Thursday, April 30, 2009

its snowing again!

Last Friday was the craw fish boil. I heard they boiled up 13,000 pounds of the little critters. I enjoy going but eat a brat instead. We missed it this year anyway cuz Chris and I were both sick and he didn't want to go if neither of us were going to eat craw fish. Saturday we got the kids ready for their soccer games and Zoey's coach called to let us know her game had been cancelled. Since we were ready to head out we went to LuLu Bell's for breakfast. It was an interesting experience that I probably won't repeat. It was my birthday,so the kids got me some Tinker bell jammies (so that Zoey and I match). Chris went out on a limb again and decided on another appliance type purchase. He got me a new sewing machine. For those that have seen me with a sewing machine know that this is could go either way. So I bought stuff to make a large TV pillow. It went quite well surprisingly. But then I found out it sews on buttons. Chris was super excited and gave me a pair of his pants to repair. The actual act of sewing the button on should have been simple,but the machine kept jamming and I would have to redo the bobbin. I was determined to get it right so I did get it on but the back is a huge mess of thread! We also went to Humphrey's and I got my ice cream cookie Sunday.

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