Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Spring Break

Well it is spring break, but doesn't feel like it. Yesterday I watching a double header softball game in the snow. It didn't stick, but this morning it was snowing hard and I think we got an inch or two. With school out everyone is practicing in the morning. So I packed up the kids, they get to go to work with me today. On the way, there must have been an accident as the highway was closed. I was redirected by a fireman and sat in traffic for 50 minutes. It was a nice road that I had never been on before, however since I had never been there before it was interesting getting back to a road I was familiar with. I was an hour late for work. Isaac loves to come to work with me. He wanted to fill water bottles today, but we didn't need them so I had him fill the whirlpool with cold water and ice. He is a very good helper. I have a physioball and some other equipment that they have fun playing with. Actually, Isaac just let me know that my training room is stinky. How nice is that?

Over the weekend we got a lot done on the house. I unpacked a bunch of things and Chris is so close to having the Aspen all up on the walls. It sucks that Sherman has already scratched a bunch of it all up. We are looking forward to the in-laws coming to visit this week. And of course for Easter. Hopefully I will get the chance to decorate a little in the next couple of days.

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Rebecca said...

Ok, I may be naive or something, but what is, "the Aspen"?