Monday, April 23, 2007

Not So Much News

I feel that I should blog. But again nothing to blog about. The weather was nice over the weekend. I worked all day on Saturday. Went to church on Sunday and Chris worked on the house while I did dished/laundry/ect. The kids are great. This week a spot opened up for pre-k and as long as I remember to get my money in on time Isaac will have secured his space for next fall. Which is good cuz it looks like we are going to recontract day care for June so that we pay only three days per week vs the four we are paying now. Then come July we are not going to contract, keeping our fingers crossed that Zoey will still have a space this fall or August. Whatever.

I am so bored I think I could just fall over!! My job is good and I have aquaintences. I have not had time to make new friends or join any clubs or be on any commities. So really watching Zoey eat blue play dough is the highlight of my days anymore. Good thing summer is right around the corner. Chris can join a softball team. The kids and I enjoy going to watch. Well Zoey doesn't really watch, but she enjoys getting out of the house. Its time to meet the neighbors. Chris tells me that the neighbors to the left and to the right of us are also Chris. But I have met no one and since the neighbor kid likes to invite himself to play on our jungle gym, I should probably know his mom. I miss my Gillette Knitters group. Chris may have made fun of us, but we had a good time. I am sure if I just put forth a good effort now that I have daycare, a house, a routine I will find what I am looking for.

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