Sunday, November 2, 2008

If you get melted chocolate all over your hands, you're eating it too slowly. ~Author Unknown

Our weekend began Friday afternoon at Isaac's school Halloween party. I was signed up to help and it was fun to go. We served many snacks and after the kids danced around to halloween music.

From there we made a quicky stop at Walmart, then on home to the two Halloween haters. Chris and Zoey like the candy, but not so much the dressing up. This happens every single halloween and sooner or later we will get something figured out.

We told Zoey that if she would sit for pictures she wouldn't have to wear the wings anymore. I think the thing that bugs me most is that this is the only night of the entire year that she does not like to dress up. She was so excited to be Tinkerbell this year and she wore the costume during the week and I can most certainly guarentee that she will wear it after Halloween. We drove to a few homes we knew and then walked up Tonk. I am pretty sure this is the only Halloween I can remember that it was 70 degrees for trick or treating!
No Family photos--I couldn't get the timer on my camera figured out.
The very next day Ike and Chris woke up super early to go hunting. They didn't get anything, but had a pretty good time. I have NEVER seen the kids so tired!! He did come up this morning, so we tried church, but super tired didn't agree with that and Sunday School had to be skipped. But he did take another good nap when we got home. The weather was so fabulous yesterday that Zoey and I went to the park with Kinley and Angie. We met up with them later in the evening so the girls could play while we waited for the hunters to return.

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