Monday, May 7, 2007

Just another weekend

This weekend was kind of a jumbled mess of events. I can't even remember Friday. Saturday was the big Archie Roe Track meet and the Kalispell Invite for tennis. So I set up for both meets early on. Then Chris dropped off Zoey so that he could play some softball. He is not on a team yet, but the docs I work for needed an extra for the Blastoff Tournament. Zoey was fun to have. I am sure I am the only athletic trainer you will see playing ring around the rosie at the finish line. And just so you know--she calls it ring around the posie. Plus this was the day that she told me she needed to go potty. I think if I had gotten her there on time each time we would have done well and I did try. But we had walked back to my car to get my coat and she was ready to go right there in the street. I just couldn't let that happen. Isaac stayed with Chris the whole day while we traded Zoey on and off. Over the weekend Chris played 5 games and really got beat up. He hasn't practiced all season and I don't think he warmed up much. He pulled a hammy, sprained his wrist and and got hit with a couple of balls. But he had some good hits including a homer and of course had a good time. I told him he is just getting old.
I really hate to blog this but its all I did yesterday. I napped. Thats it--just napped. When we got home from church, I was just plain tired. I blame it on all the ring around the posie from the day before ( a thirteen hour day and all of it outside in the sun) so this was not a ten or fifteen minute cat nap, it was all afternoon. Mabe I am the one getting old, but I am back to the saying "if the baby is sleeping so should you". Which by the way. Zoey has been sleeping so well!! I bet its been at least two weeks since I have been up with her for anything, probably not more than that. I am going to get spoiled (or fat) with all this sleep.

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