Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snow: a form of precipitation that usually occurs three weeks prior to and the morning of your departure from your ski vacation. ~Author Unknown

Well time still flies and not so sure how to slow it down! Zoey had a birthday party/sleep over with one of her girlfriends last Saturday. She had a great time, but sounded like it was quite the houseful!. On the way home from picking her up however, my car broke again. I cannot wait until I get a new vehicle. It was a berring or something. Not fun.

Brandon and his clan got here on Sunday and headed stright up to Bozeman in case of bad weather. Chris worked pretty late so we left very early Monday morning. Yes, we let our kids spend some important family time and took them out of school. Not my idea, but I suppose I wasn't willing to stay home with them while everyone else was out boarding. We stayed at a cabin a few miles from the Bridger Bowl Ski Resort. Roads were windy, and the neighbor had wolves and other wild animals for photographic purposes. It was a nice log cabin though with an outdoor hot tub. We spent 3 and a half days of snowboarding and drove back on Thursday. The kids learned so fast. They both can beat me down the mountian with no problem. Zoey skiied and I think that her ice skating enhanced her abilities!! Isaac snowboarded and we had to teach him not to stop with his butt, however, buy the time we left he was doing great. When we got back we took everyone out for fried pickles with peanutbutter--YUM.

Well the pics didn't really load the way I had thought, but hey--they are there!:)

The next few days have been a slow go and getting back to real life. Working on the kid's homework and doing laundry.