Monday, October 15, 2012

Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be. ~Carrie Fisher

Just letting everyone know that I am still pregnant.  October 8th has come and gone and Chris's prediction was not accurate.  Thankfully!!  While it will be nice to hold the baby on the outside instead of the inside, I am not ready for the baby until the beginning of November.

Isaac has been birthdaying things up all week.  Chris took him out for an early birthday dinner.  We celebrated Isaac and Sydney's birthdays on Thursday and had his party on Saturday.  I was going for the easy out this year and it probably was one of the easiest parties I have given.  It wasn't my first choice though as he wanted his party at Mac & Roonies (an arcade).  While there are games there that I like, its just a lot of loud chaos to me.  But they did all the set up, clean up and party favors.  We just needed to show up and spend our quarters.  I got Isaac a camo ice cream cake from DQ as well as dog tags and party helmets.  The kids played so well together and got prizes.  Isaac came out letting me know that it was the best party EVER!  I can handle that.

Both the kids started 4-H this year.  I didn't know that Zoey was old enough, so instead of a clover bud she will start out as a full fledge member.  We went to the first meeting on Sunday.  We had to elect new council.  I was excited to see Isaac participate.  He was nominated for positions, he nominated others.  He had to stand up and let everyone know why he wanted to run for that position.  People voted for him, but he did not get elected to a position this year.  Zoey wanted to as well, but I told her she needed another year of experience under her belt first, but we are already on a committee for fundraising and community service which settled her down some.  Right now Isaac is hoping to take shooting sports.  Zoey wants to take flowers and Twister.  I don't know that the pet show is in our future this year, but we'll see how things shake out.

Chris left for the Big Horns on Saturday and couldn't have left soon enough.  He was probably more excited about this hunting trip than Isaac was about turning 10 at Mac & Roonies.  Let's just say its been busy and happy around here!!! Chris's friends are part of his hunting party as well as his Dad and Uncle.  He is hunting where he has gotten elk before and so far has not forgotten to call me.  Its always kinda nice when they check in once in a while so I know they haven't fallen off the mountain or something.

Well I have 18 more days until the arrival of Charlie Thunder (or Lily Lightening).  I am working as much as I can to make the days go faster.  I have gotten past my jinxed week.  Now we just have to get past Isaac's birthday, wait for my husband to be home and take the kids trick or treating.  Then I will be ready (at like 5am).  And so will the baby:)

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