Thursday, June 24, 2010

A day with Isaac

Well look at me! I went to Enrichment with Isaac today. It is his last day and he thought I would like it. So far we have listened to a folk story, flown kites, made homemade icecream and butter and had lunch. It has been interesting and now we are sitting in Techno Tooles. With it being the last day everyone just has free time on the computer. Most are playing games, but Isaac and one of his school mates are on They create a path (a line) for a little sledder dude to ride. The sledder dude crashes alot. Defnately pictures to follow. Actually he has one class left--Elementary Sports--where he gets to go bowling. However, I did not know that he was going bowling today and I did not send him with any socks.

I am so glad he has this class but the computer I am using does not have an "N" key and that seems to be annoying as I am using that button more than I thought I would. However, now finally we are having some warm sunshine:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds

So much is going on these days. A couple nights ago, I went to the Rec Center to work out and as I am enjoying the purpley sky and lightening, I am listening to the radio let me know that we had a tornado watch until midnight. I was just hoping that if a tornado came they would let me know in time as I was working out on the second floor of a glass building! We did not get much interesting weather that night, I don't really even think it rained. We did get really nasty wind that woke us all up the next morning. The tornado that was supposed to hit apparently moved on to Minnesota and destroyed quite a bit of southern Minnesota. I have only seen a few pictures posted on Amy's blog. But while buildings are still standing much repair will need to be done at my in laws and they apparently lost a lot of trees, down power lines, crazy stuff.

We have been getting more rain than normal still, but it hasn't slowed us down much. However, instead of working on the house (as I have such high intentions of doing) I instead have been watching movies and reading books. Isaac once in a while will claim that he doesn't like kids camp, but is so excited to tell me about his day and loves to pack his lunch. They have been making play dough, paper airplanes and contests, making homemade ice cream, swimming and playing games. He had finished up his first week at Enrichment. We finally got the bus schedule figured out after a call to the bus barn. The first day we waited, but it was late and I just didn't have the time, so I dropped him off myself. But since then he rides it there and back everyday about 20 minutes each way. I do get nervous about him finding the right bus, but I haven't lost him yet. He is taking storytelling/art. He got to do watercolor the first day and after that he worked with clay. He is taking kids concoctions which is just crazy. The first day he came home with oobleck (goo) which is a colloid and I was forced to not only recall what a colloid was but name the three colloids in my refrigerator. The second day he brought home several different types of polymers and he has made homemade sidewalk chalk and a rainbow in a baggie (its pretty, but I'm not really sure what to do with it). He is taking techno tooles. He doesn't really bring anything home from that class except homemade stickers--its kinda a computer class. He is also taking elementary sports. He did plyos on the first day and he's only seven.

In addition to this we have been attending baseball and softball games. Isaac usually plays catcher, but two games ago he got hit several times and a couple of times where he had no padding. He didn't get hurt, but that doesn't mean it didn't suck and so of course he doesn't want to play catcher anymore. He has become afraid of the ball, but I was so glad Chris got him to play a little bit of catcher in the last game. Not that he needs to play that position, but I really want him to get over his fear.

So the days are filling up and filling fast. I don't think I will be home for Grandpa's Wedding Reception, but who knows if I show up on a whim. I don't really want to miss it. But we are still working on the house. My car will get some of the hail damaged fixed next week and we will hopefully now by then how the roof faired as well. Anyone want to come help roof????

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thought I had a quicky moment to blog, but I got a little sidetracked. I hope it turned out ok. Guess I will post a little later.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Man cannot live on chocolate alone, but woman sure can. ~Author Unknown

Random late night rambling---
What a day!! Actually yesterday I was sick and got nothing done in the house. At All. The past few days I was having allergies and figured I should just suck it up. So we went to church and blessed the motorcycles for safe travels. And that was it for me. By the afternoon I couldn't turn my head and finally decided to check my temp--100.1. But the kids were good and both slept through the night. This morning my phone rings at 5:30am. Usually not a good sign in recent months, but it was just the rec center and I had missed it--It rings again. A personal training client askes "Is this the right day? Did we have an appointment today?" "Yes, we have an appointment at 5:30 this evening." She is not sure if that time works for her, I am not really awake--told her I'd call her back.
It is the first full week out on summer break. Last night Ike was not too excited about starting kids camp. I say"you don't want to play at the new rec center all day?" "Oh, its at the new rec center and we can swim and play games?" Yup--at the very same place you always ask to go to silly. So he packed his lunch this morning. He loves bringing a lunch as well as putting it together himself. However, I just realized some of the problem we had with this last year. I don't always clean out his lunch box until the next morning which tends to leave us short on ice packs. OOPS. So I drop Zoey off at daycare--reassuring her that she WANTS to play with her friends. I get Isaac to the rec center, but we go in the main rec center door instead of the enterance for the field house so we walk around wait in line to be registered. As we walk into to field house Isaac says "This isn't a farm." I am not sure if he thought they called it a farm house or if he just thought fields and farms went together, but it was kinda funny. I try to figure out which line is for his age group and wait in the wrong line so we head to the back of the longest line. Get him registered and off I go. My first client is personal training so I just need to head back to the rec center, but am running later than usual. Turns out fine as my client is also running late. But with massages to give right after I am still my frantic self. My schedule changed a few times. Gave three back to back massages. Now its after 4 and I have not picked up any of my children. Kids camp ends at 5 as does the kids zone that usually watches my kids if I have after school clients. So I pick them up and attempt to drop them off at home with Chris, but just like my day his schedule has also changed and he is not home. We travel back to the rec center--I don't change into my workout clothes just change shoes and the three of us wait for my last client to show up. Without day care I was hoping to have the kids play basketball, cuz I think they are old enough to be in there and I can pretty much see them from whereever I am at. But Zoey is mad that I don't let her run laps in the field house and I am trying to keep both of them close to me until my client arrives so they watch the rock climbers for a while. We did go play some basketball for a short time, but the "I can call you at 5am lady" never showed. So irritating!!! But Isaac did enjoy kids camp today. He made a boomerang and played at the park. Some kids from his class were there for him to play with. By the time we got home it was after 6 and we were all hungry and tired and wouldn't you know it--the chef forgot to show up too--so we had pizza for supper--from the freezer. Now to play catch up from yesterday--no one can find their clothes (even the ones IN their dressers).

Thursday, June 3, 2010

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. ~Margaret Atwood

Chris went to the Mule Deer Banquet a few weeks ago and looky at what he won. Yup a brand new Winchester (that we have put in the hands of our children). The raffle ticket came with his beer glass and was the only thing he purchased all night. He was more than excited!!!!!

Zoey's soccer season is over and tho the springtime wind was not all that pleasant--she very much enjoyed herself.

Isaac has started baseball. He totally loves it!! Mostly he plays catcher and with this brings a new manly milestone. His first cup.

Chris is the coach of Isaac's baseball team. He enjoys it, but has found out that it is a little more work than he thought it might be. So far we have had a couple of games rained out, but they are doing pretty good.
Our garden was quite a project this year. I marked it out last year with the existing railway ties. This year we pulled out all the grass, tilled it a few times and planted some strawberries, watermelon, pumpkins, cucumbers and corn. We are not sure how it will go just seeing what will happen.
So I don't know really what's all going on. When its sunny the neighbor girls are over a lot to play with the kids. Last week Zoey finished preschool (forever) which kinda makes me sad. She knows now that she has to wait till fall to start kindergarten, but keeps asking me when the fall time is. It will truly be a long summer for her. Isaac had his last day of first grade today and I let him have a friend over for the night. For now Zoey will just be attending her daycare for the summer. No major plans just yet as gymnastics is leaving Gillette. With no high school gymnastics brings no free program. The same lady is still running a free activity program, but its not specifically gymnastics. There are some club programs that are crazy expensive, so we just have to see. Swim lessons are somewhere in the future. Ike on the other hand is signed up for baseball, kids kamp at the rec center and enrichment so he will be super busy at least through July and then sign ups again.
Yesterday we had some medical fun. Isaac woke up about 5:30 am with his nasty croupy cough. I gave him some of the delsym that the doc had suggested I bring to MN with me and sent him to the showers. He sounded better so I took him to the school nurse first. She listened to him with wide eyes and asked if I had medicine for that. She was very concerned. So I took him to the doc. And I tell you--I have never seen one person mystify and scare so many docs all at once. He freaks them out!!! She says " I think we should start steroids, but I wish I could see in there and see what's going on." Not surprising from Dr. Thomas she is very hands on. She asks me if she thinks the ears nose throat doc will remember him from December. Well duh? Every doc in Gillette was staring at him in amazement. So she calls him (in hopes of a scope, which she doesn't get) but he says to add Advair and an epipen to the prescription. Fine. Whatever. So we wait forever at Walmart to get our prescription filled and the pharmacist reads the bottle of steroid to me AND THEN realized how high of a dose that is. He asks Isaac how old he is and goes and talks to the other pharm guy who totally agrees that it is a high dose. Isaac is taking the HIGHEST dose you can give a 7 year old without turning his insides out. Pretty much they all think he is going to stop breathing at any moment--hence the epipen. I obviously don't want machines to breath for him again and I understand that medicine in the past has not always worked, but I still feel some over reacting going on. Plus the advair he takes twice a day was super expensive and I have no way of knowing if he is actually sucking all the medicine out--so that bugs me. If I am paying for it and want to know if it is helping or not I want to know if its actually in him or not. Oh well. I sent him back to school after the doc app and he went to school with out restriction today as well.
And for some good spring fun we had a super hail storm. We were actually got hit moderately as south of us got his less and north got hit harder. We had about ping pong size stones while north of us got the golf ball size hail. We did get damage. Our garden got hit pretty good and all of our vehicles. I don't know the outcome of our roof yet. It was craziness and lasted much longer than I anticipated, but we got hit twice that night. There was some minor flooding and I am always amazed at how hail just accumulates and has to be removed like snow.