Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Possibly Possitive

So no plans for the holiday. I worked some and it rained some. The boys did camp out one night in the back yard though.

Today I made a sticker chart for Zoey. I have finally bought her some panties, which are often wet. But now she gets a sticker every time she uses the potty. Not sure that she's really an outside motivator, but we are trying. So since Zoey had a chart Ike wanted one too and for the first short while he wanted a sticker for going potty too. It probably would still be good for him, but I told him he was too old to get stickers for going potty and I wrote a list on his sticker sheet. He gets stickers for setting and clearing the table at meal times, putting away his toys and for brushing his teeth. Today not only did he ask me if he could brush his teeth, but he actually scrubbed the toothpaste onto his teeth!!! Usually we just get a very sad face and he sticks the brush into his mouth and that's it (when of course he actually does it) leaving tooth paste on his brush. So we are hoping this will bring a slightly cleaner room, some much needed fresh breath and a drier floor!

Well this news is the shocker. Chris had a softball game tonight and the kids and I arrived early so we went to the park and watched the ducks and geese. Just as I was about to head over to the softball park, I get a call from Chris asking me if I wanted to play softball. Well I didn't bring any tennis shoes or of course a glove. I don't own one since I have not played one game of softball since eighth grade! Nope not one, not with family, friends, Isaac. People on the team had extras. My first time up to bat I made it to first due to error as they bobbled the ball right next to the base! I was so lucky and actually proud as I made it home and scored one run for the team. I was walked once( without knowing it, some kind of co-ed rule) and apparently I hit a nice line drive too, but it was caught. The kids were great! I have never asked to be on a team as usually most consider it offensive to leave infants and toddlers unattended in a ball park with balls flying around. I have never been able to let go and just let them run around. But we knew people there and Isaac and Zoey played with friends. Actually we played a team that turned Chris down. So Chris hit his traditional homers and did score the winning run just to rub it in a little.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lets get a little motivated!!

This weekend is State Tourney time. Our softball coach has decided that this would be a great week for motivational speakers. Today I left the training room early to hear the speaker. They had Mac Bledsoe come and give a great talk about focus and motivation. He was really good.

Mac is Drew Bledsoe's dad. He was a coach and teacher for 30 years and now travels the United States as a motivational speaker. He lives in Kalispell and I have been hearing about him since I moved here. So I thought since I had the chance to see him, I had better take it. He nearly moved me to tears and the girls were speachless! I just realized that he is the founder and author of Parenting with Dignity books.

I have three very full days ahead and then I will be done. I may go in next week as well, but I am done with the training room for the summer. I have rescheduled the kids, so they are only in daycare 2 1/2 days a week, which I am very excited about.

Chris has found a co-ed softball league to play on this summer. He played for the first time last night. He had a great game!! A couple of homers and some really good plays. They definately want him to return. He may still be looking for a mens team to play on as well.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Small Town News

You know I love Small Town News on the David Letterman show. It cracks me up.

So I was driving into work and saw a furniture truck. On the back it said "On time when you want it". The only thing that popped into my head was a woman saying "Oh, could you be late, I just hate when people show up on time!". I know that is probably not what the sign ment, but really who doesn't want their stuff on time?

Gas, by the way is $3.23 a gallon. I have gone from driving 3 miles to work (in Gillette) to 20 miles to work (possibly a little more than that one way since daycare and the school are not real close). So I am definately noticing the difference. I just didn't realize it was going to increase so fast. I don't know what it will do by memorial day, but I think $4 will freak me out a bit.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Yesterday I actually planted a garden! I haven't done that in years. Once in Gillette I bought like 3 tomato plants and kept them in pots or something and had 2 blossoms and Ike picked them off. So really this is big for me. Its not a big garden, its more like a flowerbed transformed into a garden with a few flowers at the end. We put in sweet corn, zuccini, califlower, broccoli, bell peppers, hot peppers, raddishes, tomatoes. I think thats about it. Then next to the tulips I found in the garden (which didn't blossom this year) I planted hollyhocks and next to the house I put in some Dahlia bulbs (I suppose for next year). I have some lavender seeds to plant yet. I am thinking about putting that in front of the deck may be. The kids loved it. They liked seeing the different seeds and helping to plant. We found many different types of bugs. My kids are such weinees--neither one of them will touch or hold an earth worm! We did notice a tag in the yard for rhubarb, but if we have any Chris keeps mowing it over with the lawn mower.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is Summer Here Yet?

I can't wait until I get full days off at a time! I just plan to get too much done on the mornings I don't work. But really there is not that much time. By the time I feed the kids breakfast, get them dressed, possibly have a snack--then I need to get ready for work and vola hurry up and eat your lunch or we'll be late! I definately need to plan ahead better.

I have unofficially started my own little tiny business. I am renting space from my boss to give massages two afternoons a week. I have been printing flyers, brochures, business cards and mingling with a few people (again time is a priceless item right now, its hard to sell yourself when you are traveling with two toddlers (ish)). I have a website up at http://hstrial-jsoost.homestead.com I don't think I have many blog readers in Montana, but I thought I'd let you all check it out anyway.

Isaac is on a growing spurt, eating everything in site. I told him he needs my permission to grow and that he had better ask. He doesn't like that very much. Zoey has a few minor cuts and scrapes from playing outside so she introduces herself as "Oey Oost I have an Ouie on my leg" to EVERYONE she sees. So the other day I went to wash my hands in our bathroom and there was no soap. I couldn't figure out where it went, so I asked Ike. Yup-he threw it away. Just thew it out cuz he felt like it. I thought that was so weird.

Chris's work had customer appreciation day today. I asked Chris if we could come eat, they were grilling hotdogs and hamburgers and of course the kids like to go to work with us. Chris doesn't exactly love his job. At all. But I was expecting it to be more like Blowdorn's customer appreciation-- which was almost fun to go to. It was at least friendly. And they would play dice games, everyone was generally happy and the contractors like to hang out there. This place was pretty uptight, even for me! Lets all hope and pray that DISH Network comes to Northwest Montana. It sounds like it could happen, but noone really knows just yet. Chris has definately been keeping his ears open to see when he can change jobs.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


The weather was great on Saturday so we went bike riding at Glacier. When we got home the kids ran through the sprinklers and at night we had a campfire and roasted marshyellows. Today was rainy. We became members of our church. We ate lunch at IHOP. By the time we got home naps for everyone was needed.
Yes, we now have an antelope head on our wall.

Chris was actually washing the dishes.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day a little early

We finally got a bike seat for Zoey so she can ride with me. (No more excuses not to go). Actually I like to go bike riding and we have been able to go as a family now. We can't really go on the trails just yet. Chris can't wait, so we have tried to take Isaac and his training wheels on the trails, but they get stuck. He pedals, but he just can't get anywhere. But I think the regular paths are fine.

I have been working on the strawberry beds some. I am excited to see the blossoms. Everyday Isaac asks if the strawberries are ready. He is sure he saw them grow.

Last night Isaac gave me my mother's day gift. He made a candle holder. It was a large baby food jar and he used tissue paper to create a mosaic all around. It was beautiful! It came with a hand made card and a self colored paper bag. This morning Zoey invited me to "Muffins and Me". When I dropped her off at daycare, Sandie had muffins and apple juice, special music and a light on the table that looked like a candle. Then Zoey presented me with her gift. She made a Spoonful of Love. I love spoonfuls of love. It was a spoon (long handled ice cream kind) with hersheys kisses and of course wishes. I loved it.

So last night on Letterman, was Dr. Phil. Who doesn't like Dr. Phil? He was talking about this kid who claims to have been caged by his father. How horrible is that? My point--Yes--He said that a person's personality is developed by the time they are 5, including things like confidence, self esteem. Well we only have 5 months until Isaac turns 5. I am pretty sure I had better hurry up and make sure I get things right!

Not sure about plans for the weekend, but pictures will be posted soon.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Little Too Early

So yesterday I was excited that Zoey had some consecutive nights of sleep. She was up twice last night so I guess I kind of messed that up. But she also doesn't get up at 5:30am any more its more like 7:30 AND if I put cartoons on before I hop in the shower she doesn't even barge in on me. She is so sweet.

I got a few erands done this morning and I took the kids to the park for playtime and a picnic. Its going to be pretty warm today.

Isaac is a total grouch head in the mornings when we get him up early for preschool. I think tomarrow I am going to try to get him up early, mabe a morning shower, something so I can get him in the car on time. If anyone has any good suggestions to ease early morning grouch head, please let me know. And by the way it is nearly a half hour drive to day care, so if I just leave him alone for the ride he is 100% better by the time we get there--happy and ready to go. Its just the getting up and into the car that we are having trouble with.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Just another weekend

This weekend was kind of a jumbled mess of events. I can't even remember Friday. Saturday was the big Archie Roe Track meet and the Kalispell Invite for tennis. So I set up for both meets early on. Then Chris dropped off Zoey so that he could play some softball. He is not on a team yet, but the docs I work for needed an extra for the Blastoff Tournament. Zoey was fun to have. I am sure I am the only athletic trainer you will see playing ring around the rosie at the finish line. And just so you know--she calls it ring around the posie. Plus this was the day that she told me she needed to go potty. I think if I had gotten her there on time each time we would have done well and I did try. But we had walked back to my car to get my coat and she was ready to go right there in the street. I just couldn't let that happen. Isaac stayed with Chris the whole day while we traded Zoey on and off. Over the weekend Chris played 5 games and really got beat up. He hasn't practiced all season and I don't think he warmed up much. He pulled a hammy, sprained his wrist and and got hit with a couple of balls. But he had some good hits including a homer and of course had a good time. I told him he is just getting old.
I really hate to blog this but its all I did yesterday. I napped. Thats it--just napped. When we got home from church, I was just plain tired. I blame it on all the ring around the posie from the day before ( a thirteen hour day and all of it outside in the sun) so this was not a ten or fifteen minute cat nap, it was all afternoon. Mabe I am the one getting old, but I am back to the saying "if the baby is sleeping so should you". Which by the way. Zoey has been sleeping so well!! I bet its been at least two weeks since I have been up with her for anything, probably not more than that. I am going to get spoiled (or fat) with all this sleep.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Balance or just a lot of Rambling

I can't believe that this is the first week of May! I have sucessfully made it through this crash landing of a job--I think. I have three weeks left of athletics and that includes hosting state softball this year. So I start thinking--I might still be going to the school during the last week of May to close up the training room and do some paperwork, but really I have a lot of time on my hands. So what do I do? I ask my boss for some office space and start advertising as a massage therapist again. Then I talk to the athletic director about starting up some performance enhancement programs for the athletes. I oringinally took this job because I thought that it would bring balance into my life. I have time to spend with my kids and summers to spend with my family and time to enjoy my career. However, it appears that no matter the outside factors I am still pretty much just crazy! It has been determined that 9 performance enhancement sessions would really be cutting it close especially since I have not started marketing yet. So with any luck I can make some extra money on Monday and Wednesday afternoons with massage, have tuesday/thursdays off and a half day on Friday (making daycare more affordable). I guess I am just going to have to start keeping up with the housework and have fun watching my kids swim in the river. However, that river is way up right now and flows pretty fast. So I guess may be I will have time to take them to some swimming lessons.
For those that haven't heard yet, the local hospital has offered to supply two certified athlteic trainers (one to each high school) for free next year. I don't work for the hospital and I am not crazy about returning to basically the same job I had in Gillette. So we'll see what happens for next year.
I am still making it to Minnesota during July. I will leave Montana June 28th with hopes of arriving late on the 29th. I will be driving and spending the night in Gillette. I am so excited.

Rain Rain Go Away

Its raining out today so I am giving the kids a movie day. Actually Isaac tells me Sponge Bob is on in the mornings so they don't need to watch a movie.

Which as it turns out Isaac has had a lot to say this morning. We were making scrambled eggs for breakfast and Isaac asked something about Chris. I told him that Daddy had eggs for breakfast and he had already eaten. "Where's Dad" Isaac asks. "At work" I tell him. "So you're all we got?" Like I am chopped liver. "I like Dad better" Whatever. Shortly after that I got a little lecure from Ike. This morning I gave both Isaac and Zoey sippies. They both guzzled them right down and then Isaac tells me I am not supposed to give him sippies anymore. He is a big boy. He is not a baby. He kept saying "Mommy I am not a baby".