Thursday, May 3, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

Its raining out today so I am giving the kids a movie day. Actually Isaac tells me Sponge Bob is on in the mornings so they don't need to watch a movie.

Which as it turns out Isaac has had a lot to say this morning. We were making scrambled eggs for breakfast and Isaac asked something about Chris. I told him that Daddy had eggs for breakfast and he had already eaten. "Where's Dad" Isaac asks. "At work" I tell him. "So you're all we got?" Like I am chopped liver. "I like Dad better" Whatever. Shortly after that I got a little lecure from Ike. This morning I gave both Isaac and Zoey sippies. They both guzzled them right down and then Isaac tells me I am not supposed to give him sippies anymore. He is a big boy. He is not a baby. He kept saying "Mommy I am not a baby".

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