Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love your enemies. It makes them so damned mad. ~P.D. East

So this month with the Rec Center being closed and Chris on vacation I really thought I would have extra time and not much work---NOT SO MUCH. This has been a very busy month giving massages, taking Zoey to Kindergarten screening and the Adventurarium, shopping, babysitting and technically the month is not over yet. One of the high lights is that I just became the Athletic Trainer for the Powder River Prairie Fire Men's Rugby Team. It is their first season here in Gillette and will wet my thirst for the athletic training that I have been so desperately missing (but originally gave up due to lack of time). However, they only have 3 home games and one tourney in Spearfish--all on Saturdays. While this is totally enough to keep me occupied I am still trying to talk to the Campbell County School District Athletic Director to see if I could run the training room in the new field house as it is part of the new Rec Center and spectacular. Which by the way the new Rec opened early and we have been busy and I am super happy to have my regular schedule back. The kids keep asking when we are going to the Rec Center, cuz its huge and new and cool and amazing so trying to get them to want to go home is a chore. Zoey won an Easter coloring contest at her school and they gave her a giant coloring book. Both the kids had dental check ups last week and yay to no cavities. This was Zoey's first time to the dentist and she was SUPER excited and loved every minute of it. She is still waiting for her teeth to come out (just like Ike). Zoey's teeth were perfect, while Ike is in need of help and I am not always the most tedious person. I suppose for the health of my children's teeth I will have to step it up. Plus we are keeping our fingers crossed that he moved during his xray cuz if he didn't he'll need braces (and by the time he is 9). Chris was able to take off some much needed time to relax and decompress some. He went to Grand Targhee to snowboard for a few days and went with a Minnesota friend. I think he stayed out of trouble and only bumped his head once (that he could remember). This week is spring break so Ike has the week off school. "Mom, we don't have to go to school. I am soo glad, cuz I really need the break." He's a nut, but we are all looking forward to Easter and the Easter Bunny. I am sure I have forgotten something in the last couple of weeks, but I just hope I can keep up the momentum. I am going to Denver the first week of April for some continuing education and am looking forward to that. Zoey's soccer and Ike's baseball will be starting around then also so I hope the sun will start to shine on a regular basis. It snowed on Friday, but was in the upper 60's today and the kids wore shorts for the first time this season. Happy Easter to everyone. Have a safe and fabulous holiday!

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