Monday, December 8, 2008

The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you. ~John E. Southard

Isaac draws the coolest things. I just don't remember drawing well at his age (or really ever I guess). At conferences his teacher said that she makes all the children draw people with hair and clothes. I suppose 6 year olds don't think about that much, but I did notice that this santa does not have a hat or hair.

Saturday was a great day. The whole family packed up in the truck, including Sherman and we headed up to the Big Horns. We searched for the perfect Christmas tree and it was a little harder than you would think with all those trees up there. But we found a good one! It was the first time Zoey and I had come along and not sure if we will make the trip next year or not. Zoey loves climbing and camping, but she is a very sensitive little girl. Her socks kept slipping down into her boots, so she would stop about every three steps, take off her mittens, attempt to pull up the socks, put her wet mittens on her wet fingers and before long she would say "I just can't handle it." The only thing mommy couldn't handle was pulling her up the hill (make that a mountain) in the sled. That was hard work! After we found our tree we went to Tie Hack and spent some time sledding. It was a great place to go. Once we arrived so did a few others and Isaac made some new friends and raced them down the hill. It was a warm and sunny day. Just perfect! (Unlike the cold and wind we have today)

Sunday we went to a birthday party. Isaac gets along with most everyone at school and Justice had come up to me after school one day and asked if Isaac would come to her party. So I signed him up for the bowling party. His class gets along really well, so even though it was a girl's birthday party--He was the only boy to come! And oh did the girls like that. The first thing they all said is "Are you going to chase me?" Isaac has told me that he has girls chase him at school, but with a crowd of girls all chasing after MY Isaac it was slightly overwhelming. He bowled without using the ramp and got 60ish. I didn't see his final score, but Zoey (who sorta crashed the party and was her ususal crying screaming self) bowled 105 which is very competitive with her mother.

We went to the Rec Center so I could work out after school today and I totally forgot that child care is not available until 4:30 so I had the kids run around the track for a while. Isaac comes up to me and says "I am really fast. Just like Dash from Increadibles!" He is fabulous.

We have Christmas program practice on wednesday this week. We will be making 35 cupcakes to bring to Zoey's class on Thursday for her birthday treat and I have even gotten her birthday invitations out already. The little stinker will be 4 on Saturday. At least this year I can invite people over that I have met before.

Well I can smell supper-so I should probably go check it before it starts on fire. And don't forget Peanuts Christmas is on tonight!

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