Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I am sorry I was a schmuck to everyone and didn't call. I have been taking time to unwind some and actually spend a bit of time with my family.
Last week we went to the Back Room for supper. Thursdays happen to be the night the magician is there and man is he good. He doesn't do difficult tricks or anything fancy, he's not like Cris Angel, but he is magic. The kids loved it!! He made each a balloon animal (which at one point in my life I knew how to do, but had to remove the info from my brain to make space for other info). When he made Zoey's poodle, he needed to put a little ball on the end of the tail. So Isaac blew into his thumb and vola he made the puff ball on the end of the tail. Chris and I can't do this--so it was all magic. We were almost sad to see the magic guy go. But it was so much fun to watch the kids and see their eyes get big and full of amazement!
I guess that was probably the day after my kids saw Santa. Yep-He visited both daycare and school. I of course got home late that night, but my kids both hopped right out of bed, wide eyed to tell me they saw Santa and got to talk to him. I just can't believe how excited they were. So I asked them what they asked Santa for and Zoey wanted Lightening McQueen and Isaac wanted a guitar. Zoey especially has been waiting for Santa, tell me that "Santa is coming". I knew there was going to be a visit, however, had I been thinking I would have brought my camera and attempted to be there to snap a quick pic. Didn't think that far ahead.
Last Friday Isaac had his Christmas Bazaar. Each kid brings in some ingredients (a sign up list of course provided by the teacher) and during the week the kids made desserts for the parents. Isaac was so sure I was going to bring him late. "Mom, we HAVE to be there AT 1:30." I had taken the morning off so I had planned on arriving pretty early. Apparently he doesn't have the concept of early yet, cuz he kept saying "NO, Mom at 1:30". Anyway, we got there in time to help set up and as Chris and Zoey met us there I dashed off to some basketball games and didn't even get the chance to try his dessert.
I have to say as sad as I was to not be Home for the holidays, it has been the most anticipated and exciting Christmases I can remember EVER having. With my kids being 3 and 5 and knowing they were getting good stuff--I didn't care that I had to wait out Zoey falling asleep at 11 pm before Santa could come. I do wish that somehow, Santa could help out the parenting just a bit more. My kids don't fall for the "you had better be good"or "you need to go to sleep for Santa to come"--He shows up regardless. I cooked a big meal on Christmas Eve and even let the kids use the nice glasses. We had enough left overs, that I didn't have to cook Christmas Day. On Christmas Day we spent the afternoon sledding. It took Isaac a couple times down to get used to his new red saucer, but each are big enough to go down by themselves. We even raced a couple of times.
So Merry Christmas!! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday. I will try to get pictures up tonight if my internet doesn't fight with me.
PS--So far my kids are still sharing their toys! Zoey still has attitude, but really they play well together even with the new stuff.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall.

I'm going to try a quick run down of what we have been up to. Not sure I remember, but...
The first full week in December I had three nights of basketball, two nights of massages and a Christmas party and a sick kid. That Sunday it SNOWED!!! Not a ton but like 3 inches and it was while we were putting up the Christmas tree. It was wonderful. We had some friends over that night to watch football. Then I had four nights of basketball, two nights of massages, baked some birthday treats, missed Zoey's actual birthday. Last Saturday was actually the fourth day of basketball for the week, so I did that in the morning, got home just in time to send Chris and Isaac to a double birthday party (which Chris didn't tell me about until after I had sent them with one gift) Isaac bowled a 118 which is much higher than my average. They got back just in time for Zoey's party. She got to have a friend from daycare come over and play and eat lots of cake. It was finally her birthday and she loved every minute of it. We even had little Elmo birthday hats. I will definitely get pictures out soon.
I have most of the Christmas shopping done and cards have finally been sent out. Zoey's birthday comes enough before Christmas that I usually focus on that first, not realizing that after the 13th it is REALLY crunch time to get things sent out. I'll figure it out eventually. I think?
Isaac had his Christmas program at Church on Sunday. They just sang a couple of songs--I don't know if that was it or what, but definitely not a big production. I have a couple more Christmas parties to hit and then I am taking a week off from work to just sit around with my family and hang out.
I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season so far!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy, Happy Birthday my sweet Zoey!!

O.K. so I really don't know what to say about my baby other than she is totally wonderful and growing into a spectacular girl. She challenges me and makes me think. Her emotions are so incredibly Strong, both to anger and love. She is fabulous! We just got a letter from Isaac's school. One of the aides is finishing her teaching degree and needs to work with three year olds for her last portion of school. They are only taking 3, but Zoey has been one of the children selected. Chris is nervous to put Isaac and Zoey into school together and I think that going to school all day might be alot for her, but she is so stinkin smart and I think she might be more ready for it than I give her credit for. With her being my baby I tend to hold her back much more than I did Isaac. I had Isaac in preschool at the very same age (granted he got kicked out, but that's not the point). Sorry about the last picture I just scanned in the proof, but regular pics will be sent out soon.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Rain, Rain, Please go Away

Oh me, Oh my. I don't know where to start. Some days my head really does feel like it will explode. I think this is why I can never remember very far back. I know last
Friday I worked the very first wrestling meet at Glacier High. We lost the overall meet, but we wrestled well. A few wins, a few pins all was good. I was home in time to have supper with my family and tuck the kids into bed. Saturday there were basketball scrimmages and a Swim meet. When I got home we watched the Transformers. Chris said he was expecting more--but it was the Transformers, I'm not sure what more he was looking for! Sunday I finished the sanding the Aspen we put up in March. Now I am forced to find time to do the finish before the walls get yucky again. You'd be surprised the stuff I sanded off! I totally didn't get the laundry done, but I decided to go out to eat at the Blue Canyon. The kids each had a plate full of food including cheeseburger, fries, and a pickle. They ate a couple of fries. Isaac visited the restroom at least twice. I really wish I had two days in a row off. I sanded, but now need a day to get my house cleaned up. But back to work I am. Isaac came down with a cough on Friday night. I was up with him most of the night. When he gets a cough it is that nasty croupy cough that makes everyone think he is going to die, but he is not. He just needs some Motrin and I usually just tell him to stick his head outside for a minute. So I take him to school this morning and tell them he has a cough. I tell them that if he gets a fever or is actually sick that I will come to pick him up. So sure enough someone heard him cough and nearly demand that I get him checked out cuz it sounds like he might die. So I leave work, pick up the kids and take Ike to the doctor (and Zoey). Actually she just came with but she let everyone there know that she needed to see the doctor too. She is sick and needs medicine! The doc gave me startling news that Ike has a cough. He needs some Motrin and should stick his head outside once in a while. I am so glad I can pay for this wonderful insite. So I make him write a note letting school know that my child will not die (today), but because he has only had his cold for 3-4 days he might still be contagious so we are staying home tomorrow too. (YEAH!!) Today by the time Chris came home we had fresh baked cookies for him and supper in the oven and of course he didn't have to drive half way across Kalispell to pick up the kids. What a wonderful night. I am so hoping to schedule this more often. But I am writing this at work. Chris is probably wondering why I am not home yet. My client let me know how fast December flies by. I just don't have the time for it to fly by. I have a few Christmas parties to go to. On the 15th I have basketball games, Zoey's birthday party and I am going to take Ike to his friend's birthday party. It doesn't sound like we will be able to come home for Christmas. Chris thinks we could probably fly to Europe cheaper than getting back to MN. Which by the way it is 45 degrees here and raining. No snow. Just rain.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for. With the exception of snow. We are the only place in Montana with no snow and the last time I watched the weather channel we were pretty much the only spot in the country not getting snow. I thought I moved to a vacationy winter wonderland?
So, I really do love to get comments from my readers. It is very exciting to see what you all have to say. However, I have to let you know--I am not bilingual. I am barely lingual for that matter. I have taken American sign language as my second language, but I don't suggest you test me on it. But I did catch some Blogger this and Blogger that--so if you are wondering about my video dilemmas, this is what I have currently found out. I need to read directions and user manuals. Apparently after spending much time having my Dad try to figure things out a million miles away--I found out that my camcorder came with a CD that should be loaded onto my computer and while I have not done that yet, I think it should fix my problems.
The boys safely made it back from Ekalacka with one deer. Isaac absolutely loves it out there! and really didn't want to come back. Zoey has a birthday coming up, in case we haven't heard that one yet. She has finally stopped saying its my birthday and rephrased to "my birthday is coming up" but we do still get to sing (all the time). She is into princess, Dora and Tinkerbell. While I have explained to my children several times that you can only fly if you have pixie dust, Zoey does think she can fly like Tink. We went to and got the rundown on Tink (who by the way is in her own movie in 2008). I work on her birthday, Bummer! But I am still going to try to plan her party for Saturday the 15th sometime after basketball gets over that day. Her birthdays are still kind of tough for me. I never know just what to do. We have always had friends over for Ike's birthday, even when he was too little to care, but especially this year, I don't know Zoey's friends. We will just have to invite them over and get the chance to meet them.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Its more fun to talk to someone who doesn't use long difficult words, but rather short easy words like "what about lunch?"

Well the boys are off. We have officially started out our second annual girls weekend. I am pretty excited! Wednesday Isaac and his class prepared a thanksgiving feast for friends and family. It was really good. Afterward, Chris and Isaac took off to Ekalacka, MT for some huntin' with the men. Having some one on one time with Zoey is fabulous! We ate turkey yesterday and watched some good movies. We have been playing memory and go fish. We are going to do our nails tonight and some baking tomorrow.

So I have noticed that the random video I posted yesterday (December) doesn't really play like it should. It doesn't play the music and I don't think it even shows all the pictures, but I just wanted to see if blogger was actually working. I have tried to post the video of Isaac riding his bike for quite a while, so I just needed something basic to try first.

It is fun to watch my family change. It is weird that I no longer have any babies in the house but two children. We can now go bike riding together as a family, have game night with each of us being on his own team AND I do believe that Zoey will be big enough to snowboard/ski this year. It definitely saves time and money when you can just pile the kids in the car and don't have to fuss with the arrangements of a sitter.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm Still trying to figure this all out.

So apparently blogger has the video up again, or so they posted. The video that I want posted still won't go, so I am trying to figure out how to get my videos from the camcorder to the computer in a form that is computer/blogger friendly. But the stuff from my digital camera is loading well again. So the video from last years December will have music and the video of Ike riding learing how to ride bike has no sound.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

“If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.”

So I was a little frustrated as Chris asked me to make a roast today and I didn't have the crock pot clean. I actually had to wash it by hand! As I am washing it out Isaac asks about washing and I decide this is a perfect time to teach him how to wash dishes. He thinks I am teaching him how to load the dishwasher. No, no, no. I am teaching you how to scrub Isaac. For the first three seconds he was kinda excited. Then he started to get wet and asked if he could take off his shirt. I told him that I don't wash dishes naked so he could probably leave his shirt on. His response was that he was leaving his pants on. Then he decides that Zoey needs a clean up job to be in charge of too. May be cups, he says. But he really is doing very well. May be he should do the dishes every night. He decided he might not want to do the dishes every night and that Zoey might have to do it. He is too dang smart and definitely brightens my day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

“Love is what makes you smile when you're tired.”

Isaac told me his friend Tristan wants to be doctor when he grows up, so I asked Ike what he wanted to be. "Not a doctor!"he says. Well that is fine by me. I am not going to make him be a doctor, and asked him again. I was really curious. He wants to be a fireman so he can slide down the pole.
Zoey stuck a sixlet (those chocolate candies like m&ms, but not m&ms) up her nose.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Isaac, Isaac, Isaac

Apparently Isaac is at that stage where he feels he can test me, see what I know, and see what he can really do and get away with.
On Saturday, he quickly ran into the bathroom, I heard the toilet flush and he quickly ran back out. "Mom I remembered to flush and wash my hands!" He was so excited, as I usually have to get after him for that. So I inquired about the hand washing and inspected those hands. Not a drop of water on them and since I heard no water and he was in there for like 3 seconds, I sent him back. I told him not to lie to me and that I know when he does. So that night Zoey had finished her supper and I left to wash her up. We had pork chops that night and with Isaac not being a huge meat eater I started cutting up just a portion of one. He was upset that I didn't give him a whole one, so I kept the whole chop on his plate, most of which was cut up into bite sized pieces. When I got back, he was still telling me how good it was and nearly half the meat was gone from his plate. "See, Mom, I am eating it all gone." I notice that his napkin is in his milk cup. As I am asking him if the milk is gone, I pick it up and take out the napkin. The milk and meat all in the cup! 6 minutes in the naughty chair for you!!
We finally got Chris's truck in the shop to get his transmission fixed. They have to take out the tranny and send it to Zumbroda, MN of all places. We purchased a little, light blue Mazda truck for a spare vehicle as I will be needing a spare when my car finally has a chance to get to the shop.
Blogger has let me down some. I was so excited when those first two videos went up so easy. I have tried to post several videos after that and not one will go. Blogger does not have a help center. You can click on help and read how to post a video or you can go to another blog and state what happened and see if random other bloggers can help you. So if anyone has any good ideas for me to try, let me know. I have some cute stuff.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Children are unpredictable. You never know what inconsistency they're going to catch you in next. Franklin P. Jones

My kids play well together. They are honestly best friends and would be lost without each other, but lately this is what my house sounds like:
Isaac: Mom, Zoey says I'm going to daycare. (insert whiny voice here)
Zoey: I'm not talking to you Isaac. (insert sassy voice here)
Isaac: Mom, am I going to Dinosore?
Mom: Yes, Isaac.
Isaac: See, Zoey, I am going to Dinosore and you aren't. (insert sass and a little na na n nana here)
Those two just go back and forth about anything! Another common phrase is I am going to tell Mom/Dad. It is insane!
Isaac has been slightly under the weather the last couple of days, but being home in the afternoon gave me a chance to get caught up on laundry and things (like OPRAH).
I was a little upset with Ike this morning. He totally lied to me about brushing his teeth! He asked me if I was going to watch him brush and I told him that if he can do a good job I won't need to watch him all the time. I left and helped Zoey. Isaac says "I am done" and comes down stairs. Later I go up and the toothpaste is still on the brush totally unharmed!
I am still getting more massage clients, even though I have not been actively marketing since last June. I am excited about that. My updated website is in case you wanted to check it out.
I can't believe the holidays are here! I keep thinking I have all this time left. But A) there is not THAT much time B)with shipping I should be getting everything out by the end of the month and of course C) if you have ever received anything from me you know even with planning it may be a good month or more late!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Snowboarding Update

I am not at all sure of how much snowboarding I am going to do this year, but I do hope that it will be more than last year! I am excited for the snow to fall (it should make the bumpy road less bumpy). Anyway, I got my massage on the mountain and it was fabulous up there, even with no snow. They are totally redoing the road that goes up the mountain and takes you to the ski resort. This I think will be a good thing, cuz driving on those narrow switchbacks in icy, snowy weather freaks me out. I can't believe all the construction they are doing to change it, the poor mountain has had a face lift, but the road is amazing! Also one other change this year. It is no longer Big Mountain Ski Resort, it is Whitefish Mountain Resort at Big Mountain. So according to their website they will be opening December 8th, which also according to their website is 32 days, 13 hours, 40 minutes and 36 seconds from now. Just in case you were wondering.
Zoey is still singing happy birthday to herself. Today she learned how to put up three fingers for her next birthday.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

Oh me, oh my--What a weekend!! Thursday night I was at volleyball playoffs. My Glacier girls against Flathead. It should have been a nail bitter. We lost in three. That night Chris's parents were flying in from MN. Much to our delight, we were surprised with Chris's sister Amy and her baby Libby! It was good to see everyone and finely have people to cook for. We did some shopping while the guys hunted. We went to the Hungry Horse Damn and of course Glacier National Park. That place is so big and I have seen like 5 minutes of the place. I just wish my camera could take pictures of what my eyes could see. It just isn't the same in a picture. We celebrated both the kids birthdays and had an early Thanksgiving meal. Isaac shot a 410 for the first time and hit the cans he was aiming at. Libby got another tooth while she was here.
To top off the weekend, I got a massage. It is so nice to feel oxygen running through my muscles (not to mention my brain)again! I feel taller and just plain better.

I so have to go, but the kids are just amazing. Zoey just told me she is sick and I HAVE TO GIVE HER MEDICINE! I have never seen a kid that likes medicine as much as her.

The kids are on the bed using the color wonder markers and Zoey is telling Isaac not to rip the pages, to try harder or he will have to sit in the naughty chair. They are just going back and forth and it is hilarious to listen to.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy November

We dressed up for work yesterday.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Eat, Drink and be Scary!

Going backwards in time--Halloween has been a pretty big event. Both the kids have been looking forward to it and very excited. Even Zoey kept telling everyone "I am going to be a punkin" We carved pumpkins Tuesday night. Today the kids had parties at daycare and school. We brought snacks to each of their classes. Tonight we went trick or treating around the loop of Kokanee Bend. The kids climbed into the wagon, I would ask if they were ready, the kids would make train noises. Isaac pointed out every house with their light on. I would say your ride stops here. They climb out, Isaac would knock on the door. Zoey would say I want to knock on the door (each taking a turn) and Zoey would usually follow that with Trick or Treat before the door opens. They say thank you and on the way back to the wagon they would say how much fun that was and we would start the process all over again to the next house.

Isaac finally got to have friends over to the house. We had a small gathering. I had planned for them to play some games, but they played with the balloons and then upstairs with the toys. I don't mess with kids that are playing good! (Actually two of them didn't really get along) We opened some gifts, ate some birthday cake and played some more. All worked out.

Nathan is so proud that he could write out Isaac's card all by himself.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Did you ever stop to think and forget to start again?

The first thing I would like to note is that in the last set of pictures I posted there was one of Isaac with his train set. He built that all by himself while I was chattering away on the phone. He is so smart!

I was hoping with no home events last week that things would have been less hectic. However, I have noticed that all the foresight and preparing that I used to have has significantly vanished. I used to be able to do so many separate things and get everything done, apparently, I used it all up at once. I can't remember the last time I was caught up on everything, but I am hoping that God will hand out more foresight and preparedness and I will be on top of things again. Playing catch up and just hoping that Isaac has clean socks in the morning and that I can find my name tag for work or even remember to bring a lunch seems to be wearing me down a bit.

Last Friday I got my hair cut. I should really start doing that more often. However, the last person to cut my hair did a crappy job and I had to keep trimming it myself to make it so the longer ends did not stick out. So I really didn't know where to go. I tried this place in Columbia Falls not knowing how ridiculously expensive she was going to be! It took like an hour and a half to chop off all my hair. I had to bring Zoey and she was pretty good, but she kept talking to my stylist referring to her as "Grandma". I hope next time I can work out a barter. Then that night I gave a massage to another massage therapist. She called and asked if we could trade. I was so excited, I might actually be getting regular massages again!

Monday morning as we were going to out to the car in the darkness Zoey asked me if the sun was getting up. I said that it will be (in an hour). But last night as we made it in at 10:30 (again in the darkness) she asked me the same thing. Poor girl had napped on the way home and now because we leave and come home in the dark, she can't tell the difference between night and day. Doesn't help at bedtime.

Pictures and birthday stories will have to be posted after I get home. So you have to wait for that. I don't really have any new news. I am knitting in all of my spare time. So if anyone needs scarves, mittens, hats or even baby blankies knitted let me know. I would love to work on it.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.

So I am still working on the video and trying to figure out why the blogger won't let me post it. But hopefully by next week.
We took Isaac out to eat at the root beer place (A&W)on Tuesday after opening some gifts. He had a really great day and was tired by the end of it all. While we were out he said " I am the birthday man, so I need ice cream." So yes, the birthday man got ice cream even without finishing his supper. We have been pretty busy this week, so we are doing cake and friends on Saturday. Yes, this is the very first time Isaac has had friends over to our house since we moved to Montana! I think it is a sign that we are getting settled in.
Any good ideas on how to keep your toddler in bed at night? Bedtime is 9pm, she is usually not sleeping even by 11pm and then after she finally falls asleep she is up again between 1 and 4am. So I get out of bed and take her back upstairs, tell her it is night night time, and that she needs to sleep in her own bed, hugs ands kisses, I go back to bed for almost 5 minutes and we repeat the process all over again about 3 or 4 times and then she wakes up about 6am for the day. I don't mind if she just has quiet time, even at 3am, but she doesn't stay in her bed. She comes down stairs and comes over to my side of the bed wakes me up cuz she "is lonely" and sometimes I think she gets side tracked and plays in the living room first. I am not comfortable with that. Any good ideas, let me know.

Monday, October 15, 2007

My Little Bear is Growin' Up

I can't believe the little bugger is 5! I have tried to post a video that I made--so beware. It is long and my choice of music is STILL limited. Actually the second song (that repeats a few times) makes me cry like a baby. Nix the stinkin video. I can't get it to load. I really wanted it up on his birthday, but may be another time. Many thank yous to those who have sent out gifts. Isaac has been very excited and we got to do some gift opening tonight, so thanks again.

Let's not forget to wish Becky a happy happy birthday. She is kind enough to share the day with Ike. I so wish I was there to celebrate with you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

If we're not supposed to eat animals ... how come they're made out of meat?

Yep, it has been just short of a year since the last time I hit a deer and wouldn't want too much time to pass. So I hit another this morning. She jumped so close to the car. I had no time to swerve, slow down, anything. However, I think the damage is much less this time. Last year I had to have the whole driver's side fixed, whereas now I just need the headlight reaimed, a new hood and probably a new bumper. We were all buckled in and are safe as is the deer who just kept a runin'. I saw three deer after that in the field and they just stood there and looked at me like--why did you just hit our friend? But do really think they don't see us coming? I never see deer running into other animals running at high speeds. But I suppose us humans are the only ones who have put up deer crossing signs--so may be they just think they always have the right of way. I don't know.

Monday, October 8, 2007

"I'm in favor of love as long as it doesn't happen when “The Simpsons” is on television." (Anita, 6)

O.K. I don't really want to post. I was hoping to just put a bunch of pictures up and possibly some video (even though I have been having trouble with that). Anyway, I haven't taken the time to download the pics yet so just another random account of our weekend.
Yesterday I took the kids to church. I haven't really been very involved so I had to call first to find out what time and what location (we just built a new church). I didn't really wake Isaac up very early as he was still wearing jammies at 10am. We were a little late. So of course the first thing the kids say is "I'm thirsty" very promptly followed by "I have to go to the bathroom". To which I kindly remind them that it would be good if they could wait. After 5 years of this you would think I would learn that church is NEVER just an hour. It is the first service in our new church and they only had one service. So the place is packed and really not even the whole church is open yet. With kids that CAN'T wait we trek around the back of the congregation and then along down the side, passing irresistible tables of cake for someone turning 80, all the way to the front where the doors are that lead to the bathroom. Now I am sure I have probably written about this story like 10 times. It happens once a week. But this time I bet there were like 4 other moms in there with their kids. If there had been any more people in there, there would have been a waiting line. It was like the secret hang out place or something. I think it made me feel a little better that I wasn't the only one.
We headed home, had some lunch and I tried to lay Zoey down for a nap. Now every single time I blog that I think she is sleeping better it totally turns out to be a lie. She was crying upstairs in her room and after it stopped I had assumed that she finally fell asleep. You can totally hear the pitter patter of little feet when you are downstairs and they are upstairs not in their bed. However, assuming is also never a good thing. I was wrong. She had come upon a lonely orange marker and decided that she wanted to be orange. Luckily she only colored on her skin, not her clothes, but every bit of skin that was showing with the exception of right above her left eyebrow was very orange. Eyelids, nose, cheeks, forehead and both hands--she only missed the one spot. It was very amazing to see my little orange child and I nearly took a picture of her for the blog, but I didn't. Ironically though she is going to be a pumpkin for Halloween. Chris got them costumes on Saturday, but she keeps trying to wear Isaac's Spidey costume. It doesn't fit her, but she doesn't care.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Everyone has a Photographic Memory. Some just don't have film.

I did find an amazing website for crafts for the kids to do. I can't believe how much stuff is there. Animals, shapes, numbers, ALL the cartoons your kids love. You can customize chore charts and I printed one for Isaac that he will love to color. If you don't see anything you like there, on the bottom is a link to and that one also has a ton of stuff. Holidays, Seasons, Birthdays, Everyday--they've got it.
Regardless of the fact that Zoey was in my bed twice last night, I think she is starting to sleep much better. She is starting to sleep much harder at home and daycare says she doesn't fidget nearly as much before she falls asleep for nap. My schedule has been varied slightly this week, just enough for me to forget what day of the week it really is. We were about to the bumpy road before I realized that today is show and tell. Turned around, run back to the house and grab something light colored that might be fun for show and tell. Easter Sponge Bob was near the top and back out I run. I am just lucky Isaac didn't throw a fit to come back in the house with me to casually find what he wanted and then have to get him back in the car and rebuckled.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.

And all of a sudden we have the vibrancy of Autumn. The rain we got last Friday has brought out the colors of the trees and while it is still raining the colors are just beautiful.
We had a very low key weekend. Chris hunted. I stayed home. The kids ran around the house. On Sunday I watched the Vikings play. The kids did some finger painting. We use the Crayola Color Wonder because it is mess free. I am such an uptight mom, that I can't always watch Zoey paint. She creates the most beautiful pictures, but she sticks her whole hand in ALL of the paints, then rubs it on like lotion. It takes a lot for me not to say" may be we should just use one color at a time." Instead I just go into the kitchen for a few minutes and put some dishes in the washer and come back and let her know how wonderful she is. Isaac was using the same paints and because they are color wonder it takes a moment for the color to appear. Isaac says "Mom, Its a miracle! Its a miracle!"
Yesterday was a slow day. Football had the day off and I didn't have any massages to give, so I went home. My homemaker of a hubby had supper on the table ready to go. We had fish and he even made the most scrumptious sweet potatoes I have ever had.
This morning the kids had to go back to school/daycare. I had everything done on time and the kids were not cranky. OHH I forgot to start the dishwasher before I left. Other than that all is well. We head out the door and it is still dark. Zoey says and I kid you not "What is this? It is still dark. We should still be sleeping."

Friday, September 28, 2007

I know you don't want to know every detail of everyday, but things have been going well and this is definately a rambling week!
So yesterday I got done with work a little early due to pregame practice. I hurried on over to Isaac's school, where the family was waiting for me. It was parent's day and Isaac was able to show us his school, what he has been working on and just kind of give us a tour. They have been studying the solar system, so he was showing us which ones were gassy and which ones were icey. He was busy getting Zoey a snack and showing us work and their lizard "Blender" and there were puppies there too. With all of the other families there, is was a bit overwhelming. But I did meet parents of Isaac's friends and his teacher said that he is doing well.
Time to hurry home. Its date night and I am not missing that!!! I quick fix the kids some hotdogs and watermelon. The babysitter shows up on time and I give her the general tour. Chris and I take off back to Kalispell to catch a movie. We saw Balls of Fury. Funny yes, good-mabe, but it did have great music --Def Lepard. We left the theater and stopped off at the Blue Moon. I had always thought it was a dive, but it was great. They have a couple of mountain lions and a bob cat (stuffed of course) behind the bar. Then they have a whole wall with bears and mountain sheep. They had live music, a dance floor and pool tables. We even saw someone we knew. Uncle Buck has been taking dance lessons there to learn the rumba. I couldn't get Chris to dance with me for nothin', so I danced with Uncle Buck and had a blast. And just in case you thought that I didn't have an Uncle Buck or any relation in Montana for that matter--Chris played softball with him this last summer. He is about 60 and has a handlebar mustache and was intoduced to us as Uncle Buck. Now I was pretty busy last night. I didn't take my coat off until before we went into the Blue Moon. After I came back from dancing, Chris noticed that I still had my nametag on from work! I had such a good time last night. We decided it was a school night and should get back home. The kids were sleeping and the babysitter was able to walk herself back home. I am excited that I have found a babysitter that lives right next door to me. We don't need to pick her up, her mom is right next door if there is an emergency and she was happy with what we paid her. I was sleeping soundly by 10:30.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mommy Stuff

Yesterday I was driving into work, there was a light fog. Isaac says "Mom, it is foggy out. We should stay home until it goes away." Don't I wish! But I didn't think my boss would be too excited and I told Isaac his teacher would want him to be at school.
What is Isaac's favorite part of school? My guess was show and tell. Isaac's answer "Everything."
I never noticed that I say "totally" alot. But I think may be I do and Isaac has picked up on that. He is so cute when he says "That is so totally cool!" or "You can totally do that" or "I totally like that"
Isaac has been bringing home new songs from school and Zoey being just like Isaac has learned them as well. Zoey goes around the house singing "We all lib in the Milky Wabe, the Milky Wabe, the Milky Wabe." I am finally starting to let her be more independant. She has been my baby, while Isaac has been my big boy that I forget to let her grow up sometimes. She loves attention for her singing. Unfortunately, she sings like me. Things like ring around the posey, I'm a little tea pot and wheels on the bus are really big hits right now. She is old enough to play some games, like memory and the 123 Diego game.
My kids LOVE projects. Last summer when my kids were 1 and 3 the daycare lady here had them use the glue stick and construction paper. They were given choices of things they wanted to put on their paper like colored dry macaroni, cotton balls, tissue paper, beans. Things with all different colors and textures. Isaac is very conservative with his projects, where as Zoey is very liberal. She uses all the paint, colors and all the space on her paper. I can always pick out which paper belongs to my child by how much is on the paper and sometimes even by design, without even seeing the name on it. My biggest help so far is to purchase items at the dollar store. Things there are much cheaper than even Walmart. I have gone to and printed off pages for them to color so that they can have as much spongebob or dora as they want. I have yet to find a really good website for actual projects. We have just been doing ones that I remember from my childhood. I will post the site, though if I find a good one.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh, this is a great Rambling day!!

Somedays I really don't know where to start. I had kinda a cruddy week last week, so for the weekend I did mostly nothing. I worked soccer on Saturday, which the weather turned out great. We lost, but had good games. I went home and had a movie night with the kids while Chris went out and hunted. He tried to hunt in the same area as a black bear. Chris gave up and came home. Sunday should be church day. Isaac should be in sunday school. Well as it turns out our church is moving (closer to us by the way). So because we are in the process of moving, sunday school has not officially started yet. But we are sharing our current church with the Four Square congregation that purchased our building, making for one HUGE congregation on sundays. So I opted to stay home and watch the Vikings dwindle away a win, while my husband went hunting. He encountered another bear!
I am so excited a new week is here! What could be better? I can't believe how much energy I had yesterday. I even worked out (am oh so sore today). Now really, I feel bad about how my day ended. It was our 8th anniversary. We were thinking about going to see the late movie, as I always give massages on Monday nights and I didn't make an exception to this one. We are still going out, but decided that another night would be better. Of course we have had these tickets for like a month and haven't had time to use them so who knows. Anyway, on my way home I pick up a card and some beer for the loved one. Get home in time to put the kids to bed and fall asleep in the chair watching the Andy Griffith Show.
I am pretty sure that the extra energy I had yesterday was stolen from today. It is taking a bit to get going. Notice I am blogging instead of working out. I have volleyball tonight, massage (to give)tomorrow, parents night at Isaac's school and a possible date on Thursday and football on Friday. My days are busy and while I am glad for that, I do miss having my tuesday and thurday mornings off to catch up on things.
I was at the dollar store earlier and they of course have Christmas stuff out already. I actually started to get that warm fuzzy, christmas time gives you, and it felt so good. But then I realized that it is only September and I need to stay focused! I still have a birthday to plan and halloween costumes to figure out in the next couple of weeks. I haven't asked the kids yet what they want to be. Sometimes I am tempted to just use costumes from last year. Even though Zoey didn't wear her Elmo outfit more than five minutes for halloween last year, she wears it all over the house now.
Random side note: I noticed my friend Meg mentioned National talk like a pirate day on her blog. We were on the way to daycare/school and the radio station announced that it was talk like a pirate day. I thought--Oh, Isaac will love that! So I told him and I started talking like a pirate while driving to our desination. He totally did not believe me. He didn't even talk like a pirate while we were in the car. Nope. Just me. I was the only Soost to have fun with talk like a pirate day. Which is odd, cuz Ike watches Sponge Bob and knows how and usually does talk like a pirate.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just Food For Thought

Obviously, these are not my quotes, just passin' em on.

  • No one can gain inner peace by pouncing on it.
  • There is never enough time to do all the nothing you want.
  • I've got dreams hidden in places and extra smiles for when I am blue.
  • I think the pillow should be the peace symbol, not the dove. The pillow has more feathers than the dove and it doesn't have a beak to peck you with. (Jack Handey)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I was just watching Isaac's video. And I am 100% amazed at how fast and how much my kids have grown and changed. We moved here one year ago. I brought with me a three year old and a one year old. We still had our house in Gillette. How does that song go?--Livin' life in fast forward, now going to rewind real slow. or something like that. I don't mean to get so darn sappy, but you don't see them change until you look back. I miss my babies and am excited, and proud of the kids they are turning into.

It smells like fall at my house. I LOVE fall here in MT. Wyoming didn't have distinct seasons, but Montana does and I really like that. The leaves are just starting to turn colors. Chris saw a deer in our back yard the other night. It is starting to get cool here too.

I am finally starting to get some rhythm back into my life. I don't know why I was so whiny about going back to work. I suppose it was just because I hadn't been in so long. I like taking care of the house, the kids and cooking, but luckily I have a hubby that is helping out in the evenings when I am not home. This past weekend I was feeling energetic so I froze a bunch of meals for Chris to make for supper. It just makes everything go faster and smoother. But I think I am starting to catch up on everything. It just seemed that I would go to work and go to sleep and nothing was getting attention, but I think things are much better now. No news, just a new season and a beautiful one at that. I think this year I will have to remember to keep my camera close by.


So Grandma Dixie is sending me SMILE BOXES. I love them and am trying to post them because they are great. One is of Isaac and the other is of Zoey. Grandma Dixie you are the scrapbooking Queen! Hope you don't mind my sharing.
  • Isaac falls asleep every day in the truck after Chris picks him up from school. However, when asked about it he promptly says "No, I didn't"
  • We were eating supper the other night and I can't remember exactly what we were talking about but Isaac says to Chris "You can do that when you are old?"
  • Isaac is already singing songs about the universe and the Milky Way, that he learned in school.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

A quick hello

Well, I have to admit that I like to be busy. This weekend I had a couple of football games last night and a couple of soccer games today. I was actually running yesterday due to all of the busyness! In the mean time my husband is playing host to his grandparents who have driven out to visit us. I hope I get the chance to say hi to them before they go.
They did bring out a bike for Zoey. Her first big girl bike. She is very excited about it, just like Ike was when he got his. Now we just have to wait for her to be ready for the bike, I think she should grow into it by the time she is about three and half or four so just another year or two. But she is up on Isaac, as he couldn't pedal at her age nor did he want to. She at least rides her trike and likes it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Just In Case You Were Wondering

So is Isaac really in school?? He is only 4. Missed the cut off date for kindergarten and is enrolled in Pre-K. Pre-K? You mean preschool? Nope. Not so much. Last year Isaac was in preschool. The day care lady took two hours out of each morning to teach numbers, letters, and listening skills. It was a 32 point program that was very beneficial to Isaac. This year, however, Isaac is in Pre-K. He is enrolled in a school called Individualized Education Center. It is in the same building as our current daycare, but in a separate area. Even when he needs care before and after school-he will not be at the daycare, but downstairs at school. He will be attending 4 days a week from 9am to 3pm with a Montessori teaching system and licensed school teacher. This school only teaches Pre-K, Kindergarten and First grade, but they are taught together in the same room. He will be learning math, reading, language, Spanish (I think) and other skills. The Montessori learning system is very different for me, but it should be a good program for Isaac and I have been told that they integrate pretty well into the public school system. So in a nutshell that is the difference between last year in preschool and this year in pre-k. I will let you form your own decision if he is going to school or not this year.
Today I got the kids immunized. What a mess that gets to be. I decided to take them to the county health department. I didn't have their current records with me, I just brought the paper the daycare gave me, showing which ones needed to be updated. Zoey was in the computer with her name miss spelled and the date of her last shots posted on month before she was born. Isaac was not in the computer. After fixing all that, we wondered if Isaac needed more shots. He is old enough for them, so what the heck, he needs them at least before kindergarten if nothing else. Zoey got one, Isaac got four. Both cried for the poke, but were very good. Especially after getting cookies, stickers, books and a free ice cream from McDonald's. Not sure they even remembered the shots after all that.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Zoey and Isaac had a day of imagination on Monday. Isaac did a lot of surf boarding while Zoey was snowboarding. She was wearing the fireman's outfit that day saying" I'm wearing a costume."
Isaac's favorite part of today--"I didn't have to take a nap." said in the tone of ha ha mommy wanted me to and I didn't.
Conversation on the way home tonight--
Isaac tomorrow is show and tell. You need to bring
something that reminds you of your grandparents.
Isaac" Like my special magic flying rocks?"
Me " They fly?"
Isaac "I haven't seen them fly, but I think they do."

The First Day Of School

I am probably twice as excited as Isaac! He did well getting ready to go today. We get there, and figure out the new routine and find where things are. Then I make Isaac put his back pack back on so that I can take a picture of him in his class room for his first day of school. I have already called his teacher today. Yes, I will be one of THOSE moms. Actually, Isaac has been out of speech therapy for a year now, mostly due to the stress of the move last year and my inability to find proper services. So I gave the teacher a call to see what she had to say about her program and how it might help Isaac. She is going to screen him and will be able to have someone else do an assessment if there are any flags. If he still needs therapy someone will come to the school and work with him. I wish it had been that easy last year. But anyway we are back on top of things now. Plus, she let me know that he is doing fine today and shows "with it" skills (following directions and whatnot). I do feel good that I did not cry. I know so many Moms that cry when their kids go off to school. But here I am with two kids. I can feed them and dress them, but now I fear there is much more to it than that. I have to remember show and tell. And the teacher is specific. Tomorrow is something grandparent related. I have to remember this every week. I barely remember my own stuff to bring! I hope there is not much homework. We all know in the years to come I can't help him with chemistry!

Poor Zoey lost in the mess. She has to be exactly like Isaac and I haven't gotten to the point where I just automatically do everything in 2s yet. When I did Ik's pictures, I did hers also, but I made her wait on the slippers and plant. Oh--she does not like to be left out!

I have recently taken many pictures of the kids, so they will be soon to come. I usually don't have a problem taking pictures of Ike so I didn't take very many. Zoey on the other hand is a stinker so I took about 50! I used Dixie's technique to just keep pushing the button and eventually you will get something good. And I bet out of the 50 I got about 4 good ones!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

I keep forgetting

An eerie feeling--when it feels like rain, but you don't know if it is cloudy or not. It hasn't been quite that smokey recently, but its spookey. Last night we went to the football game and left at half time. By the time we got home and kids in jams it was pouring. This morning there was water standing in our lawn furniture. How absolutely wonderful.

I almost forgot--I have made it here a year! I look back at what I was doing a year ago and it makes me feel bored, or that I should be doing more. Between finding a house, daycare, packing for the kids, running around picking them up and dropping them off and ususally taking them to work with me. Life is a lot less hectic now.

But--A whole new time is upon us. I picked up the kids from daycare yesterday and Isaac had his blanky. I asked if it was time to wash it again. He said no, but I am not going to daycare anymore, I have school. He was right. The next time I drop him off it willl be at school and not upstairs at the daycare. Holy Cow, how did this day come so fast. I have been working for a few weeks now, so I knew it was coming, but already? We have to get him a hair cut, new slippers and probably some pants that don't make him look like he is waiting for a flood. I can't believe how much he has grown too. I haven't measured my kids in over a year. I used to do it in their room about every six months or so (whenever it looked like they grew). But I did it right on the wall not realizing that 4 years later I wouldn't be able to pack it in my car on the move to MT. I still have the urge to mark it on the wall, but am waiting until I get a paper one that can be saved in their baby books or something.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Weekly Update

I honestly can't believe this is Friday already! While some days have seemed very long, overall I just don't know where the time went.
Monday Chris won 4 dollars on a lottery ticket. He also knew the sound bite on the radio station. called in and won 2 meals at McDonalds, 2 movie passes to the new movie theater, a free bag of popcorn while we are there and a tee shirt.
Tuesday the 9th grade had a football scrimmage against Flathead (where I worked last year). It was a different feeling, but I think we will all get used to having 2 schools here soon. Chris had a bowling meeting, so I actually spent some time with the kids! Chris still got to cook supper, but after we went out and kicked the ball around some. I did this so much more with Isaac when he was younger than I have with Zoey. She can (soccer)dribble the ball very well, but I can't get her to be a little competitive. I wanted to use another word to make that sound better. But Isaac and I would race to the ball to see who could kick it first, well Zoey runs to the ball and lays on it. Now no one can kick it and the game has stopped. We ended the evening with dilly bars and bedtime. While Chris was at his meeting he got a phone call letting him know he got the job with NOMAD. This should be fabulous!!! He will be starting at more money than what he is making now, plus they have quick advancement. Chris is excited about working 4 days a week again.
Thursday--I was home at a decent time last night, but I don't think I accomplished anything.
I am going to take the kids to the Flathead varsity football game tonight for however long they last. Glacier is out of town so I will see how the kids from last year are doing as well as the new athletic trainer. Chris is going to climb Bomber Mountain again this weekend with my brother Bill. I will work Glacier's first home volleyball game tomarrow. Then I have two more days to play with the kids.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bringing Montana to You

I don't know how this works, so I am just giving it a try. The videos I posted are from my camera and not the video recorder so they are short and there will be NO sound.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

short update

We got a small short rain the other day and a lot of wind. It cleared the smoke out of the valley for about two days. It actually smelled great here for a short time. It is settleing back in again.
Isaac gets tired of waiting for Zoey and I to catch up to him when he needs a push on his bike so he learned how to start himself. No more pushes needed, but welcomed.
Chris had a job interview the other day for Nomad Technologies. They build communication trucks/portable stations for various companies around the country including our government. He would be excited to work 4 days a week again, but we haven't heard back yet. Not sure about the pay. I think we are just going to keep our options open for now.
I didn't get the hours I was hoping for. For the time being I am working 6 days a week with a pay cut and no summers off. The kids are in daycare 5 days a week now for full days. I think they are doing well with that. I don't know was I supposed to check on that? I drop them off in the morning and they are clean and smiley. I guess that's good?? Actually Zoey has stopped crying when I drop her off at daycare. I hate when they cry and then you just have to hand her over to the caregiver and run fast as to not make matters worse.

Monday, August 20, 2007

after thought

I almost forgot. Last night while we were bowling, we were sitting there waiting for our turn and Isaac looks at Chris and says "You're a great dad." Doesn't that just make your heart melt. Not I kinda like ya or you are a good dad, but GREAT. In case no one can tell I am pretty proud of my crazy little Isaac!

Another New Milestone

We had a pretty good weekend. The Northwest Montana Fair was on in Kalispell. Gillette does not really have a "fair" so it was nice to go and see everything. The kids got to ride some rides and eat junk food like cotton candy. We did that on Saturday.
On Sunday we took Isaac's training wheels off his bike. I don't know if he was ready or truly if I was ready. But he was getting a little out of control with those training wheels and I told Chris we had to do it. Isaac did so well. It took him about 10 minutes to learn. He still doesn't know how to break, but we have practiced that too and he is getting better. I was so excited for him this weekend, he just does so well at everything.
Last night we went bowling with some friends. Ike and Zoey bowled some and really enjoyed that. I had one good game of about 106, everything else stunk. Chris has joined a bowling league and will be doing that on Tuesday nights.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Back to School

This week has been 100% busy. All sports started on Monday. I don't have my training room ready yet. Just got ice yesterday. I don't have mornings off anymore, so I have been getting up early and working late, plus the smoke is just getting worse so I think that is slowing me down a bit as well. After practice I have been giving massages and Tuesday we gave a sports medicine conference for the coaches in Erueka (probably more than an hour north of here).
Chris's birthday was yesterday. He is now 32. We went out to eat at Byerly's. Since the kids did not seem hungry, it was a long meal. Zoey ate her ranch with her fingers and none of her chicken. Isaac tore his corndog apart, but didn't eat it. Chris told Zoey that if she didn't eat she would have to go sit in the car by herself. To Chris's surprize she opted for the car.
This moringing I got a packet of info for Isaac to start school. I can't believe he is in school! (or will be on Sept 4). His school list is different than mine was when I was his age. He needs rubber soled plain inside slippers, any size indoor plant or tree, change of clothes and a picture of himself. I got a list of events through out the year listing conferences, thanksgiving feast, christmas bazaar, graduation and play. He even gets a spring break! I am so excited for him. Yesterday I asked him what he did that was fun (as he already told me he had fun all day) and he said he did a paper. Which means he did a dot to dot or counting or letters or something. So I think he will really like going to school. Every day he will have math, reading, language, circle (calendar, weather, presentations, graphing, experiments ect), listening comprehension/rest and this year they will be rotating times for spanish/art/keyboarding/pe. Plus they have the option to take swim lessons, which cost extra of course.
This all comes of course with fund raisers. They collect box tops, ink cartridges and soup lables for anyone who would like to help out. Labels include: Campbell's, Pepperidge Farm, Pace Sauce, Prego, Swanson and V8 products.