Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day a little early

We finally got a bike seat for Zoey so she can ride with me. (No more excuses not to go). Actually I like to go bike riding and we have been able to go as a family now. We can't really go on the trails just yet. Chris can't wait, so we have tried to take Isaac and his training wheels on the trails, but they get stuck. He pedals, but he just can't get anywhere. But I think the regular paths are fine.

I have been working on the strawberry beds some. I am excited to see the blossoms. Everyday Isaac asks if the strawberries are ready. He is sure he saw them grow.

Last night Isaac gave me my mother's day gift. He made a candle holder. It was a large baby food jar and he used tissue paper to create a mosaic all around. It was beautiful! It came with a hand made card and a self colored paper bag. This morning Zoey invited me to "Muffins and Me". When I dropped her off at daycare, Sandie had muffins and apple juice, special music and a light on the table that looked like a candle. Then Zoey presented me with her gift. She made a Spoonful of Love. I love spoonfuls of love. It was a spoon (long handled ice cream kind) with hersheys kisses and of course wishes. I loved it.

So last night on Letterman, was Dr. Phil. Who doesn't like Dr. Phil? He was talking about this kid who claims to have been caged by his father. How horrible is that? My point--Yes--He said that a person's personality is developed by the time they are 5, including things like confidence, self esteem. Well we only have 5 months until Isaac turns 5. I am pretty sure I had better hurry up and make sure I get things right!

Not sure about plans for the weekend, but pictures will be posted soon.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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