Sunday, June 10, 2007

Its still raining here

Well, my boss Kieth and Dr. Erikson had their presentation last friday to the committee who would ultimately determine who will be my employer next year. It wasn't set up quite the way they thought, but all went well. The school district called and wants one trainer from ORI (my work) and one from the hospital. I don't exactly know how weird that is, but I think it would be better than me going back to a hospital setting. Keith hadn't spoke with Dr. Erikson yet so I don't know if they are going to except that idea or let the hospital have the whole kit and kiboodle.

Friday afternoon I went to the new high school for the first time to take a quick peek at things. Everything looks very nice. They were setting up weight equipment when we (the kids and I )got there. The weight room is huge! The training room looks nice, but very empty. There was a refridgerator, but no ice machine, whirl pool, taping tables, exam tables, heat packs. I think whoever does end up at Glacier next year is going to have a tight year with budget and just getting starter items. Of course nothing is set in stone yet, but I know ORI gets first pick at which school they want--probably the new Glacier school. So that is where I will more than likely be. This next year is going to be interesting. Next year Glacier won't have any seniors and many of the docs I work for have kids going to Flathead.

We had stayed in town because daycare was having a face painting day and I had already told Isaac he could have his face painted. I didn't know then that they didn't start until 3pm. But it was a dollar for a sixth grade girl to paint them and the money was going to cancer research. Isaac had a red dinosore with red spots painted on his arm and Zoey got a ladybug on her cheek. They enjoyed it.

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