Sunday, January 9, 2011

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. ~Benjamin Franklin

December was busy! But great! We drove to Minnesota with mostly clear roads for Christmas. It seemed that this year was going to feel much different than Christmases in the past with so many family changes, but we had such a good time at all of the Christmas events we went to. I was so excited to see my cousins and hang out with family. I even teamed up with Chris's cousin to win second place at the bean bag toss. We should have won. We were ahead, but they had a sloppy shot that got them the win! We got to see all of the crazy Minnesota snow. On the last day we were there we got a visit from Santa Clause and that was fabulous. This year Isaac did not sit on Santa's lap. But when Santa entered and saw Isaac he immediately said "You must be Isaac." Isaac's eyes were big and happy and in a very big firm voice he said "Yes, I am." and then he received his gifts. It was fun. Isaac got his Minnesota cough on that Sunday morning before we left. I gave him his Advair, Ibuprofen, Delsum and a vitamin and called it good. Chris and I got the flu or something cruddy. Zoey just got a regular cold which I think she may have decided to share with me as something is still lingering.
The day we left for Mn I finished all my requirements to become an online health coach with I am a little frustrated as I am not patient enough to wait for them to give me my online profile, but it will be here shortly. On Monday Dr. Oz kicked off his 11 week move it and loose it program. If you go to his website( ) and click on the program you will get your online profile as well as all the tools you will need to track your progress, eat well and exercise to be your healthiest in 2011. Sharecare is what has been referred to as facebook with a purpose. It is the only online platform of its kind and the biggest promotion of health across America. I am excited to be part of this movement and hope that it helps to keep my family and friends healthy and happy. Plus its pretty cool to work from home and still be an active part of keeping America moving. Please join--its free!! Also in this process I got a new website for my business, its its pretty cool, plus it has an online store so I am going to urge everyone to order a foam roller (my newest favorite equipment) for their home.
The kids are back in school. I don't have them in any extra curricular activities right now. I thought a break would be nice, plus I don't always like to go out and about when its cold and snowy. My plan of course has backfired as I am just working more evenings and weekends instead.
Well, hopeful later today I will get some pics up and change out the Christmas music. But who knows--no promises.
Happy New Year to all:)

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