Monday, February 26, 2007

Just One More Week!

The count says 7 days til closing. Not sure what that means exactly as we do not have a time scheduled to actually close. But in 7 days I will have a home and one that will be large enough to have a couch AND a kitchen table with chairs. Double bonus.
Honestly, we have no new news. Isaac is feeling better, but has shared with the rest of us, so it is hard to say how much I will be working this week as well. It is nice that they have Dinosore for the sick kids to use, but the crud is really going round and it has been full.
This week is playoffs for my basketball teams, so we will be hosting thursday night. And then Chris has decided to take a road trip this weekend to Gillette. He will be picking up some materials for the house. He is telling me it is cheaper to drive down there than to buy it here. Since it will be such a short trip, Isaac will be staying here in Montana. We wanted him to visit also, but I think that trip would drive him a little bonkers.
I have also been looking into a program for Isaac. His daycare which has been doing his preschool every morning also has pre-K through 1st grade. So next year Isaac will officially be in school 9-3 with a montessori school program.

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