Thursday, January 1, 2015

No Winter Is Too Cold When You Have Enough Love

I would really like to be posting about CJ's Mayo visit but once again it did not happen. We are supposed to see the endocrinologist every six months to monitor for proper growth and make sure that all of his hormones are functioning the way that they should. But Mayo was too busy to get him in the last two times I was in MN so I had scheduled an appointment for December. They scheduled him in for blood work and an x-ray. However, there was very poor weather between here and Minnesota. We had a snow advisory, Minnesota had fog and there was ice all the way in between! Hopefully we will get to go in January, but of course that will be about a year since his last appointment! He is still progressing though. His sitting is doing quite well. Not independent for long periods of time but little to no support. He drinks well from a straw. I have been taking him swimming lately and he completely loves that! In the mean time Zoey has turned 10! Yup. Double didgets. We had her party at the roller rink. We had a mustache/undercover detective theme. It was cute and fun:) We had the mustaches and hats to match. Hopefully more news soon! But who knows.

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