Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lets get a little motivated!!

This weekend is State Tourney time. Our softball coach has decided that this would be a great week for motivational speakers. Today I left the training room early to hear the speaker. They had Mac Bledsoe come and give a great talk about focus and motivation. He was really good.

Mac is Drew Bledsoe's dad. He was a coach and teacher for 30 years and now travels the United States as a motivational speaker. He lives in Kalispell and I have been hearing about him since I moved here. So I thought since I had the chance to see him, I had better take it. He nearly moved me to tears and the girls were speachless! I just realized that he is the founder and author of Parenting with Dignity books.

I have three very full days ahead and then I will be done. I may go in next week as well, but I am done with the training room for the summer. I have rescheduled the kids, so they are only in daycare 2 1/2 days a week, which I am very excited about.

Chris has found a co-ed softball league to play on this summer. He played for the first time last night. He had a great game!! A couple of homers and some really good plays. They definately want him to return. He may still be looking for a mens team to play on as well.

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