Thursday, June 4, 2009

Never kick a cow chip on a hot day. ~Proverb

Super quickie update. We had a busy week here. Both the kids received diplomas for passing their classes. Isaac came home with gobs o stuff including a video of his class through out the year and of course the proudness just welled up and out my eyes. Today Isaac had his program. He has been so excited about this and singing his songs at home so I was ready to watch. I attended with my camera and my video camera and I think he did about three actions total out of like 6 songs! Not much singing from him either, but their class did well with a beach theme. Chris took the kids camping this weekend so hopefully it won't be too rainy.
The lawn mower broke down. We (Chris) ordered a new part. It came in yesterday but broke today. How frustrating. I think the only thing not getting us kicked out of our neighborhood, is that the people right next door have moved out and not sold their house yet and also not mowed their lawn. Anyway, with what lawn we do have most is alfalfa so if anyone wants to come and bale some hay I really think we could make some money out here!
Next week brings on official summer time as my kids will not be in school. AAHHHHHH! This means that Zoey will keep her regular daycare, while Isaac will be going to kids camp at the Rec Center. Plus Lil sluggers and gymnastics start on Monday. Zoey has a speech meeting and Isaac has a dentist appointment. I realized I am not sure when I will have time to work. I just hope I get everyone everywhere on time and not neglect my clients at the same time.

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