Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How Embarassing

So today was a pretty quiet day. I didn't go to work. Probably should have gotten more crossed off the to-do list, but you know.
After supper I tried to take the kids around the loop. Our subdivision is just a small circle and its a good place for Isaac to ride his bike. But if he is riding his bike, then Zoey wants to ride her bike (VS riding with mommy). Well he rides pretty fast and I can walk slower than Zoey can ride. I don't think we got past the next door neighbor's house before Zoey decided that she wanted to walk and not bring her bike at all. So as you can see, it takes us much longer to get out of the driveway than it actually takes to go around the loop. Isaac offers for Zoey to ride his bike and ends up giving her a ride. He has a Schwinn Stingray so the seat is big enough for the both of them, but he is still using training wheels, so no matter how you look at it, it may not have been the safest ride. Well, as I said he can pedal pretty fast so I was pretty much left in the dust. As they round the corner at the far end of the loop I remember that it goes down hill and worry that they may loose some control. I break into a Jara run (some type of joggy lookin' thing). As a neighbor is power walking by, Isaac looks back and shouts "You gotta run faster than that Mommy!". To which my reply was "No, I don't" and of course the lady was just hysterical.
On a better note, after we got back the kids were riding bikes in the driveway and Zoey can actually pedal when she wants to. I don't think Isaac even tried to pedal until he was like three and a half, so even though its not high on her to do list she can do it. Isaac was racing his bike. He can go, now we just have to get him to stop using his feet for brakes. Which he did well after I reminded him. He is so smart. He doesn't read yet. He doesn't really get how to put the sounds into words, but he can spell words that I didn't know he can spell. Don't know how that works, but I'm a proud mom none the less.
Chris has been fishing and now has a total of two fish from the river behind our house. Last night he saw two deer swim across the river, an otter, and a duck with her babies. Pictures of the fish to be shown on a later day.

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