Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is Summer Here Yet?

I can't wait until I get full days off at a time! I just plan to get too much done on the mornings I don't work. But really there is not that much time. By the time I feed the kids breakfast, get them dressed, possibly have a snack--then I need to get ready for work and vola hurry up and eat your lunch or we'll be late! I definately need to plan ahead better.

I have unofficially started my own little tiny business. I am renting space from my boss to give massages two afternoons a week. I have been printing flyers, brochures, business cards and mingling with a few people (again time is a priceless item right now, its hard to sell yourself when you are traveling with two toddlers (ish)). I have a website up at I don't think I have many blog readers in Montana, but I thought I'd let you all check it out anyway.

Isaac is on a growing spurt, eating everything in site. I told him he needs my permission to grow and that he had better ask. He doesn't like that very much. Zoey has a few minor cuts and scrapes from playing outside so she introduces herself as "Oey Oost I have an Ouie on my leg" to EVERYONE she sees. So the other day I went to wash my hands in our bathroom and there was no soap. I couldn't figure out where it went, so I asked Ike. Yup-he threw it away. Just thew it out cuz he felt like it. I thought that was so weird.

Chris's work had customer appreciation day today. I asked Chris if we could come eat, they were grilling hotdogs and hamburgers and of course the kids like to go to work with us. Chris doesn't exactly love his job. At all. But I was expecting it to be more like Blowdorn's customer appreciation-- which was almost fun to go to. It was at least friendly. And they would play dice games, everyone was generally happy and the contractors like to hang out there. This place was pretty uptight, even for me! Lets all hope and pray that DISH Network comes to Northwest Montana. It sounds like it could happen, but noone really knows just yet. Chris has definately been keeping his ears open to see when he can change jobs.

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