Wednesday, November 19, 2008

As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists. ~Joan Gussow

Yesterday we dropped Isaac off at school. Zoey and I were watching him and she says, "I believe in Isaac because he is my brother."
I have no idea what that means coming from a three year old or really what she was thinking at all, but it was very cute and touching.
This morning however, we had an interesting conersation. I often times say sir or mam when talking with the kids and this morning Zoey referred to me as man. I said do you mean mam, cuz I am a girl not a boy. I assured her I am a mam or Mrs. because I am married. She said she ment man and also let me know that she is married too. Who to? I ask. I really would like to find out the dirt, thinking that she was going to say one of the boys she regularly plays with at school. Nope. She is married to a girl.
I am adding some new blogs/links to my site. The Kyle & Alli and Amy are great family blogs if you would like to take a peek at my wonderful and very good looking nieces and nephew. The Davies Bunch has been there for a while, but Annie does such a good job on her blog I would invite you to see it just for the amazing photography. She also has links to go to if you want to jazz up your blog for free. I have seriously thought about it, but not that coordinated yet. In the very near future I hope to be adding 5 minutes for mom. Its a good website for mom's and I have a link to my website from there.

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Annie said...

That is pretty funny stuff that Zoey said. I just love what 3 year old say. Arianne is always surprising me with the things she comes up with.

Random comment...I was looking at the weather over in your area. Wasn't yesterday wonderful? We were 59 degrees here and from what I could tell you guys were even warmer.