Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it. ~Russel Baker

I so do not want the summer to end. It has gone by so stinkin fast and I want more. But I have to say that I did not waste my summer away--it has been wonderful:)

Last saturday Isaac had his first fooball camp. It was held at the high school practice field and the high school kids had several stations to work on different skills. First Game Saturday the 20th.

Tuesday was Chris's 36th birthday. I asked the kids what they thought we should do for their Dad's birthday. They were set on having a surprise party. I thought it would be fun, but wasn't real sure how to put it together. It would help if he had a regular schedule, but then again Chris and I don't really believe in being regualr. My thought was this: Invite his friends over for supper and whatnot, make sure Chris took Ike to football practice and we would decorate while he was gone. I totally knew better so I told everyone it was a psuedo surprise party. And here's what actually happened. The kids both wanted to help decorate so we decorated early. I was hoping that Chris would get home late since he worked in Sheridan, but he was home by four. The kids hid and jumped out and yelled surprise when he came home. He opened his prensents from us asked if anyone was coming over and Ike replies "Of course! Lots of people." So I send Ike and Chris to football while people arrive here. But our friends didn't want to be left out of the surprise so they yelled surprise also when Chris got back the second time. Note for next time: Don't tell the kids. Apparently, Isaac had a whole conversation that I didn't know about with Chris the night before, because he was just too excited to keep it all a surprise. AND when you live directly behind the boxelder business center--use their parking so that the person being surprised doen't have to drive down the block to find a parking space to get to his own home.

I have been having fun hanging out with the kids. We went swimming yesterday. We had Zoey's first soccer practice. I am now officially the coach and am praying the parents will help me out. Now that it has started I have to admidt that I am much more excited to be coaching, but we will see how it goes. This year we will have refs and goalies--but the girls are not worried as they have all played before and each told me "They already now all about soccer and how to play it." We will be cardinal red this year. Zoey got all new gear this season. Isaac did not tell me that his cleats were tight last spring when he played baseball, but his foot didn't even fit into the shoe for football!! He grew 2 sizes and the lady at the store looked at me like I was crazy asking for a size 5 or 5 1/2 for my second grader. What can I say--he apparently had a growth spurt.

So practice tonight. Chris had to drive to Casper on his day off so he is not here. Working tomorrow. Isaac's first football game is on Saturday with team pictures at 8 am. After the game I will be off to Sundance for the Bike MS event they hold every year. I have volunteered to provide massage to the bikers again this year. That reminds me--I so totally wanted to go to Sturgis this year. I was all geared up--but the week went by before I knew what happened and another year missed. May be next year.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once. ~Jennifer Yane

Haven't blogged in a while cuz I haven't had the time. Crazy Hectic is all I have to say. The kids were coming to work with me for a while. A lot of kids swapping which was fun. A huge thank you to the village that it takes to raise your kids! My village is amazing! I finally got Ike and Zoey signed up for kids camp. Which of course is a whole ordeal in itself. Isaac has hated kids camp for three years and Zoey not only has begged me to go for three years, but now that she is old enough to go she thought I was being mean to her not letting her go this summer. So still my kids have been swimming, bowling, playing dodge ball and kickball, making crafts, going to ice cream land and then coming home and playing in the sprinkler, going for walks with Twister and just running to no end.

Zoey has been signed up for soccer and of course they can't find a coach and the rec center has asked me to do it. I have NOT said yes yet, but I guess we will see. Isaac started football this week. Parent meeting and equipment pick up last night. So many things--at his physical the doc asked if we were considering getting him contacts which will make things for sports easier--he's only 8! But his stats are Hight: 4 feet 7 and 3/4 inches tall Weight: 76 pounds. Then, of course, I have never attended a football game as a parent and you mix that with the fact that all of the football games I have been to in the last 15 years I have worked them. So I did let the coach know that I am an athletic trainer, but I don't think he knows what that is as his response was "a lot of the parents have some first aid training through work." He has practices two to three times a week plus a game every week until the end of September. But he gets to go to football camp with the high school kids and a walk out night at one of the home high school football games. Isaac keeps telling Zoey she needs to wear his pads so that he can practice his tackling on her and that way it won't hurt of course. While waiting for the equipment the kids were playing and rough housing as football players should and of course Zoey was in the mix getting tackled by all the boys and when we get home she asks if she can play football too. She is going to be one tough cookie, but she sure is not afraid to hang out with the boys!!!

Work has been busy--super great! We are still trying to cram in a couple weekends of camping before school starts on the 29th. Chris's birthday is in there somewhere and as soon as I get a couple of more scheduling items straightened out I will let you know when I am coming back to MN for a quick trip. I think I am missing the reunion this weekend which really sucks, but may be I can come back for Stacey's wedding or something--who knows--you know me it will be last minute and a whirl wind and we will all just keep our fingers crossed that all works out as best it can.