of course there is the fantasy football draft tonight.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch. ~E.B. White, Charlotte's Web, Chapter XXII: A Warm Wind

Once again I have put off blogging.  I wanted to put up pics from the summer and whatnot--but so much has been going on and didn't know what to blog about first.

We have had a great summer. The kids have been spoiled to the point that getting back to reality has been difficult.  So much is changing so fast and being pregnant it really can be emotional. 

When we got back to Wyoming I changed jobs and it has been great.  I am still surprised at how fast I chose to work for New Therapeutic Solutions.  But am so happy there.  We are growing in good ways and I don't have to worry about any of it!  I enjoy working at the clinic and working with the docs again.

I have to admit that I have baby brain.  We have the room pretty much ready.  Isaac still thinks its pretty cool.  He is curious about the baby and happy about it (as long as he doesn't have to share a birthday).  Zoey on the other hand still does not like the baby and tells me so.  She won't cuddle me anymore until after I have the baby.  I still don't really have any ideas or feelings as to if it is a boy or girl--which is really making me curious to have the baby and find out.  I really thought that naming this baby would be easier than naming the first two, but I was wrong.  We have tossed around a few names, but nothing has been set in stone as we can't really agree on what we want.  The baby is very healthy and still measuring big.  The date has been set for November 1st.  Zoey waited for her date and this baby will too.  So no surprises that way, even though Chris is still very nervous that the baby will want to make an early arrival.  Exactly 9 weeks and 2 days to go:)

It seems that it is good that I will have a baby to keep me busy as my other two are convinced that they are big and I am already missing how little they once were.  Today was the first day of school.  Zoey just doesn't feel like a second grader to me!!  I did not get to escort them to or from school today--not even on the first day of school to make sure everything went well.  They kept telling me they would be fine and that they could do it by themselves.  They rode their bikes and I was so happy that no one got lost or hit by a car.  My kids think I am crazy since we only live a few blocks from school.  They had a great day and were so excited to tell me about their day.  Once they got home we packed up and went to soccer.  First soccer games of the season.  They didn't play at the same time tonight which was nice (5:30 and 6:30 games).  Isaac played great! He was all over that ball and scored!  He played so hard.  Zoey also played hard and was super fun to watch.  Her team did not score, but Zoey was the only one to bring the ball up the field and shoot (she did it at least 3 times)  but she shot at the goalie each time and was blocked.  But she did great.  Good thing I put a roast in the crock pot before going to work today, cuz it was a big and long day.  Not to mention hot.  It was in the upper 90's.  Chris didn't do well in the heat and Zoey was very specific about wearing her new clothes to school today which included jeans and new tennis shoes.  The heat has really slowed me down as well.  I suppose it always has, but now I am like--stopped.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Opie, you haven't finished your milk. We can't put it back in the cow, you know. ~From The Andy Griffith Show

I almost forget to mention.... at19 weeks (minus one day) my baby was 10 ounces and in the 70th percentile for weight.  Doc says its a big baby.
Summer seems to have hit rather suddenly.  Obviously we have been spending most of our time at baseball and softball.  But we have also had friends over for fried turkey and homemade cream puffs.  We have had a couple more thunder storms which is kind of refreshing.

Last Wednesday,I had a booth at the City Health Fair.  Those are always good to go to, cuz I not only get customers, but I can network with the other health care professionals.  Another massage therapist offered me a job.  At first  I didn't really think he was serious, but the more I thought about it, his business is headed in the same direction that I want mine to--except if i work for him I won't have to pay for it.  So 2 days later, I decided to give up my fabulous office space and became an employee.  Strange, I am surprised I was convinced so quickly, but I am so exctied about it.  I am going to be out of my office by the end of June and be fully over at his office by July.

Oh yeah, and I am pregnant. I had an ultra sound on Friday.  4D even so it was pretty amazing.  Now that I am feeling way better, I am super excited.  I have been digging out all the baby stuff.  It was like Christmas cuz we still have all our stuff.  I was just planning on using it MUCH sooner, so it will probably take until the baby gets here for me to get everything cleaned up.  My original due date was November 10th, but I had an early ultra sound to confirm the date and that brought it up to November 3rd.  I would really prefer to have a November baby.  If I could get Isaac's birthday and the baby's birthday at least 2 weeks apart that would be awesome.  For now I currently have the c section scheduled for Nov.1st. I have already told this baby not to come early.  No need to be like big brother.  So that's the plan for now.  Oh --and no names picked out yet--for boy or girl which really surprises me.  I thought by now we would have some good contenders.  But my new job give me control of my schedule and I think I only need to find someone to watch the baby twice a week and I have a friend who is willing to help out. Lots of changes on the way--but they are great.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. ~Dr. Seuss

It has been wet here this week.  However, Saturday night instead of the air just being soaking wet we actually had a thunder storm with pouring rain, thunder and lightening.  We don't get too many of those here.  Some, but not often.  Well, it started in just about bed time for the kids.  It kinda riled them up a bit and Isaac decided it was a great time to play games.  So since we didn't do anything specific for the holiday I let them stay up late for some family time.  It was a great time, the kids went to bed really late and slept in really late also.  Ike didn't get up til ten, which is his way of telling me on Sundays that he really doesn't want to go to church.  He still thinks that if I don't see him, I won't get him up in time for church--silly kid!  Well all that sleeping in gave me energy to work on the house.  I cleaned and scrubbed and rearranged.  Still have some more to do today, but I felt like I got a lot done yesterday.  Now all I have to do is make my husband realize that we are not going to finish as many projects on this house as we had originally planned so we can just sell it and get out of here.  I think he has finally realized we are going to sell the house, but all of a sudden he thinks we need to redo the whole house, but I want to move the kids to the country before they are 18!

The kids have a day and a half of school left.  I can't believe the school year is finished already.  It seems we just had new year's.  But now I have a fourth grader and second grader.  But we have a busy summer planned with me doing sports training at the Rec, kids at kids camp and hopefully lots of camping.  Baseball doesn't finish up until the middle of July.  Of course if the rain stops we might even get some work done on the house.  Our roses are amazing.  The whole bush on each of them is always covered with blossoms and we have a variety of sizes and colors.  The flowers the kids gave me for mother's day are blooming.  Chris has been working on the garden and apparently has done something right because the strawberries are amazingly huge this year.  The plants as well as the berries.  Plus we covered them with nets this year in hopes of more for the humans and fewer for the birds!  When we moved here we had a plant that never bloomed.  The first year we thought maby it was a tulip, but we eventually figured out it was an iris.  This year--almost 4 years after we moved here--it bloomed.  I missed taking pictures, but it had three beautiful blueish iris flowers on it.  We were so excited!  Zoey loves gardening too.  She is often out helping Chris with the garden.  She also ordered from her last book order "Monster Plants".  It was a book that also came with monster cucumbers and monster tomatoes.  You might want to ask her about her monster plants the next time you talk to her--she is pretty proud of them.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot. ~Ashleigh Brilliant

Last week the Rec Center was closed for maintance purposes so I did not work much last week.  I was still giving massages so I did miss Isaac's pioneer day.  In Gillette the kids all get to go to the Rockpile museum and learn what it was like to be a pioneer.  They are required to dress the part.  They had to pack a lunch that consisted of jerky, hard boiled eggs (if their family had a chicken), cold pancakes, cheese (if their family had a cow), cookies and fruit (if their family had an orchard).  The food had to be wrapped in brown paper or cloth.  They practiced for the day to be prepared.  Isaac was excited but he was so nervous (as was the rest of the class) he had some interesting dreams the night before.  They had to behave, sit in their chair properly and mind their manners (which apparently they don't have to do today or something) anyway--if they didn't they were told they would get smacked with a ruler or sent to the dunce chair.  Which did not happen that day.  However, Mrs. Lundvull said if she had known how well those techniques worked she may have applied them earlier in the year (well duh!)  Last Friday I did get to go on the walking tour with his class through downtown Gillette.  It was more interesting than I thought it would be.  The kids had a blast visiting all the old jail cells, hearing about all the ghost stories.  Apparently, Gillette had true old west origins and had a lot of shootings.

Baseball and softball are in full swing.  Chris had his first softball games of the season last week.  Only one teammember needed 11 stitches after running into the fence to catch the ball.  He would have too, but that stinkin fence got in his way!  This is Zoey's very first season.  She is playing for the Twins (which makes her super happy) and had her first scrimmage on Sunday.  She had her first game last night and she played great.  She hit the  ball twice and nearly made it home twice (scored once).  She focuses better than I would have thought, but don't get the ball from her when she is going after it.  I saw her get after a teamate for that.  Isaac is playing for the Jays.  He loves to play baseball and gets very excited for it.  Fielding doesn't always keep him as challenged as he might want, but it will come.  He has also had some good hits this season already.  He should have another game tonight, but we will have to wait and see if it is going to rain or not.  You never know here in Gillette!!

I covered the last home Rugby game of the season last Saturday.  The weather was great!  And even though I was running a bit to catch the final score--they did win.

I did get the kids registered for Kids Camp again this year.  To which everyday I hear strong cheers from Zoey because it is so fun and strong whining groans from Isaac because it is so horrible.  Yup, no inbetween for my kids--complete opposites!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If there is no God, who pops up the next Kleenex? ~Art Hoppe

What a beautiful day it is outside.  I have time to get some things done, which will feel good.  And I think tonight only Chris has softball practice, so we are having kabobs on the grill.  Yummy!  Last night Chris grilled up some porkchops and had it with corn on the cob.  Of course we all made fun of Zoey since she doesn't have her top two teeth and is still missing some on the bottom too.

I can't believe that there is only about 15 days of school left for the kids!! That is just craziness.  I haven't heard if Isaac has been invited to Enrichment, but I sure hope so.  He enjoys it SO MUCH. Its the only thing I have seen him excited to leave the house for.  I will probably sign them both up for Kids Camp, which Zoey is totally psyched for and Isaac promptly responded with "Don't bother Mom."  Yup, he's my excitable kid.  What can I say.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baseball is a fun game. It beats working for a living. ~Phil Linz

Well here I am again.  I have been avoiding the blog as things have been incredibly hectic here.  Once again it is time for some change.  I have applied for a teaching possition at the Gillette College to teach health and wellness.  I am  hoping that it will be a good stepping stone to working at their athletic facility--once they get around to building one.  However, the possition is adjunct which is part time and currently they do not have an open possition like I thought.  After this semester I think they are going to look and see what classes they want to offer for the fall and then see if they have a pool of applicants to choose from.  So who knows! But writing my teaching philosophy was stressful since I have never attempted that before and had to google it to see what it was.  Also on the work front I am officially getting paid from Sharecare and I am attempting to start some new programs (again) at the Rec Center.  It all keeps me on my toes.

Next up is my car.  It is a 2001 Chrysler Sebring that we bought in 2002 when I was pregnant with Isaac.  It has been with us through 2 kids, countless moves, taken us through Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, (a wrong turn into Illinois),  Minnesota and back--several times.  It has had two deer run into it, one truck rear end it, some schuck back into it, slid into a hitch and had a kid slide into it with his car.  We have gotten our money's worth out of it!! Last week we sold it.  I will miss it.  However, most of our friends have more than one kid and if we ever help them out with rides we end up short handed.  We give our neighbors rides to and from school all the time and just having the three kids in the back usually resulted in a struggle. So I have gone all soccer mom, broke down and bought a Chevy Uplander.  Yup, a mini van.  I said I would never own one, but next week I am getting one delivered right to my house!  I think I will really like it though. Having a car payment is not top on my list.  Haven't had one in such a long time.

Spring is in full swing.  This week Zoey has baseball practice on Monday, Chris has baseball practice on Tueday, Zoey has baseball practice on Wednesday at the same time Isaac has his first baseball game of the season.  Isaac has a baseball game on Thursday and Chris is playing darts on Friday.  Saturday is the mule deer banquet--which means that Chis and Isaac are going to that with Chris's friend Justin and his daughter Ericka who is the same age as Isaac.  Meanwhile Becki and I will be eating pizza and knitting while Zoey and Brianna have a much anticipated sleep over.  Hopefully we have good weather.  It hasn't been as rainy as the last couple of springs.  Just kinda up and down with the temp.  However, this past Saturday I covered a Rugby game and when we got there to set up it just poured!!  It let up once the game started, but we were already soaked.

Things have been crazy and I haven't had much time lately, but this morning was fun for me.  I made the kids french toast and bacon for breakfast.  The kids were playing great together.  They were rich because Zoey was a fashion designer.  Isaac--the undecided one, said he was getting paid for not going into work.  (I don't think it works that way.)  I had 80's music playing.  Isaac says "Is this real music?"  Thanks Isaac.  By lunch time they had their fill of eachother and we were back to our regular cranky selves again. 

On a totally unreated note-- Sunday nights is now my new favorite night to watch TV.  Once Upon A Time is so good.  I don't know what the new fascination is with Snow White as the show is mostly about her and of course there are two new Snow White movies out right now.  But it is so good.  After that comes the final season of Desperate Housewives and then CSI Miami.  Not that Miami is all that good, but I watch all of them. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snow: a form of precipitation that usually occurs three weeks prior to and the morning of your departure from your ski vacation. ~Author Unknown

Well time still flies and not so sure how to slow it down! Zoey had a birthday party/sleep over with one of her girlfriends last Saturday. She had a great time, but sounded like it was quite the houseful!. On the way home from picking her up however, my car broke again. I cannot wait until I get a new vehicle. It was a berring or something. Not fun.

Brandon and his clan got here on Sunday and headed stright up to Bozeman in case of bad weather. Chris worked pretty late so we left very early Monday morning. Yes, we let our kids spend some important family time and took them out of school. Not my idea, but I suppose I wasn't willing to stay home with them while everyone else was out boarding. We stayed at a cabin a few miles from the Bridger Bowl Ski Resort. Roads were windy, and the neighbor had wolves and other wild animals for photographic purposes. It was a nice log cabin though with an outdoor hot tub. We spent 3 and a half days of snowboarding and drove back on Thursday. The kids learned so fast. They both can beat me down the mountian with no problem. Zoey skiied and I think that her ice skating enhanced her abilities!! Isaac snowboarded and we had to teach him not to stop with his butt, however, buy the time we left he was doing great. When we got back we took everyone out for fried pickles with peanutbutter--YUM.

Well the pics didn't really load the way I had thought, but hey--they are there!:)

The next few days have been a slow go and getting back to real life. Working on the kid's homework and doing laundry.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart. ~Author Unknown

Good times this past weekend. Friday we stayed home and just relaxed. Popcorn and movies on TV. Saturday we all slept in and vegged all morning. We finished our taxes and finished the day with a knitting party, pizza and some wine. The kids played great and Brianna had sleepover with Zoey (our house). Sunday we made it to church. I was impressed that even with an extra kid, I made it at the same time I usually do! After Sunday school I helped the kids work on Valentine's for their class. They each picked out Alvin and the Chipmunks cards with airhead candy. We went to the Gillette Wild hockey game. They lost, but were fun to watch. They played three games this past weekend which will keep me busy this week. I do enjoy Sunday night TV. I have gotten hooked on Once Upon a Time and Desperate Housewives.

Today I decided to have my first ever chiropractic adjustment. I decided to do this, not because I have pain, but because the business I went to also works with the hockey team. I need someone to refer to and can't do that if I have no idea what they do. Plus I did recently have some pretty crazy neck pain. Apparently I should have seen a chiro sooner (like after either of the car accidents where I broke the windshield with my head) as I was hard to adjust. I feel good and plan to go back, but holy scary! The techniques he used (while I don't find them overly aggressive) still pushed the wind out me and made my joints make all kinds of noises. Something I think you would have to get used to. I have considered many times to take Zoey. We will see how that turns out.

Ike has his Valentine's concert tonight. He is so funny. He said that his favorite song was Rock and Roll Valentine. However, my son isn't exactly the type to let go. While the rest of the boys rocked out with air guitar he just had his arms crossed. He's just too cute!

This month is filled with lots of fun stuff! So stay tuned for more updates

Sunday, January 22, 2012

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. ~Bill Vaughan

I haven't blogged in a long time and that was kind of on purpose. By the time December hits things get pretty crazy and I was super grouchy all month. I started off the month with a teenager hitting my car. No one was in my car at the time. It was parked, but it totaled out the car. I got the money for the car and will hopefully soon be buying another vehicle that better fits my massage table and can better fit in kids for carpooling.

We hit a baby shower and four birthday parties. One of which was for Zoey. My baby is growing up way too fast. We had her party at the Rec Center Swimming Pool this year and the kids had a blast.

Work has been super busy which of course is a good thing. Scheduling clients about a month out to make sure they get in. Work has been busy for Chris as well, he even worked 5 days a week for a while before the holidays hit.

Isaac loved his basketball season. It was short, interesting to watch and he was fun to watch!! Not sure what his next venture will be. I heard the rec has indoor soccer so we might look into that. Zoey is fueling her love for hockey. She adores the boys that are her coaches and works hard and does well. We go to practice twice a week and usually try to watch the boys play when they are at home. We had such a break though at the last practice (I super hope it holds). She is very sensitive so when we put her gear on it takes a long time to make sure it feels right and often there are tears. However, at the last practice she says "Mom, I am just going to leave the gear. It doesn't feel good, but it always feels fine when I am on the ice. I don't know why."

So when I wasn't busy running here and there I worked on finishing and sending in my continuing education for my athletic training which had to be done by the end of December. We did make it to Minnesota for Christmas and spent a lot of time driving. But the weather was good and I was glad to spend Christmas with family. Thank you to all who put up with a stressed out Jara! I spent the rest of Christmas break home with my kids, updating and cleaning my office and unwinding. I am starting to catch up on everything, fall back into a good routine. Who knows if I am lucky I might even start posting all those pictures I keep talking about.