Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Possibly Possitive

So no plans for the holiday. I worked some and it rained some. The boys did camp out one night in the back yard though.

Today I made a sticker chart for Zoey. I have finally bought her some panties, which are often wet. But now she gets a sticker every time she uses the potty. Not sure that she's really an outside motivator, but we are trying. So since Zoey had a chart Ike wanted one too and for the first short while he wanted a sticker for going potty too. It probably would still be good for him, but I told him he was too old to get stickers for going potty and I wrote a list on his sticker sheet. He gets stickers for setting and clearing the table at meal times, putting away his toys and for brushing his teeth. Today not only did he ask me if he could brush his teeth, but he actually scrubbed the toothpaste onto his teeth!!! Usually we just get a very sad face and he sticks the brush into his mouth and that's it (when of course he actually does it) leaving tooth paste on his brush. So we are hoping this will bring a slightly cleaner room, some much needed fresh breath and a drier floor!

Well this news is the shocker. Chris had a softball game tonight and the kids and I arrived early so we went to the park and watched the ducks and geese. Just as I was about to head over to the softball park, I get a call from Chris asking me if I wanted to play softball. Well I didn't bring any tennis shoes or of course a glove. I don't own one since I have not played one game of softball since eighth grade! Nope not one, not with family, friends, Isaac. People on the team had extras. My first time up to bat I made it to first due to error as they bobbled the ball right next to the base! I was so lucky and actually proud as I made it home and scored one run for the team. I was walked once( without knowing it, some kind of co-ed rule) and apparently I hit a nice line drive too, but it was caught. The kids were great! I have never asked to be on a team as usually most consider it offensive to leave infants and toddlers unattended in a ball park with balls flying around. I have never been able to let go and just let them run around. But we knew people there and Isaac and Zoey played with friends. Actually we played a team that turned Chris down. So Chris hit his traditional homers and did score the winning run just to rub it in a little.

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Meg said...

Jara! Creative parenting (stickers for brushing teeth and helping out! Genius!) AND holding your own on the softball field! I am so very proud of you. A woman after my own heart. You rock!!