Monday, February 19, 2007

Old pictures New news

We went to see the Monster Trucks on Saturday night. Isaac LOVED it. Has been to see them before and remembered so he was pretty excited to go. Chris bought the kids flags to wave. Mostly they were pretty good. But really how many places can you take your kids where the entertianment is like 200 times louder than your kids? I wanted to bring the camera and take lots o pictures, but I had to work all day and didn't think to bring it to work with me. So instead I am posting old picutures that I don't think many have seen yet. Some are of the kids making cookies and the other is with Isaac and his Sherman Bear. They do EVERY thing together.

Today Isaac is playing hooky from preschool. He was a little sick last night, but feeling better today. No work for Mommy either!

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