Monday, May 21, 2007


Yesterday I actually planted a garden! I haven't done that in years. Once in Gillette I bought like 3 tomato plants and kept them in pots or something and had 2 blossoms and Ike picked them off. So really this is big for me. Its not a big garden, its more like a flowerbed transformed into a garden with a few flowers at the end. We put in sweet corn, zuccini, califlower, broccoli, bell peppers, hot peppers, raddishes, tomatoes. I think thats about it. Then next to the tulips I found in the garden (which didn't blossom this year) I planted hollyhocks and next to the house I put in some Dahlia bulbs (I suppose for next year). I have some lavender seeds to plant yet. I am thinking about putting that in front of the deck may be. The kids loved it. They liked seeing the different seeds and helping to plant. We found many different types of bugs. My kids are such weinees--neither one of them will touch or hold an earth worm! We did notice a tag in the yard for rhubarb, but if we have any Chris keeps mowing it over with the lawn mower.

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