Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Little Too Early

So yesterday I was excited that Zoey had some consecutive nights of sleep. She was up twice last night so I guess I kind of messed that up. But she also doesn't get up at 5:30am any more its more like 7:30 AND if I put cartoons on before I hop in the shower she doesn't even barge in on me. She is so sweet.

I got a few erands done this morning and I took the kids to the park for playtime and a picnic. Its going to be pretty warm today.

Isaac is a total grouch head in the mornings when we get him up early for preschool. I think tomarrow I am going to try to get him up early, mabe a morning shower, something so I can get him in the car on time. If anyone has any good suggestions to ease early morning grouch head, please let me know. And by the way it is nearly a half hour drive to day care, so if I just leave him alone for the ride he is 100% better by the time we get there--happy and ready to go. Its just the getting up and into the car that we are having trouble with.

1 comment:

Meg said...

I was Early Morning Grouch Head every day until I discovered coffee.

When I was 25.

So, good luck with the Ike-man. ;) Is he a night person?