Monday, February 13, 2012

Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart. ~Author Unknown

Good times this past weekend. Friday we stayed home and just relaxed. Popcorn and movies on TV. Saturday we all slept in and vegged all morning. We finished our taxes and finished the day with a knitting party, pizza and some wine. The kids played great and Brianna had sleepover with Zoey (our house). Sunday we made it to church. I was impressed that even with an extra kid, I made it at the same time I usually do! After Sunday school I helped the kids work on Valentine's for their class. They each picked out Alvin and the Chipmunks cards with airhead candy. We went to the Gillette Wild hockey game. They lost, but were fun to watch. They played three games this past weekend which will keep me busy this week. I do enjoy Sunday night TV. I have gotten hooked on Once Upon a Time and Desperate Housewives.

Today I decided to have my first ever chiropractic adjustment. I decided to do this, not because I have pain, but because the business I went to also works with the hockey team. I need someone to refer to and can't do that if I have no idea what they do. Plus I did recently have some pretty crazy neck pain. Apparently I should have seen a chiro sooner (like after either of the car accidents where I broke the windshield with my head) as I was hard to adjust. I feel good and plan to go back, but holy scary! The techniques he used (while I don't find them overly aggressive) still pushed the wind out me and made my joints make all kinds of noises. Something I think you would have to get used to. I have considered many times to take Zoey. We will see how that turns out.

Ike has his Valentine's concert tonight. He is so funny. He said that his favorite song was Rock and Roll Valentine. However, my son isn't exactly the type to let go. While the rest of the boys rocked out with air guitar he just had his arms crossed. He's just too cute!

This month is filled with lots of fun stuff! So stay tuned for more updates