Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The difference between try and triumph is a little umph. ~Author Unknown

Isaac had such a fabulous night last night. He got a free skate pass for having perfect attendance last quarter (except the day he was sick--must have been after the cut off day). Anyway he has never been on skates at all. This particular rink was very similar to the one I used to go to excpt it didn't have the dividers down the middle of the rink so it was very much skate at your own risk. It was one big vortex of kids trying to skate in a circle with the slower kids closer to the wall and the faster kids more towards the middle of the rink. anyway-- we went around a couple of times to get used to things. I kinda thought he was going to be velcroed to the wall all night in fear. But then he said " Mom, I'm going in the middle". I of course responded"Are you kidding?" and he walked on his rollerskates right over to the thick of things and danced his little Isaac dance for the rest of the night. The school served some snacks, which I felt was very thoughtful. Many of his friends were there and he had a blast. As though that was not enough, afterward I took him shopping at walmart to use his birthday money. He does like to buy things or spend his money--I don't really think he understands just yet. Anyway new pants and a couple sets of CARS megablocks.
Zoey was super sad she did not get to go. She wanted a girls night out--without Isaac and Daddy. This after she totally missed Ike when he went hunting and even thought they were not coming home again. In new news this moring Zoey said to me "I want to be girl." I new this day would come, but not today and with my luck I figured I would have to wait until she turned five to explain to her that she would not magically turn into a boy. I think it helps some that Tinker and her friends are girls and they can do some pretty cool stuff. So she is always talking to Tinkerbell and her friends and is making pixie dust all the time. She is still into her usually things like pretending the table and chairs are zebras and dogs and monkeys too. She is learning quite a bit at preschool. I like when we come home and she can tell me about what she learned and did. Hopefully that means she remembers some of it.
The fierce Wyoming wind is whipping around out there, pulling in dark clouds and I think even a snow storm. We have had such beautiful weather lately that the cold isn't really all that inviting.

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