Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who says nothing is impossible. I've been doing nothing for years. ~Author Unknown

Ups and downs. This and that. I have been cleaning and scrubbing the new house so that I can slowly move everything into its new space. Our house will take a while to transform, but eventually it will be home. I had a bout of missing Montana. People in Gillette will ask where we moved from and then look at me with a very troubled look of confusion. It is football season. I miss my athletes. I miss my friends. I miss the beauty of Montana and the convince of the backyard river. It doesn't help anything that I can't get Isaac off his bike. He hasn't been able to ride it all summer and he is making up for lost time. But we are now raising city kids and he can't just ride where ever, when ever he wants. But then today came. Isaac had orientation for Kindergarten and Zoey had her first day back at daycare. I am so glad we are close to his school (which is going to be a great school) and I will be available to drop him off, pick him up and be there for my kids. I spent most of the day with him and he is so full of energy and happiness that it just spreads from one person to the next. Most moms cry when their kids go off to school, but really its just like dropping him off at daycare or IEC. But then I drove him there, and walked him in, and talked with someone in charge. Very soon Isaac is going to want to walk or ride his bike to school and that for me, is much more difficult. He is not ready today, but we are practicing so that he remembers to watch for cars and can find his way home. We even bought batteries for his walkie talkies. Zoey on the other hand has decided to become nervous. All summer she asked about having a new class. Today when I asked her if she was excited about her new class it was very short "NO". I received several hugs before she let me go. When I picked her up, she promptly grabbed her backpack and out the door she went--ready to go home. She didn't have a bad day, but it takes her longer to warm up to new people than it does for Isaac. By next week when we have a schedule and she knows more people I think she will be more excited.
Things are going well. Hopefully this time I will just stick to one plan, decide what I want to do and stick with it. But who knows. What's life without a little change?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The course of life is unpredictable... no one can write his autobiography in advance. ~Abraham Joshua Heschel

Not sure if I have ever gone that long without posting. It feels great to be back in Gillette! It is the very opposite of moving to Columbia Falls. I don't have to find a new doctor for my kids or a new eye doctor, my kids already have friends (as do Chris and I) and I already know where everything is. My kids are all set for the fall, I just need to find a job. The house is coming slowly, but surely, so blogging will still be slow as I do not have my own computer hooked up yet. The library can really be a wonderful place!