Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. ~Oprah Winfrey

Happy new year!!! everyone (even though January is like half over already!)
The kids had a long two week break. Actually Zoey still got to go to daycare some while Ike was my side kick. It went well. Zoey, however, knew that Isaac wasn't going to school, so she was not happy being dropped off at daycare and Isaac quickly learned that it is not as much fun to hang out with Mom while she working. They did get a sleep over at Solem's, which was fabulous. I got to give some massages without scrounging for a portable DVD player and then I went to the Energy Classic basketball game and actually watched the game. I went home a little early in hopes to find a quiet house with a husband in it. No such luck. Chris has been working so much overtime that he is always home late. I think that week they had him up by Sheridan and Montana the whole week. We went to a friend's house for New Year's and had a great time. Despite the sleepover the night before the kids stayed up the whole time, and didn't fight or argue with anyone. Quite remarkable. I played a card game called pitt. Apparently a game from 1918 but very entertaining none the less. The last few days of break I didn't have to pack the kids anywhere so I told them to relax, sleep in and take it easy. They were up early almost everyday of break. Last Sunday I was looking forward to having our regular routine back. I thought the kids would be too. I tried to psych up Isaac by telling him that he would get to see his friends and teachers. Monday morning came and Isaac was "Still Sleepy". We were nearly late and I am not even sure he ate breakfast that day! Not quite the way I had imagined it.
Some ask if I have any new year's resolutions. Not really. They don't ususally mean anything. However, I am very focused this year. I have just had an extreme year of change--my job, moving to another state, spending more time with my kids--I really feel that I am starting everything from the bottom. It really needed to happen, but now I need to nurture those changes. So this will be a year of nurturing.
The kids start ice skating lessons next week and Isaac is having a friend spend the night on Friday. My job has gotten off on the right foot and with the new year personal training has brought me many new clients. I am still looking to increase my clientel for massage and to promote my sport specific progam at the rec center. The house is, well, a work in progress. I have been painting some and I hope to get the energy to reorganize some (alot) of the basement. Chris got a storage unit for the Dish Network stuff so I am hoping to use the crawl space (or whatever it is under the dining room) for extra storage.
An interesting thing (for me) is that without working events all the time, watching pro sports on TV is more entertaining. I was really rooting for the Viks this season--Silly Viks. But I still had the playoffs on today. I don't know that there are any teams in particular that I will cheer on, but I will watch. Well that should bring us pretty much up to date--except that this morning on the way to church Zoey said that on her next birthday she will be 16. Yeah, not much to say after that.

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CarolSue said...

"A year of nurturing." I like it, Jara! I think more people should make that their resolution.